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All You Need To Know about Email Marketing in 2017

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Did you think that email marketing is a trend of yesterday and has been surpassed by social media marketing (SMM)? Well, it is time to think again! According to many studies, email marketing is still being used widely. Many business owners and digital marketers place their faith in email marketing

15 Things to Consider When Planning an Off-site Meeting

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A company may have to plan off-site meetings on many occasions, due to numerous reasons. For such occasion, here are some things to consider when planning an offsite meeting. 8+7 Things you can Consider to Plan Off-site Meetings. 1. Budget Before anything else, you must allocate the budget for your

8 Best Mobile Apps for Social Media Experts

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As a brand manager, you have to answer a question asked from clients: how to capture my customers, clients, consumers. And your answer is: where are your customers? If you get the answer to this simple question, you can easily craft your creative communication and publish the same on the