6 Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation

6 Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation.

It is undesirable for a WordPress website or blog to be without a menu, right? Because menus are the prime aspects and kind of an essential component for your site’s navigation. Well, it’s important for everyone to highlight their fields and topics in the header which can be easily done using WordPress navigation menus. Navigation menus, on the other hand, helps Google and other search engines to discover and crawl your site content in the quick and easy way. Also, the navigation menu plays a vital role in your site’s appearance and user interface.

Furthermore, there are many awesome WordPress themes out there which are specialized in navigation menus. And those folks who don’t like the native menus, use plugins. Well, using a menu plugin is a great idea, but note that you don’t use more plugins, as it can slow down your site. By the way, WordPress comes with an inbuilt option to create menus but there are many plugins out there to replace the traditional feature with the trending and new one.

The primary reason why the people uses menu plugin is that their theme menu is not optimized for mobile devices. Google respect those bloggers who care about their mobile visitors and hence rank them higher. Although, assuming a WordPress site without a menu is inadequate. Using the suitable plugin is the best and the easiest way to implement a responsive menu on your WordPress site, however, coding is the hard attempt for beginners or newbies. Thus, in this post, I will be reviewing 6 Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation.

6 Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation.

1. Responsive Menu

Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation

If you’re looking for a hamburger style mobile friendly menu, Responsive Menu is a perfect fit for your WordPress site. This free plugin has more than 80,000 active installations on WordPress. Most of the users have graded it 5/5. The user rating of the plugin is, however, good with 4.7/ 5 average based on the total of 175 total reviews.

Responsive Menu WordPress plugin has a plenty of customization options available for mobile as well as desktop devices. The reason why I’m giving this one 1st rank is because of its extensive features. Whether it is a font or icons, layout or animation, the user is free to customize this plugin at any level. This plugin is also available in premium version. But I won’t recommend you to use it if you’re a newbie.

In total, Responsive Menu WordPress plugin has 22500 features grouped in the 150 customization options. Sometimes this plugin may clash with your WordPress theme’s menu. This plugin is built with many custom queries & scripts so there is a chance that it may affect your site’s speed. But, nevertheless, this is the most popular and best WordPress menu plugin available on WordPress.

Key Features

  • Lots of customization options for colors and layouts.
  • Easy to use dashboard for newbies and pros.
  • Add custom HTML, CSS, JS components with a one click.
  • Search block within the menu.
  • Set a Background image for your slide-in menu.
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2. WP Responsive Menu

Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation

Are you the one who is looking for a custom mobile menu ? Well, WP Responsive menu is made for the folks just like you. WP Responsive menu is a free plugin with more than 60,000 active users across the WordPress. The user rating of the plugin is good with 4.5 stars. Users of this plugin have committed that it is one of the Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation. WP Responsive Menu, on the other hand, is powered by Jquery.

Well, the customization options of WP Responsive menu is incredible. When I was reading about this plugin, I found that it is capable of placing your brand image or logo into the menu which is definitely a good professional sign. When I was WordPress beginner, I’ve used this plugin many times to customize my mobile menu layout. No doubt this plugin works best for mobile devices. However, this free WordPress plugin is not sufficient for Laptops and desktops.

Furthermore, the plugin doesn’t have a feature to use font awesome icons in your menu. But the best thing about this plugin is it will never compromise on your site speed. WP Responsive Menu can be configured to show up by swiping gestures on mobile devices just like your Gmail App. Well, with tons of feature in free its free version, it is also available as a premium plugin. You can easily customize every feature of this plugin according to your requirements if not, I’m always here to help you.

Key Features

  • Fully responsive and works on any type of mobile devices.
  • Easily replace your theme’s native menu.
  • Add your site’s logo into the menu.
  • Customize the menu color to match your theme’s color.
  • Implemented search bar inside the menu.
  • Exclude the unwanted components of your menu.
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3. UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu plugin

Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation

Well, if you want to spend some $19 on your site’s navigation menu then you should apparently proceed to UberMenu WordPress plugin. However, the plugin is premium, but it is worth it. The plugin is very popular and sold 59,668 times on Codecanyon. The user rating of the plugin is awesome. With 4.67/ 5 average based on 4196 total reviews, 80% users of this plugin have graded it with 5 stars.

UberMenu has explained well the difference between free and premium WordPress plugins. Furthermore, you can customize this plugin at any level. Some of the enlightening features of this plugin are tabbed sub-menus, dynamic fly-outs, transparency and images drop-downs. The plugin comes with an inbuilt caching option. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the site’s speed. UberMenu is the best fit for your WordPress site if you believe ‘premium is better’. Whether it is desktop or laptop, Android phone or iPhone, UberMenu looks distinct and excellent on all the devices.

Users have full access to add Columns, tabs, rows, images, icons, maps, forms & more into their navigation menus. Furthermore, you can place your content in a grid layout in UberMenu. You can easily generate dynamic items such as lists or images within the menu itself. But I will not recommend the newbies to deal with this plugin because it is hard to configure and customize. By the way, UberMenu WordPress plugin is supported by all the WordPress themes. If you got up into any issue with this plugin, the free customer support will help you setting it up.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and Android.
  • Easily embed forms and social media icons in the menu.
  • Full width and floating features for desktops and mobiles.
  • Search bar, maps, contact forms integration.
  • 25 popular Google Fonts and font awesome icons.
  • Create menu in sidebars using UberMenu widget.
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4. Mega Main Menu

Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation

Mega Main Menu is another premium plugin to replace native WordPress menus with one click. Well, you can purchase this WordPress menu plugin by spending $15 on it. This plugin is a great stuff for Bloggers as it is fast and responsive. This plugin was sold more than 5300 times on Codecanyon. The user rating of the plugin is awesome. With 4.60/ 5 average based on 356 total reviews, 70% users of this plugin have graded it with 5 stars. Using this plugin you can easily create a professional and rich menu on your site.

Mega Main Menu WordPress plugin has more than 10 styles of dropdowns. Also, you can easily embed Google Maps widget and icons in your menu. Mega Main Menu WordPress plugin, on the other hand, is mobile friendly, so you don’t have to worry about your mobile users. You can check the working demo of the plugin on its official site. Furthermore, you are free to use any Google fonts in your menu. If I were at your place, I’d choose this over the UberMenu.

The plugin is integrated with more than 600 Google fonts and 1600 vector icons to serve your user an out of the box content. You can also place ads and affiliates into your menu by using the appropriate widget. I tried this menu and it works best for mobile and desktop devices. You should keep experimenting what extra you can do with extra-ordinary things. Thus, Mega Main Menu is the best fit for Bloggers and Designers as it can be configured to use on any type of website.

Key Features

  • Sticky Menu for mobiles as well as Desktops.
  • 10+ combinations for Dropdowns with images and shortcodes widget.
  • Easy to insert vector icons.
  • Tabbed and promotional drop-down menus.
  • Column layout in the menu.
  • Stick after scroll feature.
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5. My Bootstrap Menu


My Bootstrap Menu is a free WordPress menu plugin to with more tha 1000 active users. This plugin is capable of placing the Bootstrap navbar element in your WordPress theme. Adding Bootstrap in your WordPress theme is, however, easy but if you want to integrate Bootstrap navbar, you may require this plugin.

If you know how to use WordPress menu then you can easily configure this plugin. This plugin will replace your theme’s menu with a mobile friendly and modern design navbar. Well, the Bootstrap navbar is capable of adding the search and drop downs in the menu itself. You can read more about Bootstrap navbar on official Bootstrap components page.

Logo and Brand image can easily be added in your navbar if you’re using My Bootstrap Menu WordPress plugin. 90% of the users have rated it 5/ 5. My Bootstrap Menu WordPress plugin, on the other hand, enables you to display Buttons, Buttons group, Buttons drop downs, etc. You may also like, How to use Bootstrap buttons.

Key Features

  • The Menu can be fixed on top of the screen.
  • Insert search and login forms in the menu.
  • Use Logo or title for site branding.
  • Upload a custom logo for the mobile version.
  • Easily add Social media icons in your Navbar.
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6. Max Mega Menu


Another free WordPress plugin with almost all the premium features. Yes, Max Mega Menu WordPress plugin is the most popular mega menu plugin for free on WordPress. The user rating of the plugin is fabulous with 4.9/ 5.0 average based on 179 total reviews. This is one of the best WordPress menu plugins to create mobile friendly and optimized menu.

The plugin can be customized to any level for mobile and desktop layouts. With number of transitions and Retina ready features, this plugin is best fit for your WordPress site. This plugin is also available in premium version but the free one is enough to deal with the basic menu elements.

After watching the live demo of this plugin, I’m sure that you will definitely like it. Search bar and social media icons are one of the essential needs of WordPress site. And you can eaisly embed it in your mega menu. Max Mega Menu is compatible with almost all the WordPress themes and plugins. Thus, the Custom Styling functionality of this plugin takes the pain out of writing custom CSS.

Key Features

  • Drag & drop Mega Menu builder.
  • ‘Hide Text’ and ‘Disable Link’ options per menu item.
  • Responsive, Touch & Retina Ready for mobiles.
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu.
  • Add icons and images to the menu items.
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  • If you want to use plugins for showing menus note that you’re not using too much plugins as it can slow down your site.
  • Make sure that your WordPress plugin is light weight and made with Jquery. Because the plugin made with CSS and Jquery is capable of running on on every devices without conflicting with the other site elements.
  • Sometimes the users don’t prefer to use mega menus as they believes that mega menu affects the website speed. But that’s not true at all because mega menu is same as you native WordPress menu.
  • Note that your menu structure should be easy and arranged well for the normal users.

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Best WordPress menu plugins for better navigation.


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