How to avoid being hacked: 5 Easy steps to protect yourself

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Hacking. We often think of it happening to companies or governments. But it also happens to people being ordinary. Mat Honan is a technology writer who written the Wired magazine whose computer and internet accounts were hacked. “I destroyed 5 of pictures of my daughter, images of her along with

All What You Should Know About SSL Certificates

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SSL certificate would be one of the most heard terms when you discuss or plan to create a website. This is very much required for any business website that handles sensitive customer data. It makes your site more secure. Learning more about it may sound like learning a different language

How to recover deleted files in Windows PC

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Ouch! I deleted my newly made presentation mistakenly. My little brother was playing on my PC, and he deleted my important data. Well, wait? Are you the one who complains like this? If yes, then probably you do not know this awesome way to recover your data, and even if