7 Best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android

Best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android

Remember the time when we couldn’t live without the keyboards on our chunky phones? Well, good thing touch screens replaced them, as it enabled us to engage that gorgeous full -screen displays that handle a multitude of tasks. So, mobile-devices are arguably the best devices to play any kind of games and I’ll be presenting you with a list of 7 best Puzzle Games for kids on Android your phone.

Puzzle games started as a simple genre but its popularity increased rapidly. So much that some of the games cost over $4. Today, the kids are exposed to anything that becomes a trend, thanks to technology. Singing your kids lullaby is the past where kids now prefer spending their bed-time with a device. There’s no way you can completely keep away tech products from your kids so you might as well put your phone to good use.

Today’s list of best Puzzle Games for kids on Android focuses on games that let your kid unleash his/her creativity, simultaneously having fun. The games listed below aren’t just some fun games; they also teach your kids alphabets, numbers, shapes, etc. in a not-so-boring-way. So, let’s check out these games that will build your kids’ brain with the help of creativity and focus.

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Best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android

1. Animals Puzzle for Kids
2. 384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids
3. Puzzle Games
4. Kids’ Puzzles
5. Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles
6. Kids Puzzle: ABC
7. Children Puzzle

1. Animals Puzzle for Kids

Animals Puzzle for Kids is a free puzzle game that aims to help your kids to develop objects matching and some fine motor skills while exploring the 100 puzzles. These puzzles include animals like dogs, cats, horses, sheep, ducks, chicken, rabbits, butterflies, monkeys, fish, etc. The game, enough though fun to play for kids, is also an educational one that will help toddlers and kids in preschool. This game even caters to kids who have autism.

Through this game, your kids get to learn the names of the various farm, pet, jungle, zoo, and aquatic animals. The game sounds pleasant as a voice guides your kid and encourages them to continue to build their cognitive skills, vocabulary, and memory – all while playing! For learning, Animals Puzzle for Kids has an improved take on pronunciations, sounds, and interactivity with animations that will invoke the curiosity of the kids. With over 340 puzzle pieces and new themes, the game tops of our list of the best Puzzle Games for kids on Android. So, download the game from the link below and teach your child to have fun.

Main Features:

  • Child-friendly interface.
  • 30 different languages and pronunciations.
  • 350+ puzzle pieces.
  • Over 100 animal puzzles.
  • Sweet background music and sounds.
  • Happy cheering after correctly solved puzzles.

Download Animals Puzzle for Kids

2. 384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids

Developed by Abuzz, 384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids focuses on every aspect of the fun that a kid is attracted to. The game is an extra-large jumbo game that packs over 380 puzzles for kids. It includes animals, bathrooms, cars and tools, food, furniture, etc. Although some features are paid ($2.99), you can try some 35 objects for free before making a purchase.

This high-quality puzzle game has hours of educational and interesting puzzles that toddlers and preschoolers get to build their vocabulary, memory, and cognitive skills. This game is available in over 30 different languages, such as English, Arabic, Hindi, French, Russian, Japanese, etc. As it is meant for a child, this game has a simple UI. The 8 puzzle themes might not seem like much but they cover a vast array of topics like Animals, food, furniture, kitchen, etc. So, download 384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids from the link given below.

Main Features:

  • Simple & intuitive child-friendly interface.
  • 8 Puzzle themes with thousands of puzzle pieces.
  • High-quality graphics and pictures.
  • Pleasant background melodies and tunes
  • Easy drag & drop animations.
  • Learn first words and pronunciations.

Download 384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids

3. Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games boats off about being the most versatile game for toddlers and kids. This free app is best for kids of small age as it’s filled with pictures that make the jigsaw puzzle look cute. Suitable for kids of all ages, Puzzle Games gives your kids the option to choose amongst five different pictures to solve, which can be easily done by just dragging and dropping the piece into the marked area. There’s also a help option that will make you see the whole picture.

The game rewards winners with cups, that children might take a liking to. This game should be your last stop if you are looking for a game that keeps your kids engaged and quite, at once. The graphics are cheery on the cake for kids of all ages. Playing the jigsaw puzzles in this game can help kids, especially toddlers, to develop observational skills. The puzzles act as brain teasers that make kids learn stuff swiftly. Download Puzzle Games from the link below and develop visualization skills in your kids.

Best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android

Main Features:

  • Five different cute pictures to solve.
  • Drag and drop the piece into the marked area.
  • The help option will solve the puzzle.
  • Get cup rewards for solved puzzles.
  • Appropriate for preschool, kindergarten, or school kids.

Download Puzzle Games

4. Kids’ Puzzles

Kids’ Puzzles is developed by About Fun, who makes interesting games for kids. This game has one unique feature that sets it apart from other puzzle games on our list – hand-made cartoons. Your kids will enjoy playing this game as it has a huge list of puzzles, some of them are Fairy Tales, Dragons, Pirates, Holiday, Farm, Winter, Family, Dogs, Dinosaurs, etc.

Chiefly made in mind thinking about kids who are 3 to 9, the puzzles attract anyone. The developers also boast that anyone from 0-100 years can easily solve their puzzles. Kids’ Puzzles offers multiple sets of pictures that contain ten or more pictures that come with a different difficulty level. The paid puzzle sets are more attractive ($0.99 for 10+, $1.99 for 20+ and 2.99$ for 30+) if you want to take things up a notch. The game automatically saves every progress so you can resume your unfinished puzzles. Download this delightful game from the Google Play Store or the link below and challenge your kids’ brains.

Main Features

  • Suitable for anyone from 0 to 100+ years.
  • Multiple sets of pictures.
  • Free version with 30 pictures.
  • The paid version offers 900+ amazing pictures.

Download Kids’ Puzzles

5. Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles is a must for preschoolers. The puzzles in this game, dubbed as Super Puzzles, works wonders for kids. Have your kids choose a piece that stays on the board even if it is placed incorrectly. Pieces can be pushed around until it snaps to the right slot. With access to over 18 different puzzles, each of them is a relaxing one that consists of beautiful scenery drawn by a professional cartoon artist.

The included scenes feature adorable animals, dragons, dinosaurs which excite kids a lot. Once the puzzles are solved, your kids get a reward in the form of some pop balloons, fruits, snowflakes and more. Your kids can choose if they want to use 6, 9, 12, 16, 30 or 56 pieces that will also define the difficulty of the puzzle, eventually raising your child’s skill. By default, there are a total of 6 puzzles available for free and if you wish for more challenges, unlock the full set by in-app purchases.

Main Features:

  • A total of 18 jigsaw puzzles.
  • HD graphics.
  • Simple UI Navigation.
  • Unique rewards for each solved puzzle.
  • 6 free puzzles.
  • Adjusting the difficulty level.

Download Kids Animals Jigsaw Puzzles

6. Kids Puzzle: ABC

Developed by BieMore Co., Ltd., the sixth app on our list of the best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android is Kids Puzzle: ABC. The developers have made games that feature a famous character called Uncle Bear who bears (ahem) the responsibility of teaching young kids the same thing that is taught in preschool but in a more interesting way. Kids get to witness the outer world where Uncle Bear takes them on an adventure, teaching them some tough pronunciations.

Kids Puzzle: ABC lets your child learn English as well as Mandarin (or Chinese) while playing the game, with fantastic cartoon characters that attract kid’s attention. The developers claim that their games are developed by professional education experts who know what’s best for preschool kids. The puzzles in this game will increase the interest of kids in learning games that will aid in their early childhood and brain development. Kids Puzzle: ABC explores up to 100 kinds of a kid’s basic cognition.

Main Features:

  • Multiple scenes cognition.
  • Suitable for kids of different ages.
  • Fantastic cartoon characters.
  • Various voices for pronunciation.
  • Learn both English and Chinese.

Download Kids Puzzle: ABC

7. Children Puzzle

The last (but not the least) app on our list of the best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android is Children Puzzle, developed by Game Brain. This game is fun to play which is aimed for kids going to preschool. Kids get to explore a collection of some stunning colorful pictures, that are suitable for toddlers as well. But according to the developers, the game is designed keeping in mind kids between 2-9 years.

Children Puzzle is a no-nonsense puzzle game, that consists of an outline of an image. Kids will have to move the colorful puzzle pieces into the marked place to reveal the hidden image. By doing this activity, kids get to witness the fun that also improves their observation and skills. Download this puzzle game from the link below.

Best Puzzle Games for Kids on Android

Main Features:

  • Designed for ages between 2-9 years.
  • A collection of beautiful colorful pictures.
  • Cute animal images.
  • Improves the kid’s observation and skills.

Download Children Puzzle


Even though the gaming realm has witnessed a shift to adult gaming titles, there are millions of apps out there that will suffice your kid’s curiosities. The above-outlined best puzzle games for your kids are games that will keep your kids busy. Not just busy, they will make their brains think creatively, as well as give them a fun way of learning new words.

I think kids should play games outside their homes but the same rule can’t be applied for toddlers and children who are just exploring the world. As this generation of kids is directly exposed to all our gadgets, they are bound to go sneaking, which is basically a thrill for them. So, if you’ve decided that a few hours of fun won’t harm your child, ‘Animals Puzzle for Kids’ and ‘384 Puzzles for Preschool Kids’ are the two best games I would recommend due to its sheer versatility. If there are other apps that you would want to recommend, I’d be happy to append this best Puzzle Games for kids on the Android list.


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