Best WordPress news plugins 2016

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Best WordPress news plugins

Whats up readers. Nice to meet you after a week. I guess, you’re here to enable or create a news widget or just a multi-news website.



You all may be thinking that if your website looks alike the above

Many premium themes has given the inbuilt function for showing your new posts, normally shown as the headlines on the top bar. When you check out the NewsTube theme demo you will find this on the top. There are many news and magazine type WordPress theme available for WordPress.

But what if you have created your own theme and wants that feature in it. Yup, there are some plugins which may help you installing that news features in your WordPress theme. You can use it too on your Blogs so that you can show whats new on your website or definitely the latest posts in a Headline style.

Whether if you’re running an event website or an official website for fest management, these plugins will going to help you in all the ways. This post will cover all the plugins related to News websites.

So reader lets check some cool & Best WordPress news plugins.


WP News and Scrolling widget



This is the very popular news plugin for WordPress. It is a quick & easy way to add an News custom post type, News widget & vertical scrolling news widget to WordPress. The plugin adds a News tab to your admin menu, which allows you to enter news items just as you would regular posts. The plugin comes with a Pro features too & some of them are

  • Recent News carousel slider
  • Recent News in Grid view
  • 5 Latest News widgets
  • News display with categories
  • Create a News Page OR News website



Vertical News Scroller



Vertical News Scroller is plugin for display a vertical scrolling news for WordPress blog. Admin can manage any number of news. Admin can add,edit delete news. Simple and easy news scroller. Admin can have option for display text with news or just news title only. Admin can add custom link to news. Pro version can have category wise news. Main features includes

  • Add any number of news
  • Display desired number of news to users.
  • Admin can manage scrolling news speed.
  • Admin can manage scrolling news height width.
  • Customized news as per your WordPress Theme


WP Frontpage News



Frequently posting news on your website or want to display your content in a dynamic way? Breaking news! WP latest posts is right there for you. This WordPress news plugin has built to automatically format your content the way you want, display more information in a limited space to catch users, prevent article authors to break your WordPress theme layout and to focus only on content, display a news carousel on your home page or in sidebar widgets positions. Some of the major features of this plugin are

  • Unlimited Latest posts instances
  • Completely customizable news template
  • Insert news blocks in the content editor with a button
  • Display as a sidebar widget
  • Select number of columns and pages in a news block
  • Select number of elements (post, pages) to be loaded


Best WordPress news plugins

Best WordPress news plugins

Last updated: October 4, 2016

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