Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners


In this fast-paced life filled full of pressure and a rat race that everyone is competing in we often forget to take a moment to breathe in. We are so busy fulfilling other commitments that we have forgotten the most important one, our own health, and body.  It’s so important to make sure that our body and mind to get rest. And the best way to do so is Yoga. Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and aesthetic discipline, a part of which includes breath control, simple meditation and the adoption of specific bodily postures and is widely practiced for health and relaxation. Train your body for more awareness, for more relaxation and definitely to bring a lot of positivity in your life. It will surely keep you healthy and fit, not only by your body but by your mind as well. In this post, we will talk about the Best Android Apps for Yoga that fully free to download and are beginner friendly. You can start using them right away. So download the best suited for you and just yoga the stress away.

Here are the Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners: Android Apps

  • Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere
  • Daily Yoga – Yoga Fitness Plans
  • Yoga Studio: Mind & Body
  • Yoga – Poses & Classes
  • Daily Mudras (Yoga) – for health

1. Down Dog

If you want to build the yoga practice you will love to do, then Down Dog is the app for you. It provides you with a new yoga practice every time and doesn’t give you the pre-recorded list of same mundane yoga videos like other apps. It has over 30,000 configurations. You can start this app and practice yoga in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go to a class or specific place anymore, just do it at your house at the time you want to. You can even choose the voice coach you love for you from the 5 options given by the app. You can automatically sync this app across all the devices you own. Vary up your routine according to your mood or need and have fun while strengthening your mind.

Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners

Main Features

  1. Great for all levels.
  2. Soothing music.
  3. Never get the class twice.

2. Daily Yoga

This is the true yoga app you need if you are a beginner. This app has over 500 asanas, 50+ yoga class plans, 200+ guided yoga, pilates, meditation classes plus the largest yoga pose base that suit yogis ranging from beginner to advanced. You can use yoga for so much. From weight loss to sleeping better altogether 20 yoga experts aim to make it easier and convenient for you and also to get better results from yoga. Over 20 yoga experts help you to gain better results from using this app. You can stay on track with your health data by feeding it into this app directly. the languages available worldwide are English, Spanish, Chineses, German, French and Korean. Download this app for free and make your life better.

Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners

Main Features

  1. Multiple choices for session duration varied from 5 – 70 mins.
  2. 200+ yoga classes with HD.
  3. 500+ yoga poses with detailed voice instructions.
  4. Specially designed meditations with online coach guide.
  5.  7 languages available worldwide.

3. Yoga Studio

Make your living room your very own private yoga studio. You can play, create, customize and schedule easy to follow HD video yoga classes with full teacher commentary. You can view the classes anytime, anywhere with no internet needed if you download them offline. You can even play the classes on your TV with Chromecast. You can even stitch videos together to customize your very own yoga class that is suitable for you. The unique smart link feature of this app will help you go through one pose to next in a smooth sailing way. Download it right away. It is one of the best free yoga apps out there.

Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners

Main Features

  1.  Ready-made yoga & meditation classes in full HD video.
  2. Library guide of over 280 poses.
  3. Perfect for beginners.
  4. Choose classes from 5 to 60 minutes in length.
  5. Browse over 280 poses.

4. Yoga: Poses and Classes

Yoga: poses and classes is an app curated by experts. Leave the stress behind and focus on the positive side with this app. There are workout collections that will help you achieve specific yoga and fitness goals. Balance your body while focussing the mind. There are also collections of sounds and melodies to create the ambiance and feel for stress and anxiety relief. This app also helps you to be in the best shape ever. You can learn what to eat and also discover fat burning foods and recipes. Get your yoga fix by downloading this app.

Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners

Main Features

  1. 100+ unique yoga classes.
  2. Increase your flexibility.
  3. Collections of sounds and melody to soothe your brain.

5. Daily Mudras

Daily Mudra is the perfect assistant for you in this journey of getting a better and healthier lifestyle. The hand gesture exercises will help you improve your physical, mental and spiritually healthy life. You can even change your preferred language from English to Hindi and Tamil Languages. They have provided step by step hand gestures with photos for easy practice. The AI of this app will suggest you list of Mudras according to your gender, age and profession.  The Mudras are segregated by body parts and by benefits to get complete rejuvenation. In this app, you will find treatment for over 100+ diseases.  The aim of this app is to help you feel fantastic and to feel perfectly fine.

Best Free Yoga Apps for Beginners

Main Features

  1. Access to 50 Most important Mudras.
  2. Step by step guide.
  3. Works offline.
  4. Workout regimes available too.
  5. Alarm and bookmarking facilities.

These were our picks for the Best Free Yoga apps for Android, they are free and user-friendly. Not only will they help you out with your body but also with your mind. Make sure you not only make yoga a habit but a lifestyle. In this age of stress and frustration its necessary that we train our mind and body to cope up with our daily happenings.

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