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best wordpress plugins

Hey Everyone, in this post I’m going to show you the best WordPress plugins that every WordPress blogger should use. This post is primarily written for Beginners. When I was the absolute beginner I installed these plugins on my website and all of them performed well. Simply if you’re a WordPress user, your site is incomplete without these plugins. Some of these plugins are recommended by WordPress itself. In the end of the post I will be sharing the individual categories of WordPress plugins as we know what you want, consistency. This post is wrapped with the best WordPress plugin from each category.

The plugins below are handpicked by our bloggers and also arranged according to its importance. And all these plugins are FREE.



best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.


If you are working on a blogging website then this is the must use WordPress plugin for you. This plugin protects your blogs from spam comments & replies. This plugin is very useful if you are owning or working on a forum site. Akismet checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to see if they look inappropriate or abusing. Yes it is very important to use this plugin on your WordPress site.

This is a great Anti-spam WordPress plugin to protect your website from comment spamming. The hackers and intruders are inventing new techniques daily to hack the growing blogs. This is a web server-based plugin for checking the spam comments on your blog. When any hacker post a spam comment on your blog, Akismet will check and verify it that whether it is infected or not.

Last month Akismet  has protected me from 500 spam comments. Many popular Blogs such as Shoutmeloud & Wpbeginner use this plugin and recommend others to use it too.

It automatically checks all comments and filters the spam one. Comment hacking is the newly discovered hacking technique. If someone post that code in your blog and you saw it mistakenly, they will instantly get the access to your dashboard from which they can easily reveal the Username and Password of your website database.


best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.

This plugin is also called as a bundle of plugins as it includes many features in them. If you know about creating blog @ .com then you will must be aware of this plugin. Jetpack plugin is included with the most popular .com features which can be also useful for normal users.

Jetpack is an awesome plugin which is very important and recommended for all Bloggers. Jetpack offers number of features to your WordPress site like site stats, spam protection, brute force protection, contact forms, protection against brute force attacks, social share and media buttons, post carousel, pack of extra widgets, social comments and many more. I’m currently using this module for my website.

The social share module in Jetpack is a responsive and SEO friendly. Beside this it also helps to indicate the individual and total number of shares of a particular blog post. You can customize the design of those buttons easily (if you’re a coder) using the Custom CSS options. The plugin looks well on mobile devices too. This is a perfect plugin for Blogging websites. As this plugin comes with the number of features, you can easily disable the other function if you not require them.

It has an inbuilt auto post share module which helps to automatically publish your Blog posts on your social media profiles. This plugin has n number features which will help you to create an awesome blog. It has some security modules which helps to protect your WordPress site from Brute Force attacks (hacking). This plugin also allows other users to subscribe to your blog and receive the posts via emails.

This is an all in one WordPress plugin which will boost your website traffic with its amazing features. This plugin can be configured to show the related posts with the similar content at the end of your each blog posts.



best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.

Sucuri is the multi-functioned high-profile security plugin which helps you to notify the login attempts via email or other means. It helps to detect the malware or any malicious virus codes and clean it on time. It can be scheduled to check your entire website in hours, days or weeks. I’m using this plugin since 1 year and believe me this is a very important plugin which every WordPress blogger should use. WpBeginner uses Sucuri plugin for its security.

It provides the complete security to the WordPress blogs. This plugin usually includes all the security options so you do not have to install any other security plugin, also using too many plugins will slow down your website. This is one of the best WordPress Security plugins of 2016.

It comes with a free plan to provide the basic malware security and scanning. You can also buy a premium version of this plugin for more flexibility in security. You can go on its official website to find out what it is actually and how can it protect your website.

I’m also using the same plugin and it has protected me from 1100+ web attacks last month. The plus point about this plugin is that it notify me about every single update, change or edit on my website via email.

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Yoast SEO

best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.

This is a awesome plugin for you if you are dealing with SEO. It is a very  easy-to-use plugin. It helps to optimize your website completely. You can also access more features in its pro version. It is very popular & it also have 1+ Million Active Installs all over the world.

Yoast is simple and if you are beginner then you should probably go for this plugin. It is very easy to use and it has best features to offer. Content analysis let you know about your mistakes and also suggests you to improve them so that you get the maximum benefit from this plugin. This is a must use WordPress Plugins.

This is a complete SEO plugin which has all necessary features.

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Wp super cache

best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.

A very fast caching engine for WordPress that produces static html files. It helps to remove the temporary data & cache from your website’s database. It helps to improve your website speed & optimizes your website in such a way that it will never crash. If your website is highly responsive & there are many photos & scripts on your homepage then you are dealing with the right plugin.

“WP Super Cache is Fast and Free”

WP Super Cache is the best FREE caching plugin according to WordPress. But I don’t understood it when I was beginner on WordPress. I think it is little bit hard for newbies. But anyways it has 1 million plus active installs means people are really using it. If you own a big website like eCommerce or marketplace, you should go for WP Super cache plugin.

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Custom Contact Forms

best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.

This plugin should must be on every website because it provides the simple and beautiful forms of various things such as Email subscription, Name, Password, custom CSS or PHP codes, Rich text editor & many more. It helps to  Build beautiful custom forms in the WordPress way. View live previews of your forms while you build them.

Contact forms plays a major role in creating an email list of your visitors. If your form will be attractive, the visitors definitely subscribe your blog. Collecting email with the contact forms are the most effective way of getting more traffic.

Custom contact forms is very easy to use and configure. It is a shortcode friendly plugin, means wherever you will use the shortcode, the form will appear over there. A WordPress beginner can easily setup this plugin. You can also set different shortcodes for different forms.

Login LockDown

As a Blogger I recommend you to install this plugin with an addition to Sucuri. This is the first WordPress plugin to successfully stop the brute force attacks on WordPress. You can set the particular number of attempts to login into your WordPress dashboard.

If the users exceeds the number of login limits they will be locked out from your website (not able to visit or view your website) until and unless you will allow him to visit.

Brute force attacks usually attempt hundred or thousand times to login into your dashboard using the different password combinations. Once they get the right one, they’ll take it all. Login LockDown helps your website to limit the login attempts so that you can only login once, twice or thrice.


best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.


Add a real newsletter system to your blog. For free. With unlimited newsletters and subscribers. This plugin is very responsive & beautiful with different layouts and themes. This plugin is made by Stefano Lissa. This is a very useful plugins to let your visitors know about your latest posts & medias.

Here at 3nions, we are using MailChimp Newsletters as it is free and doesn’t requires any customization.

This Newsletter plugin is easy to configure. The main feature about this plugin is that you can send the newsletters to your subscribers from your Dashboard itself. Hence it is the best WordPress plugin.

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Social media and share icons (Ultimate Social Media)

best wordpress plugins

best wordpress plugins.

Another free Social sharing plugin. This plugin is really awesome and easy to use. This is a user-friendly plugin and easy to use for any newbies. This plugin has more than 10+ inbuilt share icons. It is one of the most flexible Social sharing plugins.

As it is a widget too, it can be placed either in the sidebar or footer. This can be also called as best premium like free Social sharing plugins.

This plugin includes almost every feature provided by the premium plugins on codecanyon. The plugin supports sharing in post as well as widget areas. RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Flipboard etc are the primary networks of the plugin. You can also add social share counter in this plugin.

Shortcodes Ultimate

A shortcode is something which improves the presentation of your content using graceful elements like buttons, tabs, lists, Dropcaps, Quotes, accordions and spoilers. In more simple way Shortcodes = Shortcut. The shortcodes are mainly inscribed in a square brackets and mostly looks like this [I am a Shortcode]

This is the one of the Best WordPress shortcodes plugins which is powering up more than 500,000+ websites with their amazing shortcodes. The positive point about this plugin is that it is mobile friendly (responsive). It is easy to use and also includes live preview options for extra support.

Beside such a good impression of this plugin, it has more than fifty creative WordPress shortcodes. This WordPress plugin offers many premium features for free. The premium version of this plugin is included with the shortcode generator in which you can create your own shortcode using custom CSS. This plugin is fulfilled with lots of WordPress shortcodes.



WordPress backup plugin

This is the most popular WordPress backup plugin with more than 600,000 active installs. This plugin is mainly used by Bloggers. UpdraftPlus helps in managing the backup and restoration of your site data safely and securely to the cloud. It also allows you to download the backup to your computer. You can upload it to your own cloud storage. Most compatible cloud storage are Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace storage, Dreamhost, etc.

This plugin allows to schedule the backup process and store the files in the safe location on your website. The only bad thing about this plugin is user interface. This WordPress backup plugin is hard to use for Beginners. The plugin is hard to locate some of its options otherwise it is the best WordPress backup plugin.

This plugin is also available with premium features. You can easily upgrade it to premium, as upgrade button is always available on plugin homepage. You can also restore or migrate to Updraftplus plugin from any WordPress backup plugin (currently supported : Backwpup, Backup WordPress, Simple backup, WordPress backup to Dropbox). This is a premium feature of this plugin.




Gallery is a fascinating stuff to display on your website specially if you’re a photographer or Fashion blogger. People like images on the website. But more images can make your website run slow. Using the gallery for your blogs will be the awesome option. Photo gallery empowers the website looks and also helps to manage your all photos in different directories or you can say galleries.

Photo Gallery is an advanced plugin with a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for different views. It is fully responsive. The product includes plugin for adding image galleries and albums to posts and pages, as well as multiple widgets. You can add images, provide detailed descriptions and tags, organize the galleries into different albums and do many mind blowing things on your website.

These are some of the best WordPress plugins recommended by 3nions for WordPress Beginners.

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best wordpress plugins.

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