Deadlift meaning and How to perform Deadlift

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Deadlift meaning and How to perform Deadlift

Hello ! Guys i am back with another new topic Deadlift meaning and How to perform Deadlift ? We all know that how functional strength is important for our day to day activities. But the life style which an average human being follows today is not at all helping to build functional strength.

                      But we often assume that people going to the gym are strong but this imaginary assumed act is partially correct.when a person visits the gym for the first time the only thing he visualizes that i want to grow big biceps or i just want to lose weight and just look good. Very few people are curious to know when they visit the gym for the first time that how to increase strength and improve performance.This class of people are those who want to train for a specific sport or just improve their functional strength.

So today i will discuss with you such a functional exercise which is known as Deadlift.

So what is Deadlift ? How shall we do it? Will it cause any back injury? Then what should be my intensity? 

Deadlift is just a movement of picking up an object from the ground and putting it back .this is a movement which we use in daily life situation. By regularly practicing it you are training your central nervous system to tackle daily life situations.

In order to perform Deadlift i will like to share my video which was when i was trying to fix my form. The video link will be in the end of this blog. Make sure to watch it and give comments.

So the deadlift is a compound movement as it involves the use of more than one joint and the joint action happening is hip and knee Extenxion .Your whole body gets involved during Deadlift and greater Microtrauma is caused in muscle cells and it finally helps to not only improve aesthetically but also functionally. Injury can only happen if you are not doing it with correct form or you have an injury background kindly consult your doctor before performing it.this is just a basic movement we use in daily life situation so if you practice it correctly and with proper nutrition, you will be able to achieve your goals .

If you are a beginner first don’t go for lifting heavy but try to learn the correct form and technique to master the movement. Intermediary can go for low intensity with around 12-15 reps for 3 sets. Advanced lifters may go for around 6-8 reps and by the time you reach advance level you should be able to lift double your body weight with correct form and technique.

In the video you will be able to see that i will lose my back tightness during my reps and this thing may also happen to you.there can be various reasons for this . You can see the setup of the deadlift in the video and also that the bar is moving in a straight line .the weight is pretty low because i am trying to correct my mistake.this video is of the month of July . I will try to provide you my latest content also. Let me know if you are also having any problems regarding it.

 – Dhrumil soni.

Deadlift meaning and How to perform Deadlift 


Last updated: February 14, 2016

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