7 Best Games like PUBG for Android

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Everyone likes gaming on the smartphone. If you are also gaming fan and enjoy games like PUBG, we have a list of similar games for you.

Here is the list of best games like PUBG for Android-

  • GArena Free Fire
  • Knives Out
  • Rules Of Survival
  • Survival Royale
  • Last Battleground: Mech
  • Pixel Unknown Battleground
  • Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

1. GArena Free Fire

Best games like PUBG for android

This game is a third party survival battleground arena game that will surely leave you right into your survival instincts. The game begins off as a number of fifty players from a parachute are launched to hit the ground below and when so happened, the player that survives the entire adventure and the strikes of battle tactics is the one who wins the end and stands alive. To start off the game, you prepare yourself with your amour and by picking up weapons to provide you the best defend and attack tactics. The battleground keeps shrinking as the clock ticks which enforces the players to face each other and bring on a real winner. This game is the most realistic battleground games with good graphics and easy controls.


2. Knives Out

Best games like PUBG for android

One of the most financially successful Chinese company offers you this PUBG like survival game on your gadgets. You need to make sure you keep yourself armed at all the times to be the ultimate survivor in this game. Let us make you slip into a little secret, the most essential three things you’d need to stand out in this game are:

  • Helmet
  • Body Armor
  • Backpack

These play a massive role in making you stand out from your opponents and be the best among them as the game provides enough opportunities for your opponents to look at you before you even notice. As much as this serves as an intense out shooting game, this game is sure to leave your mind right on the top with high brain tactics and moves.


3. Rules Of Survival

Best games like PUBG for android

Been a huge fan of Hunger Games? Want to be a part of that arena? We provide you with the best game that gives you the exact same experience. Rules of Survival is an arena survival game. As much as survival counts, this game includes hanging on to guns and weapons to battle your survival and of course, some smart moves against your opponents as well. This provides one massive experience as you’re standing up against 119 enemies in the battleground. The protocol revolves the same, as the times keep moving further, the arena keeps on shrinking and by the risks of you being bombed by your enemies are heightened. So show how you can outreach the entire team and become the king of the battleground.


4. Survival Royale

Best games like PUBG for android

This game serves as another example of the PUBG games of survival. Where we’ve got hundreds of players all over the world battling each other on an arena where you pick up the most reliable weapons and armor for yourself to stand out. Bring in your best cheats and kick-ins that make your survival instinct roar throughout the game. As much as you’re equipped and safe enough with your weapons this game also provides you to use your mind and come up with smart and neat moves against your opponents to make it till the end and stand out as the winner.


5. Last Battleground: Mech

Best games like PUBG for android

This action filled game drops you into your battle fantasies. Feel the inevitable power of your survival throughout your game as you try to make it through by killing your enemies and summoning your inner winner self. Use heavy and large weapons to protect yourself and watch the graphics make you lose your mind over the entire arena as you feel the scorching heat of the fire around you through your screens. A literal nail-biting experience, this is one game you sure will never miss out to play!


6. Pixel Unknown Battleground

Best games like PUBG for android

Like games like Roblox and want pixel defined characters in your game? Here’s the best one for you. A mixture of pixel characters and a battle to survive and win through. Watch the apocalypse taking place in the arena and watch your instincts make your way through the entire scenario. More of what it seems like, jump out of you the helicopter and arm yourself with the best weapons you could lay your hands on. You don’t need 7 days to wait for your survival, you can be dead in this game in a minute. So watch out every step you take, and beware of the zone shrinking in. Boost yourself and bring it on with this game!


7. Hopeless Land: Fight For Survival

Best games like PUBG for android

Always remember, even though you’ll be competing 120 members here, you become a survival only when you stand on the ground alive until the last second! A fight in one fatal survival game for all the gamers. Enjoy ultra cool and superior shooting skills with a massive number of opponents hovering over your kill. Bring out the best in you and summon yourself till the last second, the only thing that serves as your friend in this battleground is your weapons and strategies!


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These were the list of games that you may enjoy on your android device. So what are you waiting for? Download it Now!

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