Canadian legislator asks Taiwan to ship more semiconductor chips

In a bid to fix the ongoing chip shortage.

Canadian legislator asks Taiwan to ship more semiconductor chips
Judy Sgro, a Canadian lawmaker of the federal Liberal Party, attends an interview with Reuters in Taipei, Taiwan. Image credits: Reuters

Chris Lewis, a member of parliament from Ontario, who represents an area in the country’s central auto-producing province, said on Friday that he had asked Taiwan to ‘please send us more chips’ to help settle a perpetual shortage that continues to snarl some production lines.

The automotive industry has been poorly impacted by global tightness in semiconductor supplies, occasionally forcing companies to discontinue production lines.

The corporation is building a $12 billion plant in the U.S. state of Arizona.

Canadian legislator asks Taiwan to ship more semiconductor chips
Image credits: Reuters

Chris Lewis told reporters visiting Taiwan as part of a Canadian parliamentary delegation that the lack of chips continued to bite.

“We have parking lots full of cars, finished product cars that are in the parking lot and can’t be sold because we don’t have semiconductors. At every meeting, including at the top levels of government, I’ve pointed out that there is a severe shortage of chips,” Lewis said.

The province is close to U.S. automakers in Michigan and Ohio, with a closely connected supply chain.

“We’ve got parking lots full of cars; finished product cars that sit in the parking lot can’t be sold because we don’t have semiconductors,” he said.

Lewis said they had met senior executives at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, the world’s largest contract chipmaker, while on their trip, along with other companies, to ask them to “put Canada at the top of the list.”

“The conversation needs to be bigger. It’s got to be how we use their technology, use their expertise, overhaul them, train them and start building in North America, build them in Canada, build them in the U.S., build states,” Lewis added.

Lewis expressed that they got consolations that Taiwan is working “very diligently” to build more chips. Still, he added that chip manufacturing in Canada or the United States would be the best.

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