7 Best Apps For Listening Music Online

Android and iOS have increased the utility of the smartphones in the field of entertainment. Everyone of us is fond of some or the other music let it be any genre, language or just instrumental and all of us like to listen to it as and when we wish. So now we do not need to wait for the album or any particular song to become available on television or radios which were the only ways in old times to listen to good music.

But now launch of Android and iOS phones have proved to the boon for passionate music listeners.

Many different apps have been launched worldwide since then which allow you to listen to good music online for free and also provide you to download your favorite songs. These apps bring to you the music all over the world with just one tap! This is fascinating right! You can now listen to your favorite artist anytime, anywhere whenever you feel like! What’s your mood for the day?

Just decide the genre or the mood under which you wish to listen songs and these apps will play best tracks for you!  Let us take a look at the Best Apps For Listening Music Online till date.

1. SoundCloud

Best Apps For Listening Music Online


SoundCloud is one of the top grossed and downloaded online music listening app available on both Android as well as iOS platform. With 100 million downloads this app surely attracts all the passionate music listeners. SoundCloud is bit different from rest of the apps. Majority of the apps provide you with a big list of popular musicians, albums in the market but SoundCloud brings to you the music pieces of rare musicians which are lesser known to people as well as the work of high profile artists who use this app to promote their work. It has also been rated 4.5/5 by over 30,40,394 users! Whoa that’s a huge number!

2. Spotify

Best Apps For Listening Music Online

Spotify is slowly becoming the  popular web subscription-based music streaming app! However downloading Music Paradise Pro app will allow you to have all these features for free! Spotify is not yet available in all the countries across the globe! It provides you unlimited access to browse and stream wide variety of genres, albums, artists, music, etc. just by creating a free spotify player account.

3. Shazam- Discover Music

Best Apps For Listening Music Online

Shazam- Discover Music is another trending music app on android and iOS platform with over 100 million downloads! As its name suggests this app allows you to discover and identify music with just one tap! One can identify the song, sing the song along with lyrics or watch the video of that song all under one roof isn’t it great?

That’s the basic reason why Shazam has gained popularity! All that you expect from a great online music app is available to you with Shazam right from real time charts to offline song playlist everything is available for you!

4. TuneIn Radio

Best Apps For Listening Music Online

TuneIn Radio is also under 100 million popularity community. The TuneIn Radio App allows you to listen to your favorite radio stations, internet radios, podcasts, shows, etc. It has more than 100,000 radios available for its users! It also has the largest selection of free sports talk, music talk as well as news radio across the globe to keep you updated with latest news along with your entertainment.

5. Saavn

Best Apps For Listening Music Online

Saavn is one of the India’s leading online music app with over 50 million downloads and 4.2 / 5 ratings. The Saavn App provides you with wide variety of music, genres, albums of different artists in different languages. You can listen to Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, English, Marathi and songs from many other different languages. It also allows its users to download the songs but requires sign up for the same. Right from real time charts such as weekly top 15 to oldies of golden era to spiritual songs it has all that you need! Just tune in to the app search your favorite album or song and start listening to good music!

6. Gaana

Best Apps For Listening Music Online

Along with Saavn this app also has captured Indian music listeners attention with over 10 million downloads and 4.3 / 5 ratings. The app has its motto viz. “One stop solution to all the music needs of the user”. Just like Saavn after opening this app you are exposed to wide variety of music from newly released hits to old classics, Bollywood to rock and songs from all the regional languages!

7. Jango Radio

Best Apps For Listening Music Online

Jango Radio is another free online music listening app. It is a personalized radio service. It plays the music by your loved artists. You just need to start with the name of your favorite artist and jango radio will create a custom station for you that plays the similar music you wish to listen! If you don’t want to listen to custom music you can tune in to any of the genre stations which are created by the experts.

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Guest Post by Manav Sharma


  1. I only know the first three apps, the others are new for me. I prefer Spotify because has a large number of stuff and always updated!
    I have to download TuneIn Radio so I can listen to the internet radios around the world 🙂

  2. I always listen music via Spotify. I have a paid account and I love it. I really use it a lot. I have several music lists. And it’s so easy to add songs and listen to them. Shazam is very handy to have on your phone for whenever you hear a song and don’t know the title or singer anymore.

  3. Am using Spotify free account 🙂
    Works well and I like it. I will explore the rest sometime 🙂
    Which app is your best favorite?

  4. I was using Shazam for some time, but haven’t been using any of the mentioned above. I think this post comes as a real refreshment and gives us more detailed information about the apps we all need, have and frequently use on our phones. As I read on the forums, Spotify and Sound Cloud are very good, so I think I’ll choose one of them.

  5. My favourite site to discover new music is really SoundCloud, because there are lots of unsigned artists. It is really a place to listen to uncommon artists that are far from the major label artists we can find elsewhere. I didn’t know about Gaana, I might have a look at it someday. Anyway, great article!


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