5 Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

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Although smartphones have grown at an enormous speed in the technological world. But there is still one thing which Android devices lack. And that is the ability to restore deleted files in a recycle bin just like any computer. As recycle bins are highly important to restore files or documents which you might have accidentally deleted and then instantly regretted. Be it a lovely image, some videos, or a document you might have been working on for months. So, if you want to have this computer feature of recycle bin in your Android device then there are a number of apps to assist you. So, cutting down the chase here are 5 Best Recycle Bin Apps For Android which will restore your every multimedia files and documents.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android:

  • Recycle Bin
  • Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files
  • ES File Explorer File Manager
  • GT Trash – RecycleBin,Undelete
  • Google Photos

1. Recycle Bin

The app Recycle Bin works for Android devices and is compatible with most of the third party file explorers. The way these app works is that you need to send a file to Recycle Bin and it is automatically moved to the recycle bin app folder. Also, you can permanently delete the file if you want by selecting “Permanently Delete The File” option. So, save, restore or permanently delete any file with the Recycle Bin app.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. You can configure a list of folders and file types.
  2. Restore the file.
  3. Send folders or multiple files to the Recycle Bin in a single selection.

2. Dumpster: Recover My Deleted Picture & Video Files

Recover and restore your video and picture files in a quickest and easy way with the Dumpster app. So, don’t worry if you accidentally delete any of your multimedia files as it is always safe with Dumpster. The app supports 14 languages and requires no internet connection. So, get your hands on a flexible cloud storage and safeguard your photos and videos on the Dumpster app.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Effortlessly backup your Android apps, media files & more.
  2. Instantly retrieve important files, photos, images, and videos.
  3. No internet connection required.
  4. Auto clean option available.

3. ES File Explorer

Manage your files efficiently and easily with the ES File Explorer app. The app is used by over 500 million people worldwide. It supports cloud storage, WiFi transfer, built in RAR and ZIP to compress files and much more. So, get your hands on the ultimate set of file management tools and handle all your files with the ES File Explorer app.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Remote File Access.
  2. File transfer and File Explorer.
  3. Find any and every file in seconds.

4. GT Trash – RecycleBin,Undelete

Recover accidentally deleted data quickly without constant backing up your data with the GT Trash app. The app just works like the recycle bin on your Mac, Linux or Windows desktop computer. So, you can save deleted files in the trash and can recover them anytime you want with no internet connection too. So, sort and search recovered files and never miss on an important data with GT Trash app.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Save deleted files in the trash, you can recover them anytime you want.
  2. Uninstall apps, including user apps and system apps.
  3. No network connection, safe and easy to use.
  4. Preview images, videos, audio, and archives before they are recovered.

5. Google Photos

Never run out of space on your phone and automatically back up every photo and video on your gallery with the Google Photos app. Also, you can access them from any device. In addition, the app automatically creates movies, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos. So, get a new improved album without wasting any data or space with the Google Photos app.

Best Recycle Bin Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Free unlimited storage.
  2. Free up space.
  3. Visual search.
  4. Smart automatic libraries.


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