10 Best Educational Apps for iPad in 2022

10 Best Educational Apps for iPad

Back in the day, books, digest, and teachers were the only source of gaining knowledge. I’m talking about a situation 15 years ago, where “Ok, Google” wasn’t a thing; solving problems meant taking the help of tutions and teachers, but math is as hard as it was during my time. But, there are apps now, that help in every way they are programmed to.

Best Educational Apps for iPad

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced humanity to look for many substitutes, including learning. Closing of schools and colleges was a necessary move to control the virus but it meant looking elsewhere.

Educational apps became a thing and soon, e-learning was (and still is!) trending. So, if you want to jump on the bandwagon, I have listed the best Educational apps for iPad.

1. Photomath

Photomath is one of the best Educational apps for iPad on our list but seeing that it tops the “Education” category on the App Store, I decided to feature it on the top as well. This app makes simple and complex math easy. There are unique ways through which students can let go of the fear they have for maths as a mere subject. Point your iPad’s camera at a math problem, it will interpret the problem, and you’ll get your solution. Be it Algebra, arithmetic, or quadratic equations, Photomath is adept at any solving kind of subcategory of maths. I wish I had during my school days! Download it from the link below.

Download Photomath

2. ABCmouse.com

The next on our list of best Educational apps for iPad is for both, students and parents. ABCmouse.com works in tandem for them. The app uses stories, videos, activities, and quizzes to explain concepts. It’s an amazing app for kids who are in the 10-15 age group. Download it from the link below.

Download ABCmouse.com

3. Epic!

Epic! is an e-book library that has over 35,000 books for children. The number could be overwhelming but isn’t selecting books a fantastic book? It also has an amazing “read-to-me” feature for little kids. If you want your kid to be a reader, this should be your ultimate choice.

Download Epic!

4. KhanAcademy

Not enough has been said about Khan Academy. It’s an inspiring app to have as a student, someone who wants to keep learning. What I like about Khan Academy is the variety of subjects or topics it has to offer. Instead of a recorder lecture, this app gives a personal one-on-one knowledge, notwithstanding the subject. You’ll see lots of visual aids and diagrams since the developers believe it helps in gaining knowledge. If you want to get a leg up in any subject of your choice, Khan Academy should be your first and last choice.

Download KhanAcademy

5. Codeacademy Go

Codeacademy Go is the next app on our list of best Educational apps for iPad. If you are curious about computers or anything related to it, this app will satiate that thirst. There is something called ‘targeted lessons’ that lets you hone your skills of one concept at a time. All the courses are curated on what you want to learn. Moreover, you don’t need to know anything about programming languages. Download the app from the link below.

Download Codeacademy Go

6. StudyBlue

StudyBlue is a one-of-a-kind app where students can carry their school and other topics’ notes wherever they go. The app acts as a flash-card that is an underestimated studying tool for anything complex. Students also get to test their knowledge when they input their information. The flash-cards can be shared with other students as well. It’s a fabulous app that will help you in your learning.

Download StudyBlue

7. Curious

Curiosity killed the cat but it won’t kill you. This next app on our list of the best Educational apps for iPad helps you explore topics that you are interested in and want to know more about. With over 25,000 video lessons, the app pushes you to dig deeper into the concept of daily learning. There are also some fun puzzles to help you crack the code. Flex your brains by downloading this app.

Download Curious

8. Duolingo

As the name suggests, Duolingo enables easy learning of a second language. There are dozens of languages you can learn with the help of this app. There are also a few fictional apps that are there for fun. Choose any language, you’ll study with topics that are divided into conversations. There’s also a reward system that pushes to make learning the language an easy habit. Download it from the link below.

Download Duolingo

9. Edmodo

Edmodo is an easy tool for teachers and students to converse and stay connected in order to share study material and other information. You can send notes, post replies, check all your messages, and even submit assignments on this app. Upcoming events can also be added so that no one is surprised on the actual day of the event. It’s a pretty useful app and is considered to be one of the best Educational apps for iPad.

Download Edmodo

10. Socratic Math Answers & Homework Help

The last app on our list of the best Educational apps for iPad is Socratic by Google. The app’s tagline, “Get unstuck. Learn better.” is appropriate for modern times. It is filled with videos, step-by-step examinations, and subjects that will help you learn better and understand the world even better. As for the subjects, you can learn Biology, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science, the US and World History, and Literature. Try it from the link below.

Download Socratic


What are some educational apps?

Photomath, Khan Academy, Duolingo, etc. are some of the best Educational apps for iPad.

Which is better BYJU’s or Vedantu?

When it comes to employee ratings, BYJU’s scored higher in Career Opportunities and Compensation & Benefits, while Vedantu scored high in CEO Approval, Work-life balance, Culture, and Values, etc. Keep in mind that BYJU’s provide some content for free.

Is Khan Academy better than BYJU’s?

Khan Academy is actually better than Byju’s. The former is free and that’s necessary.


These are some of the best Educational apps for iPad. There are many more and selecting them to expand the horizon of your knowledge depends on what you want to learn. All the listed apps are phenomenal and will aid in your learning.

Which educational app do you use the most on your iPad? Let us know in the comments below.

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