Fix AC3 Audio Format not supported error in MX Player

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Fix AC3 Audio Format not supported error in MX Player. Due to some licensing issues, the official MX player has removed some of its codecs like AC3, DTS, MLP, etc. When you play your favorite videos, you get an error Audio format (AC3) is not supported. It means the only

5 best karaoke Apps for Android 2018 to Sing your favorite songs

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“5 Best karaoke Apps for Android” You can not refuse to accept, a part of you likes singing. We all sing if not regularly but sometimes we all do. Whenever we listen to our favorite songs, we lost ourselves in them. Some of us are shy, we don’t sing when

5 Best No Crop Apps For Instagram and WhatsApp 2018

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No doubt, Instagram is growing bigger than ever. It is one of the most popular Photo Sharing Applications in the recent market. Many users still complain about the automatic cropping of their pictures. They say, “it reduces their Image quality and sometimes crops the very important part of their images”.