20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

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Every one of us needs the best countdown apps in this fast-paced digital life, especially with so much to do with unlimited resources. Even a minute wasted is later on regretted. Thoughts, ideas, events are what surrounds our life and managing can get overwhelming.

Social media did help with did the aspect of humans – being social. Be it work or our personal lives, we need to commit to people no matter what. Remembering events, people’s birthdays or anniversaries can be tough. We might be confident that we would remember the important dates but somehow, those seem to slip out our minds.

As I mentioned, this is a digital world and thus we’ll be using the technology to remember things. I have listed the best countdown apps for Android and iPhones so you don’t have to look for either OS specifically. Now, let’s jump into the article to see which amongst the 20 best countdown apps are good for you!

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

1. Final Countdown – Widget

Final Countdown – Widget is the first app on our best countdown apps list that will help you keep track of the significant forthcoming events. As it’s a widget application, you don’t need to keep opening the app to see how far away is a particular event. The app’s resizable widgets make it easy to keep tabs on events that matter. For the wallpaper-maniacs, there are over 300 HD wallpapers for customization.

Main Features:

  • Resizable Widgets.
  • 300+ free HD images.
  • Cloud Backup using Facebook.
  • Sync countdowns across Android/iOS.

Download Final Countdown – Widget (Android)

2 Countdown Widget

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Another widget app on the list, Countdown Widget is a robust countdown timer that will suffice all your needs. As it’s a widget, you won’t need to open the app to look for events. Just open your launcher and select amongst the plethora of widgets. They are also resizable. The stickers collection is superb that can be used to make the face of the event. If you change a lot of devices, the backup option if probably for you.

Main Features:

  • Resizable Home screen widgets.
  • Backup and restore.
  • Choose photos for widgets.
  • Collection of stickers

Download Countdown Widget (Android)

3. Time Until

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

As you’ve probably guessed it, Time Until keeps you updated on the upcoming events in a novel way. The first thing that you’ll notice is the user interface. And boy, it’s eye-catching! Owing to changing display sizes, the app supports full-screen mode and the trendy dark mode. Even though the app is supported through ads, they won’t bother you while using it. Setting reminders is a breeze and the notifications, like the UI, are pretty.

Main Features:

  • Full-screen mode.
  • Dark mode.
  • Set reminders.
  • Full-sized widget and small widget.

Download Time Until (Android)

4. Countdown Live Wallpaper 2020

Countdown Live Wallpaper 2020 is the only live wallpaper app on our list. I chose it owing to its appeal and configurations. Not just a new year, you can set the live wallpaper when the birthday of your loved ones is approaching. It’s the absolute countdown app that you need to try. The app also allows you to put a custom background.

Main Features:

  • Great wallpaper.
  • Choose any date.

Download Countdown Live Wallpaper 2020 (Android)

5. Countdown Days – App & Widget

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Another widget app, Countdown Days by Gira Mobile is a fantastic option to remember significant events. The widgets are super customizable and resizable which can se viewed in a beautiful single view. You can choose from 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4. The app also sends you push notification so even if you miss the widget somehow, there’s another way to remember events.

Main Features:

  • 4 types of widgets.
  • Push notifications.
  • Customize colors.
  • Customize fonts of each countdown.

Download Countdown Days (Android)

6. My Day – Countdown Calendar

My Day has the kitchen-sink approach when it comes to reminding you about the events you care about. That’s also not off-limit. Be it  Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, engagement, vacation, travel, festivals, etc. – The app will remind you whenever the event approaches closer. As part of customizing, My Day includes free themes, wallpapers, and backgrounds. You can count down events in years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds. Neat, isn’t it?

Main Features:

  • Birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Custom events.
  • Free wallpapers, themes, and backgrounds.
  • Select colors, styles, and units.

Download My Day Android | iPhone

7. Countdown Time

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Countdown Time is a simple and intuitive app that tracks your most important and casual events without any hassle. You can schedule unlimited events so that productivity feels a breeze. The widget is elegant and is fully customizable. The UI is just superb and will make you open the app a lot more times than you intend to. There are a plethora of themes that will keep design at its best.

Main Features:

  • Customizable widget.
  • Multiple themes.
  • Built-in event sharing.
  • Personalize your event.

Download Countdown Time Android | iPhone

8. Days Left – Countdown timer

Days Left is a simple app that handles just the basics but does it well. The UI is quite old but the widgets are amazing. There are multiple themes to design the widget and they too are customizable.

Main Features:

  • 2×1 widgets.
  • Simpler UI.
  • Great widget options.

Download Days Left (Android)

9. Countdown Widget

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Countdown Widget offers 4×1,5×1 dynamic widgets that are easy to customize. The app supports multiple countdowns and a full landscape mode. You get to choose from many different units to measure your countdown. Default images can also be changed to your liking.

Main Features:

  • 4×1, 5×1 dynamic widgets.
  • Multiple countdowns.
  • Full landscape support.

Download Countdown Widget (Android)

10. Countdown App – Death

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Countdown App – Death is a fun app that is purely fictional. The app tells you how much time have you get on this Earth. It’s spooky, scary but amusing. It even managed to spawn a movie of the same name that grossed over $41.6 million worldwide.

Main Features:

  • Fun app.
  • Black UI is fabulous.

Download Countdown App – Death (Android)

11. Christmas Countdown! 

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

I know, we are way past Christmas but hey, it is a feeling that has been celebrated as a festival. For those reading this list during Christmas, Ho, Ho, Ho! It seems a bit far-stretched to use an app that reminds you only about Christmas but who doesn’t love the festivities? Moreover, the app’s user interface is too elegant to ignore. To add some spice, you can choose between 6 characters that include Santa Claus, Snowman, Christmas tree, Reindeer, and Skater.

Main Features:

  • Know how far is Christmas.
  • Choose between 6 characters.
  • Multiple ‘time-modes.’

Download Christmas Countdown! (iPhone)

12. Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite is one of the best countdown apps that is actually a widget. You can set a reminder about an upcoming event, birthday, concert, vacations, and all that jazz. There is no limit to the number of reminders you can create which means the popular office person can keep everyone happy by remembering the special events. The said events are customizable to your liking.

Main Features:

  • Create countdown timers.
  • Sync your Facebook events to your device.
  •  Select from different widget styles.
  •  Assign images to your Countdown events.

Download Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite Android | iPhone

13. Countdown: Count Down Birthday 

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Countdown app is the perfect iPhone app to remember important dates. A friend’s birthday coming soon? You’ve got it. Excited for a vacation that’s a year away? You’ve got it. The list goes on. The user experience of the app is amazing. It lets you do less and remember more. The notifications are quite nifty for quick access.

Main Features:

  • View your countdowns.
  • Notifications on the app’s badge.
  • Display all your event dates.

Download Countdown: Count Down Birthday (iPhone)

14. Exam Countdown Lite

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Exams are the most stressful period in anybody’s life. We sweat profusely once the dates come near and the preparations are aggressive. But there are some who forget the dates, including me. I used Exam Countdown Lite this time to remember that I have to give the exams. The app keeps data on all your test dates. You can even color-code specific events so as to keep them in your mind.

Main Features:

  • Get daily countdown.
  • Store all your key exam and test dates.
  • Basic Notifications.

Download Exam Countdown Lite Android | iPhone

15. Retirement Countdown

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Retirement is the phase of life that many want to avoid while many are waiting to embrace. If you or any of your loved ones are one of them, then the Retirement Countdown app is your best bet. It is a fairly simple app that lets you know the days until your retirement. The visual appeal is amazing. A nifty feature of this app is the bucket list. So in case if you want to take care of a few things before you say goodbye to your job, you can!

Main Features:

  • Quote of the day.
  • Bucket list.
  • Change colors, texts, and styles.

Download Retirement Countdown Android | iPhone

16. MyWed ❤️ Wedding Planner 

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

MyWed ❤️ Wedding Planner is an excellent tool for people who are soon to tie the knot. Be it any ceremony, it could get costly if the expenditures are not monitored. Getting married is all about garlands, a great place, food, beverages, gifts, etc. The app is reliable and has tonnes of features that enable easy savings. The Checklist and Budget are the best features of this app which keep a tab on everything you want to do at your wedding.

Main Features:

  • Make a list of wedding expenditures.
  • Make a list of guests.
  • Add, edit and delete the tasks.

Download MyWed (Android)

17. hip: Birthday Reminder App

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

hip: Birthday Reminder App is one of the best countdown apps. You wouldn’t want to forget your boss’s birthday. But it would be a shame if you forget your wife’s. So, iPhone users, hip: Birthday Reminder App solely focuses on reminding you of your loved one’s special days. The app is simple but can get overwhelming, all thanks to the customization options. You can sync hip with your contacts, calendars. Heck, you even get notified about the upcoming birthdays on your Apple Watch.

Main Features:

  • Customize your reminders.
  • Sync hip with contacts and calendar.
  • Get reminders on your phone/Apple Watch.

Download hip: Birthday Reminder App (iPhone)

18. Birthday Countdown Widget

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Birthday Countdown Widget is a great app to remember the birthday of your loved ones. No don’t worry, it isn’t another app that you need to check out every once in a while. The app has a 4×1 widget that displays the days or minutes remaining for an upcoming birthday. The widget does support a landscape mode, in case you are using the app on a tablet. You can also choose your own background image to add oomph to the widget.

Main Features:

  • 4×1 widget.
  • Tap to hide the toolbar.
  • Different units to measure your countdown.
  • Photos as background.

Download Birthday Countdown Widget (Android)

19. Event Countdown Lite

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

Event Countdown Lite is one of the best countdown apps for Android. It is featured-packed and the UI is to die for. Not just any certain events, you can manually create events that you must remember. Color-coding is the staple feature that is sure to highlight and separate events depending on their priorities. To jazz up things, you can choose from over 450 icons that will definitely set the events apart.

Main Features:

  • All your events in one place.
  • Colour code your events.
  • Over 450 icons.
  • Add notes to events.

Download Event Countdown Lite Android | iPhone

20. myday

20 Best Countdown Apps for Android & iPhone

The last app on our list of best countdown apps is myday! If you are someone who loves personalization, then this app should be the one for you. There are amazing wallpapers to keep up your spirit, which is easy to design on occasion to occasion. myday also offers you to use countdown the birthdays of your Facebook friends. There’s also the ever-so-loved timely event reminders so that you won’t miss anything important.

Main Features:

  • Offline access.
  • Full access to timetables.
  • Details of your assignments and courses.

Download myday Android | iPhone


What does the countdown app do?

Countdown app acts as a timer for a specific time set by you. You can also set a reminder for an upcoming event.

How do I put a countdown on my phone?

You can either use your phone’s clock app to set a countdown but if it’s for an event, you can download.

What is the best countdown app for Android?

Time Until and My Day are the best countdown apps for Android. They are packed with features. Not to forget the visual appeal.

Is there a retirement countdown app?

Retirement Countdown BY Kulana Media Productions LLC is an amazing app to count the remaining days of anyone’s retirement.


These were the best countdown apps that you can use to remember crucial events related to you or your loved ones. I’ve managed to include a few iPhone apps but the Android apps are robust. Moreover, Android has the ability to use a widget on your home screen and I have included some apps that specifically provide robust widget options.

Which is your best countdown apps from this? Did I miss out on any app? Comment below and share this article with your friends and family.

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