10 Best Keyboards for iPhone in 2022 for hassle-free typing experience

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Own an iPhone? You might want to try some of the best keyboards for iPhone. We all know that when it comes to customizing, iOS doesn’t pop right away. Speaking of which, Apple’s keyboard is quite tricky. Particularly its auto-correct function that has irked many iPhone users over the years. Android users were free to download a myriad of free keyboards for a long time while iPhone users looked on with envy. That all changed back in June 2014 when iOS finally accepted major keyboard names, like SwiftKey.

Best Keyboards for iPhone

Fast forward to 2022, there are a lot of keyboard replacements for your iPhone that will make you regret sticking to the stock keyboard. They are, in every manner, tough competition to their Android counterparts while fulfilling the missing functions that the iOS keyboard lacks. Without wasting any time, let’s dive in to see the best keyboards for iPhone.

1. SwiftKey Keyboard 

The first app on our list of the best keyboards for iPhone is Microsoft’s SwiftKey. It’s a smart keyboard that also holds the crown to be one of the first third-party keyboard apps to support iOS. SwiftKey’s staple feature is the way it quickly adapts to your typing methods. The emoji key is quite handy and supports the latest array of emoticons.

Those who type the same phrases, it can be saved under a short phrase. So, the next time you slide the short phrase, you’ll get the full phrase on the empty space. SwiftKey supports over 150 languages, hence expressing yourself in your mother tongue won’t be an issue. The app is feature-packed and could get overwhelming. Download SwiftKey from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Intelligent keyboard.
  • GIF and emoji access.
  • Various colorful themes.
  • Over 150 languages.

Download SwiftKey Keyboard

2. Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Google provides top-class services and its keyboard is another feather in its cap. Gboard will suit those who want every solution without stressing much. Be it GIFS, emojis, a quick web-search, sending location or a host of features – Gboard will do it without a lag. Its Glide Typing is fast and saves time. Like with SwiftKey, Gboard also allows you to save a personal dictionary that can be triggered by a particular phrase. The themes are good, too. Download Gboard from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Type faster by sliding your fingers.
  • A huge array of GIFs.
  • Quick Google search.
  • Over 100 languages supported.

Download Gboard

3. Grammarly Keyboard

The third app on our list of the best keyboards for iPhone is Grammarly Keyboard. It is a near-perfect keyboard for those who are grammar-conscious. Yes, that’s a thing! We all want to make an impression, be it on the boss or on a crush you’d been waiting to ask out. Not just the usual spell-checking, Grammarly puts a lot on the table.

It offers you some advice on punctuation, highlight misused words, various synonyms and also help you build vocabulary. The auto-correct feature is too smart to go unused. Download Grammarly Keyboard from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Sophisticated grammar check.
  • Advanced punctuation correction.
  • Smooth integration with all apps.
  • Vocabulary enhancements.

Download Grammarly Keyboard

4. Bitmoji

Animoji/Memoji has taken self-love to the next level. If typing seems tedious to you, let me introduce you to Bitmoji. It will send your emoji depictions instead of the boring texts. Users can create their own emoji from the keyboard itself. Bitmoji can be used in iMessage, Snapchat or other well-known chat applications.

Those with Bitstrips avatar can download the app and sign in using their Facebook account in order to have instant access to all your personal avatar and collections. Download Bitmoji from the link below and express yourself.

Main Features:

  • Your personal emoji.
  • Create an expressive cartoon avatar.
  • Huge library of stickers.
  • Supports all chatting apps.

Download Bitmoji

5. FancyKey – Keyboard Themes

The keyboard lives up to its name. It truly is quite fancy. The developer claims that the app can be adjusted to everyone’s personality. That, in layman’s terms, means customizations. The keyboard has swipe inputs with precise predictions. With access to over 50 themes, you can change it the way you like it.

Adding to the list of features, there are about 100 fonts that make your keyboard stand out! FancyKey’s auto-correction is quite advanced. The keyboard also auto-suggests emojis. Those with small hands will appreciate the inclusion of a one-handed mode. Download FancyKey from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Swipe input method.
  • Over 50 themes.
  • Up to 100 funky fonts.
  • Advanced auto-correct.

Download FancyKey – Keyboard Themes

6. Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search

Fleksy is my next pick for the best keyboards for iPhone. It is a fun keyboard app that is interactive and lets you type the way you prefer. With over 50 colorful themes in its catalog, Fleksy’s powerful extensions are cherry on the cake. It supports over 800 emojis along with a robust GIF search which is inbuilt.

Fleksy supports 42 languages and it learns your typing habits. If you use it more, it will be able to provide accurate predictions that will evade some embarrassing mistakes! Download Fleksy from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Fast share.
  • Amazing extensions.
  • Next-generation autocorrect.
  • 51 free themes.

Download Fleksy- GIF, Web & Yelp Search

7. ReBoard Keyboard: Fonts+Themes

ReBoard Keyboard is a multitasking beast. Even though its main focus is on the fonts and beautiful themes, it is the jack of all trades. Apart from themes and fonts, the app includes GIFs, emojis, stickers, theme builders, and mini-apps. Mini apps take the spotlight though! The developer managed to squeeze in a total of 27 miniature version of some known apps that makes ReBoard a typist’s heaven.

Users can do a quick web, image and GIF search, along with accessing YouTube, Calendar, Wunderlist, Google Drive, Slack, and the list goes on. If you are someone who survives by multitasking, this is the keyboard for your iPhone. Download ReBoard from the link below.

Main Features:

  • A keyboard with 27 mini-apps.
  • Lookup nearby places.
  • Free & beautiful themes.
  • Find & Share Dropbox/Google Drive files

Download ReBoard Keyboard: Fonts+Themes

8. Color Keyboard: Themes & Skins

If you are looking for a keyboard that will look the part, Color Keyboard is your best bet. Users call it the king of keyboard customization. The various options let you change anything about the keyboard. Apart from looks, Color Keyboard features a precise auto-correct function and plenty of emojis.

Users can also tap and hold the space bar to be able to move the cursor. Coming to the customization part, the background of the keyboard can be changed. You can set it to solid colors, textures, a gradient look or your own pictures. Extend the customization by adding shadows, fonts, and changing the typing sound. Download Colorful Keyboard from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Customize both text and functional buttons.
  • Smart Cursor.
  • Quick text deletion.
  • 40+ language supported.

Download Color Keyboard

9. Better Font – Cool Keyboard

Better Font is the penultimate selection on our list of the best keyboards for iPhone. Those obsessed with text art, Better Font is the way to go! It has the best collection of fonts on any keyboard, period. You don’t need to navigate much, just a tap and the font of your choice will be applied. Users can use the keyboard to send text messages with text art on the iMessage or social media apps for that matter. Download Better Font from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Over 118 fonts.
  • Use the fonts anywhere.
  • Write with Emoji text.

Download Better Font

10. GIF Keyboard

GIF Keyboard by Tenor is the last app on our list of the best keyboards for iPhone. It’s for folks who can’t express themselves with the monotonous texts. The GIF Keyboard consists of millions of animated GIFs. Some support music, while some are quite expressive without tunes. You can create a collection of your favorite GIFs so that you can save the wasted in searching. Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Twitter, etc. support GIF Keyboard, where most thoughts are exchanged. Download GIF Keyboard from the link below.

Main Features:

  • Create Stickers.
  • Create your own GIFs.
  • Create packs of your favorite stickers and GIFs.
  • Everything syncs to Tenor GIF Keyboard.

Download GIF Keyboard

Using third-party Keyboards on iOS:

I would suggest installing just 2 or 3 keyboards as switching between them could get messy. Moreover, ensure full access is given to the keyboards you install so that they can function at an optimal level. After you’ve installed the keyboard of your choice, add them by navigating to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add New Keyboard. Click on the ones you want to use.


Can you get different keyboards for iPhone?

Yes, you can! Swipe toward the bottom of the General screen and tap Keyboard. Tap Keyboards to display all the keyboards you can load on the iPhone. Tap Add New Keyboard. In the Third-Party Keyboards section, tap the new keyboard app to add the keyboard to your list of available keyboards.

Which keyboard is best for iPhone?

SwiftKey and Gboard are the best keyboard apps for iPhone.

Can Bitmoji read your texts?

Bitmoji Keyboard can’t read or access anything you type using your iPhone keyboard or any other third-party keyboard. When you enable Full Access, the message that appears onscreen is a standard pop-up from Apple, required for any keyboard that connects to the internet.

Are third-party keyboards safe iPhone?

Third-party keyboards are a bit harmful, be it for Android or iOS. Nevertheless, Apple is more secure and doesn’t let the third-party keyboards enter data in the password fields. Individually speaking, keyboards on iOS store all types of data.


These were the best keyboards for iPhone. Although SwiftKey, Gboard, and Grammarly are the best keyboards, you can try others if they suit your needs. Which keyboard app are you using currently? Will you prefer the stock keyboard over third-party ones or vice versa? Let us know in the comments below.


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