7 Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

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No matter how many selfies you take in a day, it never feels like enough. Though selfies are a modern fact of life, adding effects and filters to your front-facing camera is a prevailing trend. Snapchat is the most popular app for adding Face tracking filters to the selfies and group photos. Thing is Snapchat is not only the app which enables you to add Selfie filters to your pictures. There are many other alternatives to Snapchat which you can use to edit your selfies and videos. Thus in this post, I will be reviewing Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android.

Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

1. Instagram

Most Popular Social media network for sharing photos and videos, Instagram, now has exceptional feature for adding facial filters to the selfies. Now you can add face filters to your pictures and videos using Instagram App. You can also save the filtered pictures to your mobile phone to share it across different social networks.

Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

Main Features

  • Click and share photos directly as a post or story.
  • 15+ different face filters.
  • Apply filters to photos as well as videos.
  • Send photos as private messages.
  • Follow the posts from friend or colleague.

2. Face Swap

Face Swap is the best alternative to Snapchat. It lets you swap face with super stars and cute animals. You can easily transform yourself to any new face you like in a second. Motion Swap gives you real-time face swap experience. You can even add Face filters to your videos.

Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

Main Features

  • Snap Video – Motion Swap – Lets you add face filters to videos.
  • Sticker Sets – Lets you add stickers to your selfies.
  • Snap photo – Photo Swap – Lets you add face filters to your selfies and pictures.
  • Create a Classic Collage of multiple photos.
  • Snap Filters – Motion stickers for video shooting.
  • Share your photos and videos instantly on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms.


MSQRD is a great app to record video selfie animations. It is an app by Facebook Inc. Using MSQRD you can change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social media networks.

Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

Main Features

  • Multiple Face filters.
  • Selfie Face filters for photos and videos.
  • More than 50 Motion Face filters.
  • Fun, Face, Animals, Sports, Movies and Emoticons Filters.
  • Share snaps directly to Facebook, Instagram and any other social network.

4. B612 – Selfiegenic Camera

Over 300 million users worldwide use B612 App to take incredible selfies and portraits using live beautification adjustments.

Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

Main Features

  • Different types of Face filters.
  • Capture photos and videos and apply filters.
  • Motion filters for videos.
  • Selfie camera.

5. Face Changer Video

One of the best Face Warp App for Android. Using Face Changer Video app you can apply funny face warp effects on your photos and videos. Add face stickers (hats, glasses, moustaches etc.) to your selfie videos.

Best Snapchat like Face Filter Apps for Android

Main Features:

  • Swap faces between 2 people.
  • Animal live face filters.
  • Blend two faces into one.
  • Funny Face effects.
  • Weird Filters. Turns your face upside down.
  • Move your mouth to animate another face using your face.
  • Add face stickers (hats, glasses, moustaches etc.).

6. YouCam Fun – Snap Live Selfie Filters & Share Pics

YouCam Fun lets you create fun selfie videos and photos in seconds. Real time filters, animated stickers, motion stickers and picture effects make the silliest selfies with YouCam Fun.

Main Features

  • Photo effects include new hairstyles, animal faces and costumes.
  • Add stickers to live video and send to friends.
  • Selfie Effects for your Camera Roll.
  • Frames, Backgrounds, Light Leak, Scratch and Grunge.
  • Beauty camera.
  • Photo cut out effects.

7. Face Warp 2

Face Warp 2 takes fun to the next level with live video recording effects. Make funny video clips masking your face with stickers, faces, animals or as a very strange looking individual or an alien.

Main Features:

  • Capture Funny photos and videos by applying different face warp effects.
  • Live face tracking.
  • Funny Face effects.
  • Different Face Warp effects.
  • Save photos and videos to mobile.
  • Share photos and videos directly on Facebook.


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These are some of the best apps with filters like Snapchat. Which App do you use to apply facial filters to your photos and videos? Do share your suggestions in comments.

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Last updated: March 23, 2018

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I use b612 and really sometimes I make so many funny pictures…. I will give other apps a try.. thanks for this…

Hello. Yes, B612 is really a cool app.
Thanks for reading.

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This is a fun post! Some of these apps I’ve never even heard of

A lot of these don’t seem to work with my device, but it’s okay bc I have instagram and snapchat

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