15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone in 2021

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Don’t want to lose months of your fitness routine? This article will help you find the best free workout apps for iPhone. Since Coronavirus was declared a pandemic by the WHO, affected nations are putting restrictions on their citizens like social distancing and travel ban. Our day-to-day life is now upside down as our social life has come to a halt. Be it gyms, movie halls, malls – they are all closed and for our own good.

As most of you are working from home, time-management could help you achieve your fitness goals. From 7 minutes to 45 minutes – choose whatever amount of time you want to; you’ll thank yourself later for working out. Most of the apps won’t need any kind of equipment but I’ll suggest you at least dress up for working out. That way, you’ll be in the character. Without any further ado, let’s get in there.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

1. FitOn

FitOn is the first app on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone as it is a completely free app. It features a vast variety of workouts like pilates, HIIT, or dance. All these can be learned with the helped of videos that are super easy to understand. The video exercise classes have training techniques are can be quickly learned along with instructions guided by voice. The said classes have different workout targets. Celebrity trainers like Cassey Ho of Blogilates and Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness feature in some videos. Download FitOn from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Get fit anytime, anywhere.
  • Free, personalized workout plans.
  • Quick Hit 10-minute workouts.
  • Browse workout category, body part, length, and intensity.

Download FitOn

2. StrongLifts

StrongLifts is our second pick on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone. Strictly speaking, this app is purely for people who’ve been working out for years and have an amazing physique. Remember StrongLifts? This app is based on it. The 5×5 means for five sets of five reps of five free-weight exercises that include squats, bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, and barbell row. All of these are done within a time span of 45-minutes, per week.

StrongLifts guides you so that you aren’t lost, wondering which exercises to do in each workout. The app features robust video tutorials that also tell you how to take long rest somewhere between the sets. For the enthusiasts, the app logs the progress that can be viewed in a weekly or monthly view. Download StrongLifts from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Intense, full-body workouts.
  • Simple workouts.
  • Free weight, barbell exercises.
  • Easy start with high exercise frequency.

Download StrongLifts

3. Home Workout – No Equipment

Home Workout – No Equipment is another offering from ABISHKKING LIMITED who has developed an impressive number of fitness-centered apps. The app is entirely free, except for just one in-app purchase that removes the pesky advertisements. Home Workout is a great option that not just advanced users but even beginners can take advantage of.

Users need to set their goals in the form of a number of workouts they want to complete in a week, along with 7×4 challenges. The app is spotless and doesn’t beat around the bush. You will find a wide variety of workouts that focus on specific body parts. Although the app really wants you to accomplish your goals quickly, the video demonstrations could make it possible if you are consistent. Download Home Workout from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • No equipment needed for working out.
  • Warm-up and stretching routines.
  • Track weight trends.
  • Customize workout reminders.
  • Lose weight with a personal trainer.

Download Home Workout

4. Seven

I was impressed by the overall features of Seven and thus it made on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone. It’s one of the best of seven-minute workout apps available on both Google Play and the iOS App Store. There’s no fuss about this app. Select a workout, do it for 7 minutes a day for seven months. The app stores all your exercise logs so that you can view your progress. Once you start a program and maintain it, you unlock new activities and earn achievements. Seven’s 3D guides offer help should you need it. Download Seven from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Work out anywhere, anytime.
  • No equipment needed.
  • Everyday workout challenge.
  • Create your own workouts.

Download Seven


JEFIT offers strength training and bodybuilding with the help of its extensive resources. Its exercise database of thousands of routines can easily be filtered by body parts so if you are in a mood for leg day, you don’t have to scroll infinite times. JEFIT includes detailed instructions that ensure you don’t get lost mid-workout. Fitness freaks will be happy to know that there’s an exercise log, timers, progress tracker, and a workout planner. If you are aiming for a free version, you’ll have to endure the advertisements. Download JEFIT from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • 1300+ weight training exercises.
  • Easily track workouts.
  • Create fitness routines.
  • Sync with Apple Health.

Download JEFIT

6. Fitbod

Our next choice on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone is Fitbod. The app focuses on bodybuilding, body sculpting, strength training, and weight lifting. You can create customized workouts so that you can focus on specific body parts. To do so, select the kind of activity you indulge in, your goals, number of workouts per week, and voilà! You get a workout plan that will suit your requirements. Fitbod helps beginners with videos and descriptions, which is quite handy. The app also asks you about the type of gym equipment you possess. Download Fitbod from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Personalized plan to push your limits.
  • Master new strength-building exercises.
  • Over 400 HD demonstration videos.
  • Sync with Apple Health.

Download Fitbod

7. Keelo

Keelo is the best option for those looking for an app that provides great high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. If you don’t know what these are, they burn more calories without consuming much of your time. Both beginners and experts will feel at home as the app adapts to their requirements.

Keelo only takes 7 to 20 minutes of your time, which isn’t much-considering people workout for longer than an hour at the gym. To avoid any confusion, there are videos that act as virtual instructors. You would be happy to know that Keelo’s logs can be synced with Apple Health. Download Keelo from the link below and watch your kilo’s drop!

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Full-body workout.
  • Personalized program.
  • HD instructional videos.
  • New workouts added regularly.

Download Keelo

8. Nike Training Club

The next app on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone is Nike Training Club. It is an entirely free app that comprises of over 180 workouts that cover an array of workout types. You can think of it as a Netflix-style fitness app as it includes everything from cardio, strength exercises to endurance, to mobility and yoga.

Nike Training Club is an ideal app for people who lack special gym equipment and do not have much time to spare. The app predicts your workout taste so using it more often would be beneficial. You’d be happy to know that the app features celebrity-inspired workouts from Serena Williams and Michael Jordan. Download Nike Training Club from the link below and just do it!

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Body-part focused workouts.
  • Strength, endurance, yoga, and mobility workouts.
  • 15-45 minutes of schedule.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels.

Download Nike Training Club

9. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal from developers Under Armour, Inc. focuses on the main aspect of fitness: diet! It’s a significant part of any workout routine. Many experts believe that keeping a track of what you put in your body will help in long-term goals. This app will guide with just that. You can keep a track of macros like carbohydrates, protein, and fat.

MyFitnessPal features data of over six million foods along with a nifty barcode scanner to scan packaged foods. Not just registered foods, you too can add your own recipe so that you can keep a track of what you eat even inside your house. The app connects you to over 50 apps and devices that monitor your exercise routine. Download MyFitnessPal from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Choose From 350+ Exercises.
  • Choose a goal.
  • Chart your progress.
  • Log Strength Exercises.

Download MyFitnessPal

10. Sworkit

Sworkit is an interesting app that puts emphasis on exercise routines. It encourages users to create workout routines. The app lets you select your workout mode. From cardio, yoga, to pilates – you get to choose your preferred workout form. If you’d like a mix of everything, the app lets you build a custom routine so that working out doesn’t feel boring. Download Sworkit from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • 800+ body weight and small equipment exercises.
  •  400+ workouts.
  • No equipment needed.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Find/create a perfect routine.

Download Sworkit

11. Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App

Yes, Johnson & Johnson has its own fitness app. It’s another 7-minute workout app that will not only find a place in a veteran’s phone, beginners too will develop a liking for it. A user-interface that’s too simple, the main focus is the workout regimes that the app provides.

There’s the original 7-minute workout along with various routines that vary in intensity and duration. Johnson’s video demonstration is a cherry on the top. Users can create their own custom workout plans to evade monotony. Moreover, Smart Workout features happily function as your personal trainer. Download Johnson & Johnson from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • 6-week programs designed for the beginner.
  • 1-on-1 assistance from certified personal trainers.
  • Over 800 body weight and small equipment exercises.
  • Sync your Sworkit workouts to Apple Health.

Download Johnson & Johnson

12. Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer is our next pick for our list of the free workout apps for iPhone. The app is great at developing specific muscles. You can choose the area of your physique you want to work on and the app will offer an easy yet weighty 30-minute workout. Daily Workouts is a simple app that lets you focus on whatever you have on your mind. It is perfect for people who can’t dedicate time to gym or cardio. Download Daily Workouts from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • 22 preset workouts.
  • Workouts that fit your schedule.
  • Plans range from 7 to 32 minutes.
  • 72 exercises and 22 workouts.

Download Daily Workouts

13. Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is a yoga-focused app that will improve your breathing and with just a few stretches, you’ll know the wonders of your body. If you think one needs to be a yogi to practice yoga, this app will change your perception. Asana Rebel does a tremendous job on the notification front. You won’t be bombarded with annoying notifications. Instead, a green dot on your calendar will let you know when to train. To circumvent boredom, the app adds two new workouts every day! Download Asana Rebel from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • 100+ exercises.
  • 10 to 30-minute randomized full-body workouts
  • On-screen instructions and timer.
  • Developed by a certified personal trainer.

Download Asana Rebel

14. Freeletics – Training Coach

Freeletics is the second-last app on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone. The app follows the approach of ‘exercise anytime, anywhere.’ With over hundreds of workout practices that cover a myriad of muscle groups, Freeletics features audio-video guides that assist users with a step-by-step system. The app lets you believe that your body weight is your exercise equipment. Isn’t that insightful! Download Freeletics from the link below.

15 Best Free Workout Apps for iPhone

Main Features:

  • Exercise anytime, anywhere.
  • Fitness in every format.
  • Wonderful exercise tunes.
  • Find a routine that works for you.

Download Freeletics

15. Fitness Point

The last app on our list of the free workout apps for iPhone is Fitness Point. It’s another app that focuses on strength training. All the exercise is equipped with an animation, description, and information so that users know how each muscle works. Although only some exercises are available for free, you can create a custom plan. There’s also an in-built rest-timer and a log that tracks your progress. Fitbod has a full-fledged plan whereas Fitness Point provides references for exercises. Download Fitness Point from the link below.


Main Features:

  • Most advanced digital fitness coach.
  • 360° fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching.
  • A personal coach will tailor your workouts.
  • A community of over 40 million.

Download Fitness Point


Is there a free workout app?

Yes. There are many free workout apps but if you want an app that is entirely free, it’s just FitOn. It’s a fantastic fitness app and thus it topped our list of the free workout apps for iPhone.

What is the best free workout app for iPhone?

FitOn, Home Workout – No Equipment, Keelo, Asana Rebel, etc. are some of the best free workout apps for iPhone.

Which 7-Minute Workout app is the best?

Seven and J&J Official 7-Minute Workout are the best 7-minute workout apps that you can try. Moreover, they are free.

Is FitOn actually free?

The developers of FitOn made the application completely free for everyone back on May 13, 2019. There’s no catch!


Staying fit meant hitting the gym or jogging on a regular basis. Since that’s not possible for at least a few weeks now, the aforementioned apps will help you in one way or the other. You could be a new mother who wants to get back in shape or someone who just realized that they have crossed the dangerous weight threshold. While your home arrangements won’t be exact replicas of gyms, with beds, shelves, and wardrobes taking up most of the spaces, you can squeeze in some time and space. Make sure you don’t venture out for any kind of adventure.

Are you using any of the apps? Which app did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones who might be struggling with staying fit!

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