7 Best English Learning Apps For Android

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English is a universal language. Wherever you go, you will find English mandatory. You might have experienced difficulty because of English. People find it difficult to learn it, but it’s not really that tough. If you’re also the one who wants to learn English or improve it, we have compiled a list of 7 Best English Learning Apps For Android.

Here are the 7 Best English Learning Apps For Android

1. Hello English

Hello English is one of the most popular English learning apps for android with more than 24 million users. It supports different regional languages of India. So, if you don’t know Hindi you will get lessons supported in your own language. It has 475 interactive lessons, which are really helpful to understand the English usage in a better way. Its dictionary section helps you to get meaning of difficult words and their pronunciation. The app has many interactive games that will never let you get bored of learning. Hello English provides you with a facility to discuss your questions and grammar problems with teachers. You will also get to learn with its news updates.

Best English Learning Apps For Android

Main Features

  • Questions on grammar and translations.
  • 475 Interactive Lessons.
  • Conversation practice game.
  • 10,000 words Dictionary.

2. Duolingo

Another name in the list is Duolingo app. Learning English with Duolingo app is comparatively easier. It won’t give you any boring lessons or classes. The course is covered with fun games of questions and answers. All you would need to do is just answer the given questions to learn English. In the beginning, questions will be based upon easy verbs, phrases and sentences. The app will provide you reading and practice sessions. Apart from English, it has other language courses too like French, Spanish, German etc. The app is totally free, would not cost you to learn anything.

Best English Learning Apps For Android

Main Features

  • Practice English speaking.
  • Learn¬†listening and writing skills.
  • Improve your vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • English learning with vocabulary lessons.

3. English Speaking Practice

Mostly, people find it difficult to speak English, although they know English well. To such people, English speaking practice app is definitely helpful. This app concentrates on spoken English. A person who wants to speak English fluently would find it much helpful. The English speaking app facilitates you to practice conversation lessons. Its practice tools are interactive, and thus will improve your conversion skills in a better way. This app is especially designed for beginners. For all the beginners, it has special English lessons and even if someone wants to learn business level English, this course is also available in the app.

Best English Learning Apps

Main Features

  • Lessons on English speaking.
  • Different tones to practice.
  • Comprehensive learning Guide for Beginners.
  • Improves¬†English conversation skills.

4. English Listening and Speaking

This app is to improve your spoken English. It has many lessons on English learning that you can hear and practice. App has divided the course into three different levels, beginner, intermediary and advanced. So that, the user can choose his preference and start learning English accordingly. Another useful option you will find in the app is two modes of Audio, i.e Online and offline. Users can choose any of them to learn their lessons. It also included the common idioms and phrases that people use in daily conversation. Users will also get various vocab tests and lessons to improve their vocabulary. With different audio stories, scripts, and lessons the app has made English learning easy.

Best English Learning Apps For Android

Main Features

  • Thousands of English conversations and stories.
  • Common idioms and phrasal verbs in daily conversations.
  • Vocabulary learning and test for many topics.
  • Learning English Pronunciation.

5. Speak English fluently

Speak English fluently helps in improving spoken English. This apps supports two audio modes-online and offline. In offline, You can easily save the audios in your SD card storage to listen to them later. However, for online you would need to get connected to the internet. The lessons available in the app are in the American accent. App also allows you to record and submit your voice, that will be matched with original sentences to test your progress. They also have daily used expressions and sentences to teach you. The app is really useful one to learn English as it enhances your listening and speaking skills.

Best English Learning Apps

Main Features:

  • Online audio mode: save to your sd card.
  • List of conversations in English with 2 levels.
  • List of most commonly used sentences and expressions.
  • Necessary Idioms and Phrases.

6. English conversation practice

The app is much useful when you want to improve conversation skills. Mostly, people don’t get anyone to practice their English. Practice is definitely required if you are learning anything. In English, daily conversations are must. The app is thus providing you daily conversation lessons. It helps you in understanding, listening and speaking English. You can also record conversations with its record tool. This android app is a great tutor for learning English conversations.

Best English Learning Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Listening exercises to improve your English listening.
  • Quizzes to help you understand the language.
  • Conversation practice feature.
  • Conversation recording tool to track your progress.

7. Bussu- Easy language learning

Bussu is an app offering both- free and premium services. You will get to connect with native English speakers in Bussu. They will correct your exercises and will help you. Bussu is totally a different and useful app for English learners. It also provide certificate and placement test facilities. You can easily learn English grammar here. It also gives you accent training. Apart from that, user can learn 12 major languages including English.

Best English Learning Apps For Android

Main Features:

  • Start from the right difficulty level.
  • English learning certification.
  • Speech recognition exercises.
  • 150 different units per language.
  • tips on grammar to help you learn English better.

These were some of the Best English Learning Apps for Android. So, don’t wait to download the app you prefer, and get fluent in your English.

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