5 Best Free Plugins for WordPress 2017 ( Must have Plugins )

[ Best Free Plugins for WordPress ]

WordPress is a popular Content management system or CMS in the media world right now. WordPress boasts of powering 27% of the whole internet. It is easy, fast and the websites are highly customizable. Most of the customizations are possible through add-ons known as plugins. High-end themes having a lot of features makes it more and more user-friendly and user rich. There are both free and paid plugins available for WordPress. In this post, we will talk about some of the best free plugins available of WordPress that you must install on a WordPress blog.

5 Best Free Plugins for WordPress are:

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Akismet
  3. UpdraftPlus
  4. Quick Adsense
  5. Contact Form 7

1. Yoast SEO

Best Free Plugins for WordPress

SEO is the primary thing upon which the whole blogging world is built upon. Just having good content without proper SEO is of no use whatsoever. Learning SEO is what every newbie to the industry should do.

SEO is divided into two, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Off-page refers to what happens out of the web page, like backlinks, social shares, etc.

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On-page refers to what happens on the specific pages. On-page is all about optimizing your web page to make it suitable for search engines. If it is perfect, you will see your post in the search engine without even creating backlinks.

Yoast SEO plugin reads what is in your WordPress post and analyses its On-page SEO. It will tell you what the good SEO practices are and where the blog’s SEO should improve.

The thumb of the rule should be to get a green icon in the SEO part of the plugin for your main keyword. Once you achieve this in your post, go ahead and move on to off-page SEO.

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2. Akismet

Best Free Plugins for WordPress

If your blog is popular enough or is ranking well for right keywords, you will get original comments on your blog posts. These will be on the topic and are in many ways good for you. You will also get spam comments which are made by other webmasters to get comment backlinks and build a good link profile for their websites.

Every webmaster would have come across spam comments once in their lifetime. Akismet is a free plugin that when configured, can identify and automatically delete spam comments from appearing on your blog. Their algorithm and database is advanced and will catch most of the spam.

This plugin is used by millions of webmasters and is a life saver, especially for those who have neither the time nor the energy to moderate the hundreds of comments that they get.

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3. UpdraftPlus

Best Free Plugins for WordPress

Proper and timely backups are something that every blogger should take care in. There have been many cases of websites disappearing from the whole of the internet due to errors. The errors could be yours or of the web host. Either way, the loss is yours. Taking backups is thus a priority.

UpdraftPlus is a free plugin that can automate the whole process. It will backup all the important things such as the database, media files, plugins, etc. onto zipping files to your host. You can always go back to an older backup whenever you wish. The plugin can also backup to the remote storage or cloud storage services.

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4. Quick Adsense

Showing advertisements is how bloggers make most of their money. Advertisers such as AdSense, info links pay the publishers per click. Adding those ad codes given by the dealers is no easy task. Not all bloggers have enough technical knowledge or time to insert the ad codes into the source codes of the blog.

Do not worry; there is a WordPress plugin for everything. Use Quick Adsense, and you can easily insert those ad codes to any part of your blog. This includes, in the header, above the fold, inside the content, on the sidebar or as widgets. There are dozens of placement options and other customizations offered by the plugin. You can also add advertisements that are AMP compatible with this plugin.

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5. Contact Form 7

Best Free Plugins for WordPress

Forms are like an interface between the users and the blog owners. If any advertiser wishes to give you a paid post or show advertisements with you, they make use of the contact forms. This is why having an attractive, well accessible form is important.

Contact Form 7 is what we recommend. A well-built form editor is using which you can create attractively and feature rich forms as per your wish.


In this post we have; looked at 5 of the best WordPress plugins. There are a lot more plugins that we couldn’t mention here. These are just the five plugins that you should have as of our opinion.

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