Best backup plugins for WordPress Beginners

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WordPress backup plugin

Backup is a need of every blogging websites. Its kinda a safety measure for bloggers to keep your website updated every-time. It helps in saving your site data to somewhere safe, so that may be in future if something went wrong with your files you can easily restore it. I had also face such problems. It is very important that you should backup your WordPress posts, media files and pages so that it can help you in future.

Backing up your WordPress website is fairly easy by using plugins. There are two methods in which the first one is the regular import and export provided by WordPress itself.

In your WordPress dashboard menu you will see the Tools tab. On hovering it you will find both the options of import and export. Simply, if you want to export your website data to your computer or any other device, select the option bullets i.e. posts, pages, media files (one at a time) and click on Download export file button. The .xml file will start downloading on your device. For importing it you will require WordPress Importer plugin. Well this is the primary and most easy method to backup WordPress site. Using this method you can only Backup your posts, pages and text in them. It is hard to restore media files using this method.

The second method is by means of plugins. Yes, WordPress also provides us with various backup plugins which can be scheduled to backup each and every data of your website regularly. You don’t have to download a single file, it will automatically back it up and save it on cloud or other secured server. WordPress backup plugin is the easiest way to backup each and every thing of your website. So lets checkout some best backup plugins WordPress.

Some Best WordPress Backup Plugin



WordPress backup plugin

This is the most popular WordPress backup plugin with more than 600,000 active installs. This plugin is mainly used by Bloggers. UpdraftPlus helps in managing the backup and restoration of your site data safely and securely to the cloud. It also allows you to download the backup to your computer. You can upload it to your own cloud storage. Most compatible cloud storage are Amazon, Dropbox, Google Drive, Rackspace storage, Dreamhost, etc.

This plugin allows to schedule the backup process and store the files in the safe location on your website. The only bad thing about this plugin is user interface. This WordPress backup plugin is hard to use for Beginners. The plugin is hard to locate some of its options otherwise it is the best WordPress backup plugin.

This plugin is also available with premium features. You can easily upgrade it to premium, as upgrade button is always available on plugin homepage. You can also restore or migrate to Updraftplus plugin from any WordPress backup plugin (currently supported : Backwpup, Backup WordPress, Simple backup, WordPress backup to Dropbox). This is a premium feature of this plugin.

Main Features

  • Set a different time to backup files and database.
  • You can automatically resume failed uploads.
  • You can split Large website into multiple archives.
  • You can select which files you want to backup (plugins, themes, content, other).
  • You can select which files you want to restore.



WordPress backup plugin


This is the second best WordPress backup plugin with more than 400,000 active installs. The best thing about this plugin is that its totally free. This WordPress backup plugin helps to save your complete WordPress website without any distraction. BackWpUp plugin uses storage services such as Dropbox, S3, FTP for backing up files and databases.

When you save the backup file from this plugin, it is in .zip format. Zip files can be easily restored to WordPress website. This WordPress backup plugin is compatible with all the version of WordPress (till 4.5.2). Yes, this is the plugin for absolute beginner. It is very easy to use as compared to UpdraftPlus.

BackWpUp also have some cool features in its pro version. The pro version of this plugin comes with priority support, compatibility to save backups on Google Drive and Amazon Glacier.

Main Features

  • Complete Database Backup (needs mysql).
  • WordPress XML Import/ Export.
  • Backing up installed plugins.
  • Optimizes Database.
  • Check for errors and repair Database.
  • File backup and restore.



WordPress backup plugin

This is the most popular premium backup plugin for available for WordPress. This plugin is the complete solution of your every quest and query related to your data security and data backup. You can easily purchase it over here. This is the all in one backup plugin. You can also migrate your website to another server using BackupBuddy.

The price of this plugin is worth it. As it is the most used premium WordPress backup plugin. This plugins allows you to schedule you backup and store it on the clouds of Amazon, S3, Rackspace, Dropbox, etc. This plugin scan for the errors in the Backup and fix it automatically. This plugin is used by many popular blogging sites.

The best feature I like about this plugin is it allows to move your website to new hosting without any downtime. This is very useful feature as if somehow your website goes down you can immidiately restore it using this feature of BackupBuddy. It is the best plugin.

Main Features

  • Database backup or full backup.
  • Offsite storage (download backup).
  • Scheduled Backups.
  • BackupBuddy stash storage.
  • Cutom Backup profiles (different users).


This is a plugin which not only help you in Backing up your site but also provide a firewall security to it. This plugin is made by WordPress team. You may have seen this plugin if you’re using Jetpack. VaultPress is a Backup engine of all sites. This plugin runs with different plans and prices. WpBeginner uses VaultPress to Backup their site. VaultPress offers cloud Backup and restore to WordPress users.

The plugin has a good user interface. It is very easy to install and use for Beginners. It offers realtime Backup support at $5/ month to WordPress users. Sometimes it also provide security offers in its packages.

This is a compatible and flexible WordPress plugins. It runs smoothly with any WordPress theme or plugin. You can check the whole information about this plugin here. VaultPress plugin has just made the Backup easy. It is one of the module of Jetpack. Its security features are also good to use.

Main Features

  • Automatic and manual Backup.
  • WordPress verified.
  • Backup Scheduling.
  • Extra optimization and protection.
  • Website migration.

These were the top-most WordPress backup plugins. Some of the other WordPress Backup plugin are,

  • Duplicator : This is a good features WordPress plugin. This allows the users to migrate their WordPress site withing few clicks. This plugin is very easy to install and use. Duplicator has a pro version with couple more cool features in it.
  • WP DB Backup : Believe me this is the most popular WordPress plugin with more than 4,00,000 active installs. This plugin helps to easily backing up your WordPress databases and files.
  • BackUpWordPress : This is a very simple WordPress Backup plugin. This plugin works fine with all the version of WordPress. The free version of this plugin doesn’t allow to save backups on cloud storage. You will have to update it to pro version to integrate this plugin with Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Backup and restore Dropbox : This plugin is especially made for Backing up your site on Dropbox cloud storage. You can easily migrate, restore, duplicate your website using this plugin.
  • Backup Guard : This is a free WordPress Backup plugin used by more than 50,000 users. This plugins backup each and every file including the core WordPress and make it easy to download. Pro version concludes of Backing up site on various cloud storage sites such as Dropbox.
  • WordPress database Backup : This is a free WordPress plugin with more than 50,000 active installs. This plugin is very similar to Backup Guard. This plugin allow users to backup and restore their databases with single click. Pro version of this plugin includes couple more features.

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I will request to check Xpand Buddy too. It’s another free but awesome plugin to keep Backup, Migrate site, transferring site. More importantly, its support dropbox, so that you can save backup in your own Dropbox account safely.

Thanks for the recommendation, but these are the top 3 plugins available on WordPress which is easily affordable and good for every website. I will also include this one next time. 🙂

I am using Backup & Restore Dropbox PRO for my WordPress site. Works good for backup,restore and migration, also have schedule option, that is a great plus. Easy and not expensive. Before I used Free version of it. Satisfied with it.

Updraftplus is the best. I use it on my other websites.


Thanks for the interaction Shrikant, I saw your website, its a cool stuff and updraft is the perfect backup plugin for your blog

There are a number of other good and effective plugins on wordpress like Backup& Restore Dropbox plugin. I have been using it for my blog too.

Yes of course,
Backup& Restore Dropbox is a useful plugin with good amt. of installations. Thanks for updating my list @Betty

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