How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription in India

How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription in India

Netflix is one of the top media-services providers in India that gives its users some of the great content this world has to offer. With a neck-to-neck competition from the rivals, Netflix is still holding its spot on your weekend’s Netflix and Chill category. Though it goes a bit heavy on the pocket, Netflix is earning 20 times more money per user than India’s most popular video streaming platform, Hotstar, as per Quartz India.

The subscription starts at ₹199, which debuted last week as a mobile-only plan, a ₹499 plan, ₹649 plan, and a ₹799 plan on a monthly basis. In comparison, Amazon Prime costs only ₹999 annually, which is bundled with Prime Music and Prime Video. Many people might start to question the expenses for Netflix and if you are one of them, we will tell you just how to cancel your Netflix subscription.

How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription in India

Netflix’s cancellation process is quite hassle-free and doesn’t require many steps.

Step 1: Launch Netflix account on your phone.

How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription in India

Step 2: Click on ‘More’ at the bottom bar.

How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription in India

Step 3: Now tap on ‘Account.’ You will be redirected to your default browser.

How to Cancel your Netflix Subscription in India

Step 4: Head on to ‘Membership & Billing.’ Tap on ‘Cancel Membership’ box.

Cancel your Netflix Subscription

Step 5: Click ‘Finish cancellation’ to confirm it.


Is Netflix free in India?

Netflix is free only for the first month if you aren’t already a subscriber. When you sign up for a free membership (which is your first), Netflix verifies your card information and automatically chargers you once you have reached the end of your free billing cycle.

Can we cancel Netflix after the free trial?

Yes, Netflix’s free subscription can be canceled with the same steps given above. As Netflix verifies your card information, it will automatically charge you once your free month ends. If you don’t want Netflix to charge you, cancel its membership before your billing date. Netflix lets you watch the content even if you cancel their membership till the remaining days of your free membership.

Will I be charged if I cancel Netflix?

No, Netflix won’t charge you if you cancel your membership before your billing date. If you cancel after paying for current month’s subscription, you can enjoy their content till your billing date.

How do I cancel auto-renewal on Netflix Android?

You cannot cancel Netflix’s auto-renewal on your Android phone as it is the only way it can get your payment.

How do I stop automatic payments?

The only way to stop automatic payments to Netflix is to cancel your existing membership.


Netflix has a great collection of content, that ranges from exclusive films to mind-boggling documentaries. If budget is the main issue here, you can share your subscription with your family or close friends and divide the cost. For instance, if you have a ₹799 subscription, you can convince 3 people to share it and divide the expenses, which will come down to ₹200 each.

If your reasons include anything other than budget and it’s imperative that you cancel your subscription, you can just go ahead and follow the steps given above.


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