How Call Tracking Can Help You Get To Know Your Customers

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To increase the customer base and growing your business, a successful marketing campaign is crucial. If you are using all of the marketing platforms, then it is common to use a multi-tiered strategy that leverages many of these platforms in order to attract the greatest number of leads.

Lead Generation Through Phone Calls

Almost everyone uses the analytic tools and PPC landing pages in order to increase their website’s performance. But have you ever thought about the leads that you generally receive through phone calls? What about the detailed, actionable data to determine which of your marketing campaigns are most effectively delivering phone leads. With call tracking, you can get this info and much more. With analytical call tracking, you can now be able to make more money by identifying the marketing channels that make your phone ring!

Before knowing how your business can benefit from a Call Tracking System, we should know how call tracking actually works?

How Call Tracking Works?

Call tracking helps to assign a different phone number to each of your marketing campaigns either online and offline. Afterwards, each of these numbers will be forwarded to your main business phone number. This generally allows your staff to answer as if the call was made directly to that line.

Call Tracking Can Help You Get To Know Your Customers

Moreover, by the call tracking facility, you can compare the phone traffic that is generated by each line. In this way, you can determine which of your marketing strategies are most effective and which are not yielding a satisfactory return on investment. You can also get a comprehensive, detailed, as well as actionable information to improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Ultimately, call tracking will help you get the most out of your marketing dollars!

How Business Owners Can Track Calls and Learn About Their Customers

Following are the methods that businesses can employ to track calls and the ways they can learn more about their customers:

1. Track calls through your system, once they come in:

Call tracking enables you to follow a potential customer through your automated phone system once the call comes into your business. Through this, you can review which options callers select, which department they are routed to, or how long they are on the line. In this way, you can get a better feel for their thought process and what impact your ads may have had on their thinking. Moreover, you can also get an idea of the effectiveness of your call-routing and interactions with company staff.

2. Use unique phone numbers to measure the relative effectiveness of ads:

It is a fact that advertising is a challenging field for business. It relies on intimate knowledge of changing public perception as well as client psychology. For better shaping the marketing efforts for your business, you can use a different phone number for each ad that you run.

3. Record calls to hear customer thoughts and measure perception:

An important tip to keep in mind is to record all incoming or outgoing phone calls. This has many advantages. First, you can know what questions are being asked by customers, what concerns they raise, and what items seem to be focal points after seeing one of your ads.

4. Hear customer responses to staff interaction:

Call tracking allows you to listen in on your own sales representatives and the way customers respond to them. You can also get to know the customer responses to staff interaction.


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Last updated: February 5, 2018

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