Best Attachment / image search WordPress plugins

Hey guys, Its been a week without updates, but trust me this post will blow up your mind. Do you know about any image search WordPress plugin?

The reason behind writing this is sometimes we require an optimised search result especially for post types such as media. In other words, a search engine for images on your WordPress site.

Excuse me? Is that really possible?

Of course yes! people. WordPress is the best CMS if you are planning for a media based website and it is easy too. This is really going to help you make an image search more flexible and easy. For example, Stock free photos were the first thing I thought when I started writing this post.

image search WordPress plugin
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Also, the default WordPress search does not include these type of customizations. This is because WordPress is a blogging software and the search widget only display blog posts results. For getting search results of attachment files such as .png .jpeg .jpg .pdf .gif .bmp and more, you can use custom WordPress search plugins. Because these plugins are specially made to search any type of files or attachments on a WordPress site. Suppose you want to create a website for providing free Wallpapers. In this case, you will need a search plugin for resulting all the wallpapers according to the keyword at once.

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Best Attachment/image search WordPress plugins

Relevanssi – A better search

Beside other search plugins, Relevanssi is the best of all. I had created a dummy site to see the working of this plugin. And no doubt it worked very well. Using this plugin, search results can be customised for any theme. The another great thing about this plugin is that it is totally FREE. The premium version of the plugin includes multi-site support.

Relevanssi acts as a substitute for default WordPress search. It adds categories and sorting features to the search results. You can also manage or limit the search results by post type. Like you can select “media files” in search query if you want to show images in search results.

Point to remember: In WordPress, images are treated as a post type.

Main features

  • Media/image search.
  • Sorting features for search results.
  • Show recent search queries.
  • Multisite Support (Premium feature).
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Search Everything

Search Everything is another great plugin for creating a better search engine on WordPress. Guys as you get into the things, it becomes easier, right? Similarly, If you know how to use WordPress then you can easily configure this plugin. This plugin has an extensive user interface. In addition to this, it is a FREE plugin.

The search results page can be configured to show attachments and media files. Well, this plugin grabs each and every term from your site like tags, categories, custom taxonomies, page, etc to get optimised search results. It does not search the content which is password protected.

Main features

  • Media/image search.
  • Highlighted search results.
  • Search for comments.
  • Search for drafts and excerpts.
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Well, if you want to spend some money for this feature, you should probably go for SearchWP. This is a premium WordPress plugin with an outstanding feature. This is the best image search WordPress plugin. You can read more about it on its official website.

This plugin has made it easy to search attachment files on your WordPress site. SearchWP is very handy if you want to provide downloads of .pdf files. Also, If you own an eCommerce website, this plugin is amazing. It enables your user to sort the search results by categories and filters.

Furthermore, it is a WooCommerce friendly WordPress plugin. You can also preset the default keyword suggestions to be displayed while the user is typing a query. This plugin has many extensions available for other purposes.

Main features

  • PDF, documents results.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Search by category or tag.
  • Related post to the search query.
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Ajax Search Pro

If you want a professional search on your WordPress site you should go for this plugin. Also, it is a premium WordPress plugin. Using this plugin, search customization becomes easy because search is the fastest way for the visitors to find content.

In addition to this, it is also known as a best live search engine plugin for WordPress. This is because it has nearly 400 customization options according to the plugin page. Well, this plugin is also optimised for mobile devices. Super extensive backend features make this plugin a best for use.

Also, it has its free version available on WordPress named as Ajax search Lite which is also a good image search WordPress plugin.

Main features

  • Image / attachment search.
  • Responsive and fast.
  • Frontend search filters.
  • Layouts and themes.
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Google Custom Search

Products by Google are always good and beneficial. Similarly, this plugin is integrated with Google Custom Search so that you can use it on a WordPress site. Well, the results page can be customised to show images but not attachments. You can set the number of results to display per page.

Google Custom Search results page is not that good but it can be used on blogging sites. Furthermore, if you are a code master you can easily transform this plugin into a high defined search plugin.

Main Features

  • Embed option.
  • Widget Support.
  • Display search results on same or specific pages.
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So, guys, these were some of the good image search WordPress plugins. If you liked this post, do share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter because sharing is caring. If you have any questions in your mind, make the use of comment box.


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