5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under ₹500

We have been exposed to technological products for a while now. The first-ever video games, computer or the cellphone, everything was new then. Fast forward to today, those ‘once-essential’ things are gradually disappearing. With the advent of touch screen phones, keyboards seem like a novelty, or archaic as some might say. Smartphone manufacturers are also nixing the 3.5mm headphone jack to “make more room.” Absurd, right? Well, you can’t blame them as technology keeps evolving every day but what wouldn’t change is the keyboards we use to type on our personal computers. Well, what else have we got right? Keyboards are essential to type on; a sole medium for people who still use a computer.

Who needs a keyboard? Not laptop users, generally. Writers, bloggers, influencers (maybe), clerks, accountant. These flocks of people can settle for any keyboard. Gamers, though, are a niche. They need to have the best hardware to win and conquer all those hard levels. So, the question arises, what is the best choice? Well, if your budget is exceptional, you will find a few stupendous options that will satisfy your gaming hunger but if you have a limited budget, there are tonnes of options that might confuse you. So, this list will guide you to choose from the 5 best keyboards for gaming. Dive right in!

5 Best Gaming Keyboards under ₹500

Here is the list of the best gaming keyboards under ₹500:

Keyboard NamePriceBuy
Amkette Xcite Pro₹379 Buy Amkette Xcite Pro
Amkette Xcite NEO Wired USB Keyboard₹399 Buy Amkette Xcite NEO
iBall Winner USB V2.0₹399 Buy iBall Winner USB V2.0
Zebronics JUDWAA 543₹430 Buy Zebronics JUDWAA 543
Rapoo NK2500 Wired Keyboard₹499 Buy Rapoo Wired Keyboard

1. Amkette Xcite Pro

Best Gaming Keyboards Under ₹500

Amkette brand is the most trust-worthy brand when it comes to budget keyboards. The Amkette Xcite Pro wired keyboard tops our list as it’s one of the best keyboards for gaming in the market. And it is really pocket-friendly. By spending just ₹379, you get a keyboard which is spill-resistant, meaning, you can drop the coffee (a bit) and clean it up as nothing happened. The keys have a soft travel time which is good considering gaming requires simultaneous key-pressing. The keyboard also allows you to set some shortcuts that you can access quickly. The keys are UV coated, meaning – constant usage won’t fade the letters.

Main Features:

  • Spill-resistant.
  • Soft-touch keys.
  • Quick shortcuts.
  • UV coated keys.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Buy Amkette Xcite Pro

2. Amkette Xcite NEO Wired USB Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under ₹500

Another Amkette keyboard makes it to this precious list. The Amkette Xcite NEO is a wired keyboard which is also spill-resistant. Like the Xcite Pro, the keys are UV coated, so prolonged usage is guaranteed. The Xcite NEO is quite the gaming keyboard due to its design language and how lightweight it is – weighing only 290 grams. This makes it a travel-friendly keyboard if that is on your mind. Some keys – mostly game-focused – have a blue accent but it cannot be customized.

Main Features:

  • Intuitive design.
  • Spill-resistant.
  • Travel-friendly.
  • UV coated keys.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Buy Amkette Xcite NEO

3. iBall Winner USB V2.0

iBall has been consistent in providing tech that costs significantly less compared to what other manufacturers offer while keeping the standard intact. iBall Winner is one of the examples. The keyboard screams ‘gaming’ as it is a full-sized gaming keyboard. If gaming is your high priority, this keyboard won’t disappoint you. The keys have soft travel which guarantees a long lifespan and the design is quite 2000’s but many of you would dig it. It does weigh 454 grams which is not exactly ideal for travel but the extra keys are definitely worth it.

Main Features:

  • Full-sized gaming keyboard.
  • Smooth keys.
  • Elegant design.
  • Lightweight.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Buy iBall Winner USB V2.0

4. Zebronics JUDWAA 543

Zebronics JUDWAA 543 is a portable and well-designed keyboard that consists of a total of 104 keys. The keyboard has a better grip and does come with illuminated keys for that late-night gaming session. It is also spill-resistant and has a total of 104 keys. One of the keys has a handy shortcut for the “₹” symbol. It isn’t flashy as some other keyboards on this list neither can it set some quick shortcuts but overall, it is an amazing keyboard that will get the job done.

Main Features:

  • Spill-resistant.
  • INR ₹ Symbol.
  • Better grip.
  • Illuminated & UV coated keys.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Buy Zebronics JUDWAA 543

5. Rapoo NK2500 Wired Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboards Under ₹500

The only bad thing about this keyboard is the weird naming – all other features are just fabulous. The keyboard is spill-resistant, which is really handy, especially for late-night gaming when you want to sip lots of coffee. The Rapoo keyboard doesn’t require any installation, just plug it and you are good to go. The key travel is fantastic and long working hours won’t feel tedious any more. The keyboard features laser-carved keycaps, which is durable and will last for a long time. The Rapoo NK2500 weighs 599 which is not exactly a travel companion but considering its features, it can surely be excused. The company offers a whopping 3 years of the manufacturer warranty, so it is just amazing.

Main Features:

  • Spill-resistant.
  • Easy installation.
  • Smooth keys.
  • Comfortable typing.
  • 3-years manufacturer warranty.

Buy Rapoo NK2500


These were the best keyboards we found that fit under ₹500. It was a bit confusing to choose just 5 from the other amazing offerings from other manufacturers. The above-outlined keyboards earn some browny points in design and performance, which is what gaming about, right?

Which keyboard did you like the best? Did we miss to mention some of the amazing keyboards out there? What are the other features you look for when you buy a keyboard? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below.


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