7 Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro

Although we might not be all creative and artistic but when you hold an Apple Pencil and an iPad; you sure want to strike the canvas. True that it is like a digital sketchbook and cannot replace your childhood drawing canvas: the Paper. But Apple has made excellent efforts to make the drawing experience on the iPad even better.

And now that you have the tools of creativity; why not download an application that just brings out your innovative style so that you can improve your skills and draw a beautiful painting? Yes, there are applications that are easy to use, enhance your painting journey and leave you feeling like an Artist!

Never heard of them or don’t have the time to look for one? Good for you; we have a list of the best drawing apps for iPad Pro. Do go through and download the one that best suits your painting requirements.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro:

  1. Procreate ($10)
  2. Paper by WeTransfer (Free)
  3. Sketch Club ($3)
  4. Pigment (Free)
  5. Astropad ($29.99)
  6. Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free)
  7. Pixelmator ($5)

1. Procreate ($10)

Procreate is no less than an Art Studio. It is one of the most professional apps on the list. Besides having the collection of drawing tools such as pastels, watercolors, graphite pencils; it brings the ability to smudge, blur or manipulate strokes as one would on a  paper canvas. Moreover, this ability makes the sketch look alive and the experience even more realistic. If you are a professional or take your artwork seriously; then the price of $10 is worth investing in this application.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro

Main features:

  • Ultra High Definition Canvases.
  • Continuous auto-save.
  • 50+ customizable settings for every brush.
  • Import and Insert GIFs.
  • 189.8 MB Storage Space.
Download Procreate

2. Paper by WeTransfer (Free)

Whatever the thought; note it down with Paper! Draw, write, type; whatever! With Paper; you do not need to download separate applications for note-taking or painting. You can do it all here for free. Got your own design? Start creating a beautiful picture of it. Don’t have a design in mind but feel like painting? Go along with one of our pre-built templates and see what you can make with your creative side.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro

Main features:

  • Fast, Gesture-based Navigation.
  • Sync across devices.
  • Award-winning immersive sketching app.
  • Import pictures and mark up with drawings.
  • 167.3 MB Storage Space.
Download Paper by WeTransfer

3. Sketch Club ($3)

Looking for a Digital Artistic Guide? Sketch Club is here! With its 16k Canvas Size and background, autosave; Sketch Club brings various pen presets like calligraphy, fountain pen, gel pen and more. Follow the in-built tutorials and online classes and see your creativity transform like a pro. Also, the users can participate in daily challenges, weekly competitions, monthly group events, annual awards and so on! See what others are doing and how they apply their creativity.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro

Main features:

  • Real-time stroke smoothing.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud import and export.
  • Annual awards rewarding best Creations.
  • Live Classes, Tutorials, and Speed Painting Videos.
  • 60 MB Storage Space.
Download Sketch Club

4. Pigment (Free)

What a relief painting brings especially when it is on the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil! Pigment brings to you more than 4000 coloring pages to choose from. Need inspiration? Find it with the Pigment Gallery where you can find work performed by other artists just like you.  Along with its weekly updates comes the ability to share and print your work. So, come on and showcase your creativity to your friends and family.

Main features:

  • AirPrint finished pages.
  • Share via Text, E-mail, Social Networks.
  • 24 kinds of Coloring Tools.
  • Exclusive Disney Content Available.
  • 182.8 MB Storage Space.
Download Pigment

5. Astropad ($29.99)

With its blazing fast, pressure sensitive painting experience; Astropad users can sketch, illustrate, paint, draw illustrations and photos. With its latest update, you can take advantage of Massively Reduced Pixelation and is 2X faster than AirPlay. Astropad works with any Mac app and delivers unprecedented image quality without compression artifacts.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro

Main features:

  • Natural Drawing Experience.
  • Highest quality JPEG.
  • Photoshop, Lightroom, Affinity, Corel Painter.
  • Pressure Sensitive with Customizable Shortcuts.
  • 34.2 MB Storage Space.
Download Astropad

6. Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free)

Being a part of the Adobe package; brings benefits of automatic storage to Creative Cloud account. You can layer and rearrange your images as well as use perspective and graph grids to realign your creation. You can now sketch on resizable canvases. Want to send your image to Adobe Photoshop CC or Adobe Illustrator CC? Do it with a single tap using your Creative Cloud Account. One more reason to download this application is the 24 built-in brushes with adjustable sizes, opacity, color and blending settings.

Main features:

  • Create on resizeable canvases.
  • 24 Built-in brushes.
  • Go big with your artwork.
  • Delightfully Printable 8K.
  • 169.8 MB Storage Space.
Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch

7. Pixelmator($5)

Are you well versed with Adobe Photoshop? Then this is the most suitable app because it is an alternative to Photoshop. With this app, you can open and edit Photoshop images with layers as well as SVG Vector images. Its repair tool allows to remove objects and recreate image areas. And, Pixelmator also uses ML Enhance to enhance the picture quality using a Machine Learning Algorithm.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad Pro

Main features:

  • Built-in Automator actions.
  • Adapts to Light and Dark modes.
  • JPEG, TIFF, PDF,GIF, SVF supported.
  • Optimize and save images for the web.
  • 171.5 MB Storage Space.
Download Pixelmator


So those were the best drawing apps for iPad Pro. Now if you are the one with a creative side but it is more of a hobby then Paper by WeTransfer, Pigment, Adobe Photoshop Sketch are your tools. They offer a variety of tools like brushes and pencils, features like autosave and AirPrint and that too without a charge. Besides that, if you have an artistic side and it is more than passion or if you are a professional then we recommend using Procreate, Sketch Club, Astropad and Pixelmator. These apps come with a charge but also bring along a bunch of features that are worth investing in.

If you find this article useful or if you think we are missing something; do let us know in the comment section below. Also, do share it with your friends who love to draw, sketch, paint or are just good with artistic things.



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