5 Best News Apps for Android Smartphone Users

Internet usage has increased a lot in these days as the access to the web has changed from PCs and Laptops to Smartphones. In the present days, everyone is well known about Android as it is ruling the mobile internet world. It has many apps that are making the life of people very comfortable and also bringing any information in their hands within seconds. If you are interested to be updated with the latest news going around the world, then there are many news apps for Android that will bring the news to your smartphone with ease. Here are some of the best News Apps for Android.

Best News Apps for Android are; 

  • Feedly
  • Inshorts
  • SmartNews
  • Google News and Weather
  • MSN News

1. Feedly

Best News Apps for Android

Feedly is the top RSS-Style news app that provides excellent control over news that you are receiving on the phone. It helps you to choose your news sources and also create your customized news feed. So, whenever you open this app, you can get the news from the news sources that are selected by you. It is available in Google Play Store for free to download and get updated with exciting news.

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2. Inshorts

Best News Apps for Android

Inshorts is one of the best Indian News Apps available in Google Play Store. It has become the top one as it provides the perfect and complete news in just 60 words that are picked from the reliable sources and newspapers. It also offers all types of breaking news in India and also helps you to connect with your friends through Facebook and share the news with them.

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3. SmartNews

Best News Apps for Android

SmartNews news app is designed in such a way that any reader can read all the latest headlines across the world. All the categories of news are arranged as tabs in the app and help you to swipe through all the categories and directly go to your desired and category and get all the latest news. All the news provided by the app is picked up from the renowned newspapers and online news sources.

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4. Google News and Weather

Best News Apps for Android

Google News and Weather is a very simple Android News App that shows you all the headlines and also the daily weather report from time to time. All the information and news headlines are pulled out from the aggregated 65,000 publications included in the Google. It is the best app for those who want only the headlines and weather report.

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5. MSN News

Best News Apps for Android

MSN News app is the Microsoft’s News app that looks great on all your devices and also keeps your customizations in sync across devices. It includes a vast library of sources to pull the content and also help you in following the news topics like sports, movies, political or any other.

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These are some of the best news apps among a wide range of news apps available for Android phones. So, if you want to get the news updates in your smartphone, then the apps mentioned above are the best solutions, and you can download these apps for free from the Google Play Store.

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Authored By: Abhiram Padala

Abhiram is a Blogger, Content Writer, Film Buff, Software Engineer at HPE.


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