7 Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


Nowadays, being fit and maintained is the basic agenda of almost everyone. And why it should not be? But going to the gym every day is a little hectic and time-consuming. The way to a maintained body can also be achieved through healthy dieting and the intake of nutritious food.

The myth around dieting is that people believe dieting is something in which you eat less or as little as a rat, which ultimately leads your body to get weak and weak. But truly this is not the case, dieting is one of the most popular ways of losing weight not by eating less but by eating right. Also, a healthy diet contains food that gives you nutrients to function properly and in a more energetic way.

But to keep a proper check on it sometimes get difficult, so what better ways to maintain your diet through your smartphone. Here are some of the Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android which will help you achieve your diet goal.

Best Android Diet Apps And Nutrition Apps:

  • Calorie counter – My fitness pal
  • Calorie counter by fat secret
  • HealthifyMe: Lose Weight, Nutrition, Diet Plan
  • Lose Weight in 30 Days
  • 8fit – Workouts & Meal Planner
  • Eat This Much – Meal Planner
  • Lifesum: Healthy Recipes, Food Diary & Diet Plan

1.  Calorie counter – My fitness pal

Calorie counter – My fitness pal is an app which serves your every diet purpose in just one stop, whether it would be recipes for your diet food, tracking and maintaining your diet and nutrients or to set your own personalized goals, this app has it all. In addition, you can also share your success or results from your friends or family and get motivation from them or even inspire them to make their healthy diet.

Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • Tracking food is fast and easy.
  • Reach your goals.
  • Log your exercise and steps.
  • Get support and motivation.
  • Celebrate your success.

2. Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Fat secret is a 100% free app which helps you keep track of your food, exercise, and weight. It includes a variety of tools which are easy to use to use as well as reliable, such as an exercise diary to record all the calories you burn, a photo album with trending hashtags such as #Photodiet #Foodsnap #Instacalorie, image recognition of foods and meals so that you know exactly how much nutrients you are consuming and so much more tools to explore from for your perfect diet plan.

Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • The app syncs with Google fit.
  • The app also syncs with Fat Secret Professional, as a professional will be there for you to maintain and check your progress and also give you his advice and feedback.

3. HealthifyMe: Lose Weight, Nutrition, Diet Plan

Awarded among the best apps for Google Play, 3 years in a row. Healthify Me helps you to count calories, maintain your food diary and personal motivation guide, it gives you a reminder for water intake and a good amount of healthy tips on your app’s feed every day to make you firm on your diet goal. It also includes a large database for Indian foods so that you can plan your diet accordingly.

Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • Get personalized health & fitness suggestions 24* 7 from Ria, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual nutritionist, driven by over 200 Million food & workout logs and over a millennium of experience.
  • Get connected with professional nutritionists, yoga instructors and dieticians for one-on-one coaching.
  • HealthifyMe syncs activity and step counter data by seamlessly integrating with the HealthifyMe Rist, YUFIT, Google Fit, Garmin, and Fitbit.

4. Lose weight in 30 days

Everyone wants to lose weight in a fast yet healthy way but is it safe? is the most important factor to check upon. Lose weight in 30 days is a best of 2017 app which helps you lose weight in a fast and safe way. The workout plan includes different workouts which you can easily do at your home without the use of massive equipment. You can check your weight loss through a graph. This also includes female fitness app to get that perfectly toned body free of cost and also designed by experts.

Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • Track weight loss progress.
  • Track burned calories.
  • Low-calorie diet plans.
  • Animations and video guidance.
  • Various workouts.
  • Gradually increases exercise intensity.

5. 8fit – Workouts & Meal Planner

8fit is not just an app for your diet plan but indeed it is an exercise programme with over 350 exercises without the use of equipment and within the time span of 5-20 minutes, so that people can take time from their busy schedules. The App makes a personalized step-by-step guide for everyone as it provides over 400 recipes according to your taste and preference.

Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • 8fit provides a personalized step-by-step guide for beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts.
  • Accompanies you with healthy eating tools.
  • Makes exercise a part of your daily routine.

6. Eat This Much – Meal Planner

As the name suggests Eat this much – Meal planner helps you to get an automatic meal plan designed by them according to your diet goals, budget, and other such requirements, so that it cancels the need of tracking your diet plan as it is already made according to your preferences. They have both free and premium accounts with different features but both are useful and reliable.

Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • As a free user, you can create a single day meal plan and completely customize it however you want. Each meal can have different preferences, and your nutrition targets can be whatever you like.
  • As a premium user, you’ll have access to the weekly meal planner that allows you to automatically generate a week of meal plans and send them to you with a grocery list via email.

7. Lifesum: Healthy Recipes, Food Diary & Diet Plan

Lifesum provides you with a diet plan, food diary, calorie counter and also healthy recipes to choose from. It helps you find a proper diet plan and to maintain it with a number of trackers such as Nutrition tracker, Macro tracker and Health tracker which gives you a helping hand and simplifies your diet. They also have Lifesum Premium Membership for extended features.
Best Dieting and Nutrition Apps for Android


  • Weight loss and diet tracker.
  • A meal planner and recipes.
  • Food diary and macro tracker.
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