7 Best VPN Apps For Android

In this online world where connecting with new people from around the world has now become a habit of everyone. But meeting someone dangerous is never a part of it! Because honestly, the internet is an open web, so getting your online details leaked or someone hacking your devices is a common scenario which is to see nowadays. People tend to always secure their WiFi by keeping a password but what when you use a public WiFi, how assured are you that no one is hacking your device? And what if you want to search a website anonymously without leaving your IP address to get traced? Be this issues or any other reasons which are related to your online privacy and security, VPN (virtual private network) is always there to help you. As they ensure that all of your internet communication is encrypted and potentially guarded against prying eyes! Also not just for privacy concerns but VPN can indeed help you to get around firewall and a number of blocked websites that will be restricted in your area. And honestly, if you search for VPN apps on the Google Play Store then there will be tons to come up! But making your job easier we have curated the perfect list of 7 Best VPN Apps For Android.

Best VPN Apps For Android:

  1. Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Fast Security VPN
  2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security
  3. Hola Free VPN Proxy
  4. Snap VPN – Unlimited Free & Super Fast VPN Proxy
  5. SuperVPN Free VPN Client
  6. VPN Private
  7. Secure VPN – A high speed, ultra-secure VPN

1. Turbo VPN – Unlimited Free VPN & Fast Security VPN

Turbo VPN, as the name suggests connects as fast as a hare to unblock sites, secure WiFi hotspot and to protect privacy. Now using the word hare itself speaks that Turbo VPN is indeed quick and gives high VPN speed. Also, it is very easy to use, just one-tap and you are connected with VPN proxy server. Now, for the functions, the app will help you to unblock websites and also to unblock videos that are not available in your country. The app also protects your network traffic so that you can browse anonymously and securely without being tracked! Now, this app works with WiFi, LTE, 3G, and all mobile data carriers and is completely free to download. So, great to use, reliable, fast and the best part totally free, so there is no surprise in seeing Turbo VPN on this list.

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. High VPN speed.
  2. Most stable.
  3. Works with all mobile data carriers.
  4. Free download.
  5. Easy to use.

2. Hotspot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wi-Fi Security

Do you want to disguise your online identity while accessing blocked apps? If yes, then Hotspot Shield is the perfect app for you! As the app keeps your mobile activities anonymous, private and secure! Also, the app renders true online freedom bypassing geo-restrictions as it gives the users access to the world’s content from anywhere, with just one tap. Now, the way this app works is that it hides your IP address, identity, and location from trackers so that you enjoy maximum security and privacy. Also, to safeguard your privacy, even more, the app doesn’t keep any logs of its users and their activities. In addition, the app has both free and premium version. So if you are looking for the basic unblocking feature and privacy feature then go for the free version. And if you want add-on services then only opt for the premium version. So, download Hotspot Shield and get a secure yet trustworthy connection!

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Unblock geo-restricted contents.
  2. Secure all online activities.
  3. Free or unlimited.
  4. Unparalleled VPN Performance.
  5. No Logs Kept.

3. Hola Free VPN Proxy

Hola Free VPN Proxy is a navigation tool or a browser for Android devices. Now as a browser, the speed is fast and it also reduces your data costs. And as a VPN proxy, it allows you to access any content without any regional restriction. Which means you have the freedom to view applications and websites from around the world. And that too privately and anonymously. Also, the app is completely free to use, so anyone can download it. But bear in mind that even though its free but it still requires permissions to function. So, download Hola Free VPN Proxy and access sites blocked in your country through an innovative peer to peer network.

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Browse from any country.
  2. Simple access.
  3. 100% Free.
  4. Switch countries with ease.
  5. Hola browser.

4. Snap VPN – Unlimited Free & Super Fast VPN Proxy

Snap VPN is completely free and provides unlimited VPN proxy for Android devices. Now as said the app is free to use and above that, it requires no registration. For the functionality, the app includes a number of servers, and through its fast speed it detects your location automatically and connects you to the nearest and fastest server. Also not just fast but it is indeed easy to use too. As with just one touch, the app will connect you automatically, no credentials needed. Which means you can bypass your favorite websites or firewalls from anywhere. In addition, the app not just protects you, but it also protects your device from getting hacked when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi Hotspot. In all, Snap VPN is a great and secure platform which will help you to connect with the world.

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. Super fast speed.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Stable.
  4. Global servers.
  5. No registration needed.

5. SuperVPN Free VPN Client

Protect your privacy while browsing restricted websites through the SuperVPN Free VPN Client app. As it is a tool which helps you to navigate on the internet without any restrictions. And the main thing, the app is immensely easy to use. As you need no registration to configure anything, simply tap on the connect button and within seconds you can browse freely and securely. Now, another great thing about the app is, that it needs no rooting for access. Simply connect without any permissions. So, in all SuperVPN is a great app for people who want to access content that is blocked in their areas without rooting their devices.

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. No registration required.
  2. No speed limitation.
  3. One-click.
  4. Top server speed.
  5. Unblock geographically restricted websites.

6. VPN Private

VPN Private, as the name suggests, is an app which helps you to visit any website anonymously and privately. As the main goal or aim of the app is just to focus on user’s privacy. Apart from this, the app is extremely fast to use and it connects you with more than 20 countries worldwide! Coming to the usage, the app supports one-click system which is easy and quick. It also keeps no logs of your search so that your data remains more private. The way this app work is that it hides your IP thus you can visit any website or app you want being anonymously and protected! Now, for the main and important feature, the app is completely free to use! So, bypass blocked websites with unlimited bandwidth through the VPN Private app.

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. One click connect.
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth.
  3. No logs.
  4. Unblocks websites and apps.
  5. Fast speed.

7. Secure VPN – A high speed, ultra-secure VPN

Secure VPN is an app that provides VPN proxy service in lightning-fast speed. The app is easy to use and doesn’t need any configuration. Simply click one-button and access the internet securely and anonymously. Now, the way this app works is that it encrypts your connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity, making it more secure and reliable. The app includes a number of servers in a flag icon, so just click the flag and change server as many times as you want. So, download Secure VPN and use the app freely without the need for registration or configuration.

Best VPN Apps For Android

Main Features:

  1. High-speed bandwidth.
  2. Works with all mobile data carriers.
  3. No-logging policy.
  4. Well-designed UI.
  5. A large number of servers.

So, above were the 7 Best VPN apps that you can download on your Android device without any hassle. Now, keeping into consideration everyone’s usage, the mentioned apps are mostly free to use. Some of them are paid but again you get more features in them. But the basic feature of VPN which is to make your browsing secure and private and to unlock restricted websites is supported in all of the above apps.

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