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How to use bootstrap buttons

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Bloggers often use a plugin for showing buttons in their posts or pages. Buttons are the essential component of website’s appearance or blog because it is used to highlight important links of the web page. On the other hand, people are likely to click on buttons rather than clicking on

How to add Bootstrap to WordPress: Use these 3 Best Methods

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Bootstrap is the world’s most well-known web structure for building responsive, mobile-first websites and applications. It is fast, mobile-friendly and made with high-quality HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It includes HTML- and CSS-based design templates for Typography, Forms, Buttons, Tables, Navigations, Dropdowns, Alerts, Modals, Tabs, Accordion, Carousel and other useful website components,

How to add Bootstrap social buttons on WordPress

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add bootstrap social buttons wordpress   The social buttons like these are really attractive and looks cool too. You can zoom it here and see that how these social buttons actually works. hen you’ll read my last post of adding Bootstrap in your WordPress theme, you will come to know