5 Best Podcast Apps for Android

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Podcasts are fun and seem to be returning back as a source of information and entertainment. It’s a great and more personal way to listen to experts or your favorite celebrities talk about the topic you love or care about. From comics to crime mystery series or some pep talk that you need in your life they cover it all and how! So if you are a fan of the medium and are wondering where to get your daily dose of podcasts from. Do not worry!

We have the just right list for you.

Given below are the Best Podcast apps for Android Users:

  • Podcast Addict
  • Podcast Player
  • CastBox
  • PodcastGo
  • Google Podcast

1. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict is the number one podcast application on Android with 8+ Million downloads, 400K reviews and 1 billion episodes downloaded with an average rating of 4.6/5. It allows you to manage podcasts, radio, twitch, youtube and SoundCloud all in a single app. Easy to use, good graphics and dependable interface. It does what it says hassle free. You can subscribe to your favorites and create and manage your very own playlist that you can download, buffer and stream according to your own choice. With a variety of networks available like Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German and Italian to choose from.

This app is a complete package boon for podcast lovers.

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Main Features:

  1. Built-in audio effects.
  2. Automatic update, download, and deletion.
  3. Backup/restore subscriptions.


2. Podcast Player

This app has got everything you need for free. It provides you with audio content covering both entertainment and education during daily playback scenarios. It covers topics and genre ranging from education, news, music, comedy, interest podcast, religion and kids and family.

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Main features:

  1. Ultra simple podcast publishing solution.
  2. Offers podcasts from 70+ countries and languages.
  3. customize your own playlist.
  4. set sleep timer.
  5. control playing from multiple widgets.


3. Castbox

Castbox is an easy to use podcast player for podcast lovers offering a super clean layout and easy to use interface. You can stream, download or choose from your favorite podcasts anytime anywhere for free. The mission of castbox is to make information available to everyone and it delivers its promise as soon as you download the app. You can personalize your playlist by selecting what kind of podcasts you would like to listen to and then you will be recommended channels based on the topics you choose.

You can discover an unlimited amount of new things with all the subjects and categories the app has to offer. The sole purpose of the app is to intensify your listening experience besides being informed you can also create.

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Main features:

  1. Make a podcasting community.
  2. create your own channel.
  3. large discovery page.
  4. chrome cast and amazon echo support.


4. Podcast go

Podcast go is an app which garners the wealth of podcasts around the globe. Listen to your favorite podcast on your phone. It is one of the most elegant podcast players for android. Its chromecast ready and you can subscribe to your favorite channels and be up to date. There are over 300,000 shows and you can explore them by popular categories.

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Main features:

  1. download episodes and listen to them offline.
  2. control speed rate.
  3. choose your favorite app theme.
  4. save files to SD card.


5. Google Podcast

Google the Search Engine giant introduced a new standalone android app for podcasts simply called google podcasts and the app uses Google recommendation algorithm in an effort to connect people with shows that they might enjoy based on their listening habits. This podcasts app like any other podcast app lets you search, save and stream podcasts of your choice and preference. The podcast app is integrated with google assistant meaning you can search for and play podcasts whenever google assistant is enabled. You can sync the app with all your google devices and resume your podcasts be it at home or on your way to work.

Best Podcast Apps for Android

Main features:

  1. customize your listening experience.
  2. listen on all your devices.
  3. recommendations for you.


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Now that you what application to download, just put on your headset and begin.

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Last updated: July 9, 2018

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Vaibhav Kulkarni

Thanks for sharing, btw I tried Google podcast but unable to find podcast option? If possible pls create tutorial on how to podcast using Google podcast.

Hey! Happy to help. Will create one soon.

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