Top 10 operating systems of 2016 [ Most Popular ]

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We use different types of OS (Operating systems) in our laptops and desktops for different purposes. Many of us use Windows OS and Mac OS right? In this post, I’ll be listing top 10 operating systems of 2016 and its core applications for which they are specially designed.

There are many other popular Operating systems which are still inside the box and we are unaware of it. Well, Windows and Mac OS are very easy to use, that is the reason why most of us use them. Last year, Windows 7 was declared as the most downloaded Operating systems among the others.

The list of Top 10 operating systems of 2016

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8.1
  • Ubuntu 14.x
  • Windows XP
  • Open SUSE
  • Mac OS
  • Windows 10
  • Google Chrome OS
  • Solaris

Let’s see each of them in deep.

1. Windows 7


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Windows 7, The one of the best operating system by the Microsoft. After the Windows, XP the Windows 7 was proved to be the flexible, Smart and faster than any other operating system. Windows XP was one of the most popular operating systems till 2008 because of its simplicity and looks. It is still found in many computers. One of the negative aspects of the Windows XP was that it supports RAM only up to 4GB.  Windows 7 supports RAM up to (not finite as the updates are still releasing). We can also call windows 7 as 2nd windows XP.

2. Windows 8.1

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Another impressive production by the Microsoft. The launching of Windows 8.1 proved that there is no difference between Android smartphone and a computer. The stylish & the Fastest then any other Windows operating systems. High resolutions, Animated transitions, One click interface and many more new functions. The newest thing is that the GUI of this operating system after the Windows 7 has totally changed and renewed but still it become much familiar with the time.

3. Ubuntu 14.x


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This is the latest product by Linux which is highly customised and developed than its older versions. It is a Linux-based operating system. Having a robust Aptitude system to install almost every supported application. It is recommended to the users who want to shift from Windows. Linux has made it easier so that the user can easily interpret with their system. The base of this operating system is Debian, but now they are much popular and trending that they forgot what the Debian is. However, it is considered to be the best operating system by the Linux.

4. Windows XP

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Still used by the 1000’s of peoples. As we know very much about the Windows XP, the revolutionary operating system. It had done the business of about 500000 US $ within the 7 days of its release. It was proved that none of the operating systems could break this record of such a large business in just 7 days. But in 2015 other few operating system such as Windows 7,8,8.1,10 from same developing company (Microsoft) have taken over it.

5. Open SUSE

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Another good product by Linux . Open Source but powerful Linux operating system. Which offers high-end services and software available for free in its built-in software repository. Clean and attractive UI makes you in love with it seriously.

6. Mac OS

Top 10 operating systems of 2016

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Another Unix based operating system and has become the most challenging to Windows OS. However, because of limitation of devices which can be used to install this operating system makes it less attractive. In Mac, the main kernel is always locked and just like windows you cannot modify core files much quickly.

7.  Windows 10


Currently, in the testing stage, this operating system has become much popular. I have tested it personally and I could not find the much difference technically in windows 8.1 and windows 10. But of course I haven’t tested it more than a day, so possibly I am wrong. This operating system needs a bit more popularity and should consider fixing bugs to reach the high ranking.

8. Google Chrome OS

Top 10 operating systems of 2016


In the list of top 10 operating systems 2016 here we have Google Chrome OS. However, I suppose this is one of the best operating systems for those who have limited requirements. Such as browsing, playing small games, etc. But due to its limited functionality, we cannot take it to any distant place down to this. But deep inside its based on Linux Kernel, so if you are core scripting guy you can always modify it to suit your taste.



Top 10 operating systems of 2016


FreeBSD had its time. When it was one of the top Unix-based operating systems. However, these days CentOS has taken its place for small or medium companies and RedHat or Windows Server has taken its place on the corporate level. It is entirely accessible to the root user. Which means you can change files at any time but make sure you know what you are doing.

10. Solaris


Top 10 operating systems of 2016

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Solaris is one of old school Unix operating systems which is more attached to server equipment. However, the power of Unix still makes it a very mature choice for Corporates and Organizations, but an end user might not receive that taste of juice which can be enjoyed in today’s latest operating systems based on locked kernel.

I hope this post (top 10 operating systems of 2016) will help you choose the best operating system for your computer device.

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Last updated: December 7, 2016

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