7 Best Speedometer Apps For Android

A speedometer or a speed meter is a gauge that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of a vehicle. They show you the speed of the vehicle. In today’s time with innovation in technology, day by day our mobile phones are capable of doing so many things that we are not even aware of. One of such things is gauging your speed. Now there are so many apps out there that can help you know your speed and you won’t even have to buy another device for it. A runner can use them to know their pace, car lovers can use them for of course knowing the speed of their car! Anyone or anything that moves, in general, can now measure their speed and these apps make it happen. There are not many options on the Play store but there are some apps that do the deed with accuracy. And of course an actual speedometer would be more accurate and nothing can beat that but for people looking out for an alternative, these apps work fine. Here are the best speedometer apps for Android.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android:

  • GPS Speedometer
  • DigiHUD Speedometer
  • Speedometer
  • Speedometer GPS
  • GPS Speedometer
  • Accurate Speedometer
  • GPS Speedometer – Odometer

1. GPS Speedometer

Now with GPS Speedometer on your phone, you can drive safely. This app, when activated on your phone, rings an alarm everytime you drive and exceed a certain speed making sure that you are within a safe pace. It also helps you to keep track of the road you have traveled while driving, jogging, running etc. This is a completely free application designed for your safety. It supports different languages and gives you options to even change the theme of the app. It is a perfect companion for you if you are a runner or just love keeping your speed in check. One of the best speedometer app for Android.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Measure traveling speed.
  2. Alarm when the speed limit exceeds.
  3.  Option to change distance units and km or miles.
  4. Measure the distance you have traveled.
  5. Enable/disable alerts.
Download GPS Speedometer

2. DigiHUD Speedometer

DigiHUD Speedometer is an amazing and minimalistic app that has what it takes to be in our list. It is quite accurate and gives you the option to change the colors of the text and also works in background mode. Which means it is running even when you exit the app, to make it feasible for you to use your mobile phone which checking your speed. You can also set a speed limit you wouldn’t like exceed and the app will notify you when you exceed it. This app will also let you know driver peculiarities like average speed, distance and time.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Compass.
  2. Odometer.
  3. Battery level indicator.
  4. Satellite status icon.
  5. Clock.
Download DigiHUD Speedometer

3. Speedometer

This is one of the simple Speedometer apps in the Play store. The interface is just a black and white screen where speed is visible. And the settings contain just units of measure [mph, km/h, knots] and that’s it. It does literally what it says and that’s it. So if you need an app just for this purpose then surely you should go ahead and download this one. Enjoy retina display together with this one.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Digital Speedometer.
  2. Simple and accurate.
  3. Supports four variety of velocity unit.
Download Speedometer

4. Speedometer GPS

Speedometer GPS is an app which is currently free. This app has two modes- one is for cars and another one is for a bicycle. The main screen shows measurements such as duration, distance, start time, max and average speed, altitude, and heading. You can save all of them after driving/cycling and view them later. The coolest feature of the app is a map mode when Google Maps does its job just like usually does it but there is a small table above your screen that contains distance, speed, and duration of your drive.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1.  Save your track info.
  2.  Switch between car speedometer and bicycle odometer.
  3.  Display satellites status.
  4.  Map integration, get your location.
  5.  Speed chart.
Download Speedometer GPS

5. GPS Speedometer

This app shows you your journey in a very unique way. The coolest feature of the app is its unique and stylish theme which is derived from sports car designs. Other than that the app is just a usual speedometer with a bunch of measurements shown on screen. If you want something simple yet stylish looking then this app is surely for you. You can even track and record your journey with this app.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Map integration.
  2.  Digital Speedometer with Large Digits.
  3. Mirrored mode.
  4.  Full-Screen option with landscape Mode.
  5.  HUD view / Normal view.
Download GPS Speedometer

6. Accurate Speedometer

Accurate Speedometer as the name suggests is an accurate speedometer app for Android. It is most accurate and is suitable for everything. You can measure your speed in five different scales km/h, mph, MPs, Knots, ft/s. Doesn’t matter if your driving reverse or forward you can get the most accurate speed in your desired scale based on your device GPS sensor. This speedometer app is free and uses device GPS sensor with satellite to monitor automobiles or any other moving objects, speed.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1.  Accurate Speedometer app.
  2. Alarm.
  3. Safety tool.
  4. Light and fast.
  5.  Get your speed in 5 different scales with instant runtime speed watcher.
Download Accurate Speedometer

7. GPS Speedometer- Odometer

Speed GPS is an advanced speedometer application that uses the phones inbuilt GPS system to show your current and maximum speed. The speed is displayed in both analog and a digital value. It works like any speedometer that you can find in a car or vehicle and shows you the velocity of the vehicle in kph and mph. It is the best solution for a broken speedometer of your car or for when you need to know the accurate speed. The readings made by the app are almost accurate but also depends upon your devices GPS sensor and should be treated as approximations.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1.  Easy to Use HUD Speedometer GPS.
  2.  Precise speed and attractive display.
  3.  No internet access necessary.
  4. Multiple profiles.
  5. Simple and quick in action.
Download GPS Speedometer- Odometer

These were our Best Speedometer Apps for Android, you can download them on the Play Store for Free. Ace your Pace against the Race of time and check it on these apps. These apps are quite accurate and provide you with a great alternative too. Easy to use and also fun.

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