5 Best Doctor Games For Girls Free Download

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If you are from those who wish to make their child a doctor in the future, then you have come to the right place. Whether you yearn to become a surgeon or a dentist, we have covered all types of games in this article. These are the best doctor games for girls that will help your child to learn about the skeletal system, circulatory system, respiratory system and many other vital regulations of the body. Playing the role of a doctor is however not easy as you need to deal with various tough situations.

According to particular research, playing games have helped a lot of people suffering from dyslexia (A mental disability which causes a person to have difficulty in reading and writing) to improve their reading comprehension.

All the games that are mentioned in this list will help your child to discover some complicated medical surgeries. The practical knowledge that your child will get from these games will leave a positive impact on your child’s memory. These games will help your child to take the duty of performing a precarious operation. Moreover, the following list of doctor games will encourage your child to learn about the different regulations of our body.

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Best Doctor Games For Girls

  1. Operate Now: Hospital
  2. Doctor Kids
  3. Doctor Kids 2
  4. Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator
  5. 911 Ambulance Doctor

1. Operate Now: Hospital

If you are looking for a realistic surgery simulation game, then your search is over. With Operate Now: Hospital, you can treat a patient like a surgeon. It allows you to build your own hospital from scratch and manage the hospital. While gaming, you will get to fix broken bones and help injured people. You can also monitor your staff and hire skilled surgeons. You will also get a chance to perform surgeries that will determine whether the patient will be alive or not.

Prepare yourself for an interesting adventure, Download this game and get ready to take on all the challenges that you are going to come across in order to build a world-renowned medical center. 

Main Features:

  • Build, upgrade, improve multiple hospitals and their facilities.
  • Monitor your staff, hospitals, and more on the world map.
  • Help your patients by performing incredibly realistic surgeries.
  • Keep your progress up-to-date with the new Facebook save feature.
  • Exchange duplicate staff members with the new CV feature.

Download Operate Now: Hospital

2. Doctor Kids

As the name says, you will have to treat kids and make them healthy again. With Doctor Kids, you can experience the feeling of a doctor and treat children. Your aim will be to make kids well again by appointing them to the right doctor’s office. The game offers 7 unique doctor’s offices that include dental care, eye check, skin rashes cure, a lab test, an X-ray, ear doctor, and an ambulance car with the emergency room. Moreover, it comes with colorful objects to match patients’ characteristics. You can download this game for free from the google play store. It also offers in-app purchases and advertises Bubadu’s products.

Best Doctor Games For Girls

Main Features:

  • Intuitive user interface
  • High-quality HD graphics
  • Offers 7 unique doctor’s offices
  • Includes 7 thematic minigames
  • Infinite gameplay with numerous combinations

Download Doctor Kids

3. Doctor Kids 2

Want to become a multi-tasking doctor, here you have an opportunity to be one. You can help your little patient with your medical skills. With Doctor Kids 2, you can fix sore throat problems, heal digestive problems use a head MRI scan. You can even fly an emergency helicopter to help your patients. While playing, you can earn virtual currency and can also buy them in the in-game store. This game is available for free and offers in-app purchases for ‘No ads’. However, the knowledge acquired through this game cannot be used in real-life situations.  

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Main Features:

  • Be a multi-tasking doctor
  • Offers 6 thematic minigames
  • Fly an emergency helicopter
  • Use a head MRI scan
  • Use a CT scan to examine all organs in the body

Download Doctor Kids 2

4. Dream Hospital – Health Care Manager Simulator

With Dream Hospital, you can construct real diagnostic and emergency rooms. In order to assure the quality of the service in your hospital- you can hire staff, invest in complex medical equipment and manage business issues and health compliances. You can even research for medicine and new medication treatments to heal various fatal diseases. Moreover, you can build your own medical tools to provide sick people with a complete medical health care facility. Download this game, build your own hospital and earn the highest reputation in your city.      

Best Doctor Games For Girls

Main Features:

  • Construct real treatment, diagnostic and emergency rooms
  • Research for medicine and new medication treatments
  • Health Quality and hospital settings
  • Heal every illness and injuries at the surgery operation room
  • Compete with other hospitals in the city

Download Dream Hospital

5. 911 Ambulance Doctor

If you want to rescue someone who has undergone an accident, then this game is meant for you. With 911 Ambulance Doctor, you can save the life of an injured person. You will come across several rescue missions while playing this game. What makes this game more interesting is that it offers tons of ambulance vehicles to choose from, which ultimately boosts the gaming experience. The real medical equipment will make you feel like a real doctor. So, fix broken bones, clean and dress up the wounds and be the best Ambulance doctor.        

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Main Features:

  • Different rescue missions
  • Tons of ambulance vehicles to choose
  • Lots of real medical equipment
  • Provides various medical tools
  • Clean and bind up the wounds

Download 911 Ambulance Doctor


What are the best doctor games?

All of the above-mentioned games are best, you can choose among these based on your child’s interest.

According to researchers, doctors who spent at least three hours a week playing video games made about 37 percent fewer mistakes in laparoscopic surgery and performed the task 27 percent faster than their counterparts who did not play video games. 
To get blueprints in Dream hospital, you will have to simply go to that building, enter it and tap the ‘Daily’ button near your production queue. Over there you will find the option to watch ads for Blueprints.  
Open surgery on the heel bone is one of the most painful surgeries. Other painful surgeries include spinal fusion, myomectomy, proctocolectomy, and Complex spinal reconstruction.


All the doctor games mentioned in this article will help your child to get practical knowledge about the various risky operations. However, if you are looking for a realistic surgery simulation game, then you should definitely download Operate Now: Hospital as the game will help your kid to undertake various responsibilities. So prepare your kid to become an ambitious doctor in the future. If you found this article informative then don’t forget to share it with your friends. And also let us know in the comment section below for any doubts related to this article. 


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