Top 3 Best Doraemon Games for Android

Best Doraemon Games for Android

I distinctly remember rushing home from school as it was time for my favorite cartoon – Doraemon. The cartoon’s aura made me excited in little things, which was its message. All the characters, be it Nobita, Shizuka, Suniyo or even Doraemon lit up my face as if it were a 40 watts bulb. I really cannot sum up what this cartoon meant for me. So, I decided to instead tell you about the best Doraemon games on Android on this list!

Doraemon has a cult following. People who think most about the future definitely love Doraemon. His 4th-dimensional pocket, the innocence, and his overall demeanor made me wish I could have such a cute cat from the future as my pet. Heck, I even hum its theme song even today! I literally have goosebumps while typing this. You can evidently see how much of a fan I am.

Although the Google Play Store has only 3 games in total, they are pure fun. I was a bit disappointed though seeing the very limited availability. But nonetheless, the games in this best Doraemon games for Android list are amazing. So, let’s explore.

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Best Doraemon Games for Android

  1. Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons
  2. Doraemon Gadget Rush
  3. Doraemon MusicPad

1. Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons

Developed by Animoca, Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons occupies the first place in our list of the Top 3 best Doraemon games for Android. It explores a new world of Doraemon far from Nobita’s school and the evil clutches of Gian. This game shows what fun Doraemon and his friends have while setting up an all-purpose repair shop to fix broken household items submitted by their neighbors. The game requires you to flaunt your speed and reflexes.

Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons has over 9 challenging levels that reek of Doraemon’s signature art style. The only way you run the repair shop and fix all the old items of your fellow townsmen is by teaming up with Doraemon and friends. You can use Doraemon’s inventive tools like Reconstruction Flash Light, Time Cloth, Dismantling Screwdriver, Boost Potion, Super Battery and X-Ray Camera to repair the items. Make sure you keep upgrading your tools for faster production. There’s a boost option that temporarily assists Doraemon’s amazing gadgets. Download this game from the link given below and play it in any season.

Best Doraemon Games for Android

Main Features:

  • Enjoy 9 challenging levels.
  • Doraemon’s signature art style.
  • Train Doraemon and friends.
  • Beautiful, changing themes.
  • Doraemon’s ingenious tools at your disposal.

Download Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons

2. Doraemon Gadget Rush

Doraemon Gadget Rush is our second choice amongst the best Doraemon games for Android as it is fun, challenging, and exciting. You are to help Doraemon acquire his 30 futuristic-gadgets from the alien techno-thieve who stole it from him. The game is easy, defeat these aliens by creating a series of same colored gems on the game board. To win, create as many gem combos as you can but you’ll also have to keep an eye on the time limit.

Unlock Fever Time for more rare power-ups that fetch the players extra points and damage to the aliens. This can be done by forming chain combos. Play hard and you can unlock Doraemon’s friends Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo, and Gian as they will help him in the ensuing battle. Level-up whenever the fight seems pointless. If suppose you do get bored then check out the daily Lucky Draw to win grand prizes.

Main Features:

  • Hectic tile-matching puzzle gameplay.
  • RPG mechanics.
  • Features Doraemon’s 30 gadgets.
  • Level-up and unlock powerful weapons.
  • Destroy gems for a free Lucky Draw token.

Download Doraemon Gadget Rush

3. Doraemon MusicPad

Doraemon MusicPad was developed keeping in mind the 80th anniversary of Fujiko. F. Fujio who is the author of Doraemon. This app brings you a step closer to Doraemon’s world by letting you explore the new educational app filled with popular characters and phrases. The songs are targeted at kids so the collection is quite cute. Songs like BINGO, If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands, ABC (The Alphabet Song), etc. are a part of the game that leans towards entertainment and enhances kids’ English and rhythmic skills.

This is the best Doraemon game that will teach the kids some famous phrases of the cartoon characters. Children can also read and listen to English and train their rhythmic skills, Through classical music and remix versions of popular songs. Although a great game, the free version contains only 4 free songs listed above. So if you wish to access the remaining 30 songs, you will have to pay ₹640 or $8. Overall, you will dive deep in nostalgia by playing this game. Even though the game is the last name on our list of the Top 3 best Doraemon games for Android, it gives immense joy. So, download Doraemon MusicPad and have fun playing with the tunes.

Main Features:

  • Free to play 4 songs.
  • Features English songs and famous classical music.
  • Enhance English skills and rhythmic skills.
  • Classical music and remix versions of popular songs.
  • 30 additional songs with in-app purchases (₹640/$8)

Download Doraemon MusicPad


I did my best to explore the games listed above. Also, the Google Play Store has a total of 3 games when searched for Doraemon. Only! Thus our list could include the Top 3 best Doraemon games for Android, based on how the game fares overall. Although just 3 in numbers, I had the ultimate fun while playing them. You cannot go wrong with any game you choose to select as they serve the purpose of letting you vicariously live as Doraemon characters. My favorite is Doraemon Repair Shop Seasons as it lets you play as almost all the characters. Collecting old appliances and getting it re-done is fun, especially when you earn a lot of rewards.

So, did you like this list? Which is your favorite Doraemon game? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this list of best Doraemon games for Android with your friends.


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