15 Best Screen Recorders for Android in 2022

10 Best Screen Recorder for Android

Android is considered to be the most versatile mobile operating system. It has a wide range of functionalities coupled with the millions of apps that can be installed from the Google Play Store. With Android 10, Google has managed to cover most of the basic features like dark mode or privacy settings. But, what’s been missing for a long time is a simple feature called screen recording. Thus, we bring you some of the best screen recorders for Android.

As you know, you can record the contents of your screen in order to make how-to videos, educational videos, stream your gameplay, or just whatever you have in mind. While Asus, Samsung, and Xiaomi phones have this feature built-in, Google has failed to implement it in its OS. Even though it’s rumored to be a part of the upcoming Android 11 OS, it will be a long time until it reaches all the phones.

Best Screen Recorders for Android

Instead of waiting, we suggest you download screen recording apps that are available for both rooted and non-rooted devices. The apps that I have listed are filled with compelling features. You can try the apps and settle for the one you like. So, let’s get going!

1. AZ Screen Recorder

The first app on our list of the best screen recorders for Android is the AZ Screen Recorder. It is the paradigm of screen recorders. The app, which weighs just 18MB, packs tonnes of features. The UI is light, easy, and gets things done without any hassle. There’s an overlay button to record content but don’t worry, it won’t mess up your interaction with other apps. Gamers can use the front camera while streaming the game or for hilarious commentary.

AZ Screen Recorder also has a small built-in video recorder so that editing little mistakes won’t need a computer. The app doesn’t have any watermark nor does it require your phone to be rooted. The free version would suffice but for those looking for additional functionalities, you can purchase the pro version for a mere $3 (₹226). It isn’t much considering the app literally offers A to Z features. Download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Record internal sound (Android 10 only).
  • Pause/resume screen recording.
  • Built-in video editor.
  • Record gameplay with external sound.
  • Draw on the screen while recording gameplay.

Download AZ Screen Recorder

2. Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

Created by InShot, known for its powerful video editor, Screen Recorder & Video Recorder is another fantastic app that lets you easily record your screen. The apps let you obtain smooth & clear screen videos with just a tap on the floating window. You can record HD video tutorials, video calls, live game stream or some videos that you aren’t allowed to download.

10 Best Screen Recorder for Android

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder supports the highest quality, video formats: 1080p resolution and 60FPS. The app also has an in-built video editor that will let you trim the video and change the speed. The best feature of this app is that it has no recording limit. Don’t worry, you don’t need a rooted phone to make use of this feature. Download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Record Gameplay.
  • Export Full-HD videos.
  • Screen Recorder with Facecam.
  • Includes a video editor.

Download Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

3. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder by ByteRev is a reliable screen recorder which so many features that you’ll probably never use them. It’s good to have them though. The app lets you record your phone’s screen with two different engines, which could be quite handy.

Geeky users will feel at home as you can easily change different resolutions, frame rates, bit rates, and also draw and write over the clip. The handiest feature is the countdown which lets you prepare 3 seconds before the recording begins! Neat! Download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Recording with 2 engines.
  • Pause Recording.
  • Use Front or Back Camera while recording.
  • Text addition.

Download ADV Screen Recorder

4. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder – Record with Facecam And Audio is an underrated screen recorder. The app, which is used by over 4 million people, is a simple yet effective screen recorder. It’s fast, easy, and packs a lot of punch.

10 Best Screen Recorder for Android

You can even use your camera and microphone to cast right from your phone. This app, too, boasts of an unlimited recording length that produces high-quality video. Download Screen Recorder from the link below.

Main Features:

  • HD screen recording.
  • Record audio with the microphone.
  • Unlimited recording length.
  • Snappy UI.

Download Screen Recorder

5. Super Screen Recorder

The next app on our list of the best screen recorders for Android is Super Screen Recorder. It is an excellent screen recorder that has a great user-interface. It’s not your ordinary screen recorder but it also doubles as a video editor. Like a few apps in this list, Super Screen Recorder lets you record your screen without a time limit that doesn’t require root access. Along with a light and easy UI, the app provides high-quality videos.

You can choose the resolution, frame rates, and bit rates. The app lets you pause and resume swiftly. The floating windows do not cause trouble while executing any actions. The app includes a GIF maker, a Facecam, and a brush tool that lets you draw over the video. I rest my case! Download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Full-HD screen recording.
  • Record videos of long length.
  • Support portrait, landscape and auto screen record mode.
  • Various resolutions, frame rates, and bit rates available.

Download Super Screen Recorder

6. Google Play Games

Yes, I have included the Google Play Games because it isn’t just a hub for your gaming needs. It includes a decent screen recording feature that will suffice most of the novices. But take note – it’s mostly for games. You can launch a game and screen recorder simultaneously.

In order to record anything other than a game, you’ll have to exit the on-going game mid recording and then go to whatever app you want. This is a tedious method so I’ll advise only gamers to use it. All the other screen recorders are quite versatile.

Main Features:

  • Gameplay recording.
  • Create your custom Gamer ID.
  • Built-in Google games.
  • New, Trending and Editors’ Choice collections.

Download Google Play Games

7. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen Screen Recorder by Mobizen is a user-oriented screen recorder that is extremely easy to use. Capture, record, and edit videos easily with Mobizen’s fantastic features. Users get to opt for high-quality video resolutions. Furthermore, the app has a myriad of video editing features. Also, your phone doesn’t need to be rooted to use this app.

You can remove the watermark for free with Clean Recording Mode. Mobizen is a free app that is ad-supported but there are quite a few in-app purchases to bring more features. Download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Screen Recording in Full-HD.
  • No watermark.
  • Record game sound and your voice with Facecam.
  • Variety of video editing features.

Download Mobizen Screen Recorder

8. Screen Recorder

The next app on our list of the best screen recorders for Android is Screen Recorder by AppSmartz. The app is versatile that has a lot of features baked in to provide a unique user experience. You can capture the contents of your screen along with your own video with the help of your front camera. This feature can be used by people who record videos to explain the usage of a variety of things.

As is expected from a screen recorder, the app lets you record HQ videos along with various resolution, frame rates, and bit rates. The built-in video editor lets you draw text on the screen while recording and trimming videos. Download Screen Recorder from the link below.

Main Features:

  • High-quality screen recorder.
  • Draw text on the screen while recording.
  • Set frame rate, bit rate, and the orientation.
  • Recording tutorials of any app.

Download Screen Recorder

9. GU Screen Recorder

GU Screen Recorder is the penultimate app on our list of the best screen recorders for Android. This decent screen recorder lets you record your screen’s content easily with an unbeatable user-interface. You can doodle on the video which comes in handy if you want to highlight a part that people should take notice of. Other perks are high-quality video, full-screen recording, and easy export. Download GU Screen Recorder from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Record audio from the mic.
  • Both portrait and landscape recording.
  • Overlay face camera.
  • Pause and resume recording.

Download GU Screen Recorder

10. Screen Recorder V Recorder

The last app on our list of the best screen recorders for Android is GU Screen Recorder. It has a rating of 4.6 on the Google Play Store and for good reasons. Its powerful recording features let you choose the aspect ratio ( widescreen, vertical or square) that starts recording with just a touch. It has a simple user interface and recording the screen has never been so simple on any app.

Screen Recorder V Recorder is the only app on this list that lets you choose 1440 resolution. You can also change some settings to make the audio sound more distinguished. The video editor included in this app is no slouch either. It provides you with a trendy filter to make your video look more professional. Along with stickers and GIFs, the app offers access to over thousands of fully licensed music! What more do you need? Download this app from the link below.

Main Features:

  • No recording time limit.
  • Supports 1440p resolution.
  • Professional video editor.
  • 100 free themes.

Download Screen Recorder V Recorder

11. Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder by Kimcy929 offers a simple solution for recording the contents of your screen. It’s a feature-packed screen recorder that supports various languages. You can record the screen, take screenshots, and do some basic video editing to chop some unrequired footage. It’s a simple screen recorder that gets the job done.

Download Screen Recorder

12. Rec.

If you like customization, choose Rec. The free version has basic features such as custom bit rate, resolution, and countdown timer of 10 seconds. Moreover, you can also choose to include an audio track.

But the premium version gives you access to shake to stop the screen recording, showing touch responses, a handy timer. The premium version gets rid of pesky advertisements.

Download Rec. 

13. ScreenCam Screen Recorder

With ScreenCam Screen Recorder, you can get a maximum resolution of 1440p. The lowest can be 240p to 360p. You won’t need that anyway.

Best Screen Recorders for Android

This screen recording apps also let you choose between 1 MBPS to 12 MBPS along with a frame rate between 25 FPS to 60 FPS. You can also add a prefix name in the settings. It’s a great app.

Download ScreenCam Screen Recorder

14. Screen Recorder NLL

Developer NLL offers a great screen recording application that is quite different than the ones offered on the list. It offers a frame rate and bit rate, unlike most other screen recording apps.

Best Screen Recorders for Android

You can configure the bit rate between 512 KBPS to 20 MBPS. When it comes to the frame rate, you can choose between 15 FPS to 80 FPS. The quality of the external audio can be set from 32 KBPS to 128 KBPS.

Download Screen Recorder NLL

15. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

RecMe Free Screen Recorder is the last app on this list but you shouldn’t underestimate it. It can be used on the root as well as non-root devices. On root devices, this app enables the user to record the internal audio along with the video.

Best Screen Recorders for Android

Non-rooted users can’t take advantage of this feature but they have access to other features. They include a frame rate of up to 60 FPS, a 1080p recording resolution, and a microphone recording. Buying the premium version will unlock the overlay of front and rear cameras. The user interface is quite beautiful. RecMe Free Screen Recorder is a wonderful screen recorder app so download it from the link below.

Download RecMe Free Screen Recorder


Can you screen record with Android?

Yes, Android allows you to record the contents of your screen. Manufacturers like AZ Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder by InShot, and Super Screen Recorder are some of the best screen recorders for Android that have a built-in screen recorder that can be found in the Quick Toggles. Otherwise, you can install any of the aforementioned apps.

Which Screen Recorder is best for Android?

AZ Screen Recorder, Screen Recorder by InShot, and Super Screen Recorder are some of the best screen recorders for Android.

How do I record my screen on Android 10?

If your phone manufacturer has provided an in-built screen recorder, you can access it from the Quick Toggles. If not, you can simply install a third-party application.

Does Android 10 have a screen recorder?

Google did not include a built-in screen recorder for its Android 10 OS but it might debut on Android 11. If you use an Android phone with Android 4+ or KitKat, you can download any of the above-mentioned applications.


I hope you like the compiled list of the best screen recorders for Android. All the apps are free but some offer a premium version. I would suggest you stick with the free version as the basic features will suffice for most of you. If not, you can purchase the premium version.

Screen recording comes quite handy when you have to explain to a friend something about gadgets. I have done it a few times and the screen recorder on my Note 10 Plus really helped me achieve the title of tech-helper. So, tell us your experience regarding screen recorders in the comments below.


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