Best Trending Apps For Your Smartphone

Best Trending Apps For Your Smartphone

The development of an app requires a lot of work. A developer is fully devoted while developing an app to make it a brand in the Android market. The popularity of an app depends upon many things such as its functionalities, features and the most important the app is user-friendly or not. In this article, I would tell you about the Android apps which became most popular among the user.

Best Trending Apps For Your Smartphone
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An app is an application software that runs on Android platform. The app is designed so that it can be very much beneficial to the user. A user always goes with the app which is user-friendly and provides maximum features to the user. The majority of the people spend maximum times with the apps and if they are not up to the mark they are disregarded by the user.

Now in this article, I will tell you about the Android apps that touch the height of success. So, let’s proceed on.

1. LastPass Password Manager

This Android app allows the user to set a long and confidential password and thus protect your smartphone from the external threats. The app allows the user to generate nearly impossible passwords that make your account secure and has cross-platform support so that one can easily use it on PC, tablets.

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2. Google Drive Suit

Under this app, many other apps come such as Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google photos, Google slide and Google keep. It provides unlimited photos and videos backup and using the Google sheet we can make notes of the useful resources. The advanced feature of this app includes live collaboration and this app is compatible with Microsoft Office documents.

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3. Gravity Screen

With the use of this app one can easily turn on or off your smartphone whenever required. It automatically turns off your computer when you put your phone either on to the table or in your pocket.

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4. AVG

It is not just an app, it is the family of antivirus software that is developed by one of the renowned antivirus company AVG Technologies Pvt.Ltd. The app automatically scans all the downloaded files on the phone storage and even the files and the folders which are present on the external SD card. It also blocks the websites which have illegal content for your device. The app also scans the emails and immediately removes the malware if found. It is also memory and game booster that frees up the RAM and thus increasing the performance of your device. By boosting the game it gives the player a real gaming experience.

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5. DU Cleaner

The app is one of the most trusted antivirus apps and is continuously gaining its popularity in the security market. It clears all the background files and the apps which have high memory and battery consumption. The app also clears up the RAM and thus making our phone run smooth and device. It periodically scans the downloaded apps and automatically clears all the malware if found. It is also a game booster which gives us a real gaming experience.

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It is a sports app that keeps you updated regarding all the live and happened sports events. Now the user can easily enjoy the events just sitting at their home. The app gives you all the detailed description of the sports news and makes it a must have.

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7. NEXT Lock Screen

It is the app that is developed by the Microsoft’s Garage Project and is also continuously gaining its popularity in the security market. It allows the user to lock your device in a much more advanced way. The app also comes with the advanced fingerprint scanning provided that our device should support it. Smart lock setting allows the user to lock your device in a much more advanced manner thus protecting your device from external threat.

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8. Google Play Music

Well, we all know about this app. It allows the user to listen to music anytime, anywhere provided there is a secure internet connection. We can easily listen to our favourite songs and thus enjoying the day with the healing effects of music.

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