5 Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

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Relaxation sound calms a person and makes them free from tension and anxiety. Be it walking in the woods, listening to the sound of a flowing river, the chirping of birds or just feeling the beautiful nature. This all relaxes your mental state and gives a soothing effect which all helps in self-healing. But in this hectic life, it is difficult to take some alone time to find your inner peace.

Although you can still listen and feel all those relaxation sound without traveling and paying a penny. As smartphones carry various app that will give you the same soothing effect. And also at your convenience whenever and wherever you need them. So, here are 5 Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android that will soothe your mind and body, just plug in earphones and cure your mind of any negativity or stress.

5 Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

  • tingles
  • Calm
  • Relax Melodies
  • Sleepo
  • Relax Music

1. Tingles ASMR

ASMR is a relaxing physical sensation which is effective to reduce stress and anxiety. It is great for meditation and also helps you to sleep even better. Tingles is an app which allows you to enjoy ASMR on your smartphone. The app includes all the latest videos from best ASMR artists which you can listen even with the screen turned off. Also, new sleep sounds, white noise, and melodies are added daily so with Tingles your search never ends.

Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Curated trigger playlists.
  2. Sleep Timer.
  3. Save videos to favorites.
  4. Follow your favorite artists.

2. Calm

Calm is a perfect app from which anyone can learn the skill of meditation. Be it, beginners, intermediates or advanced meditators, it has hundreds of programmes suiting to everyone. Meditation calms your anxiety and stress and helps you in finding your inner peace. The Calm app also has sleep stories that will help you fall asleep with breathing exercises beneficial for both your mind and body. So, meditate and bring peace into your life with Calm.

Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. 25+ soothing nature sounds and scenes.
  2. Daily Calm.
  3. Open-ended meditation.
  4. Breathing exercises to relax.

3. Relax Melodies

Relax Melody is an app which concentrates on giving you a restful and quality sleep. With Relax Melodies anyone can make their own bedtime soundtrack with nature sound, white noise, and melodies. It has over 50 free relaxation sounds and if you go premium you get access to over 100 sounds.

Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Timer.
  2. Favorites.
  3. Perfect for relaxation and rest.

4. Sleepo

Sleepo works without internet connection so it won’t snatch your data for making you relax. It contains the three most popular types of noise i.e white, pink, and brown noise. Sleepo has HD collection of sound and it comes with an inbuilt timer so that even if you sleep, the app will automatically close. So relax, sleep, and meditate easily with Sleepo.

Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. 32 carefully selected sounds.
  2. Timer.
  3. No internet connection required.

5. Relax Music

Stop worrying and start to meditate to find your inner peace and calmness with the Relax Music app. Relax Music has simple and soft music that will calm you down and improve your sleep and life. The app also includes beautiful background images to make it more visually appealing. Relax Music is completely free to use so relax with soothing sounds for a better quiet life.

Best Relaxation Sound Apps For Android

Main Features

  1. Smart, simple and beautiful design.
  2. Smart timer and app turns off automatically.
  3. Help against snoring sounds.
  4. Stylish and beautiful background images.

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