7 Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

If you are a student who just gets 2 to 3 hours in the college labs to learn to programme, then you might feel it is quite daunting. But in this fast-paced world where almost everything is shifting online and getting technological, programming is sure one of the best career options. But the question is what is programming even? Well, it is a branch of computer science wherein you learn to write desktop, mobile or web apps. Sounds fascinating right? But programming is indeed difficult. You can’t just learn some codes and turn a developer overnight, as it is all the efforts and hard work behind this splendid career.

But don’t lose hope as to become a good programmer you must learn and practice by making your basic concepts strong and then moving to advanced topics. So, if you don’t have a PC at your home or you think learning programming from a computer is quite exhausting, then don’t worry there are a number of Android apps to guide you. So, cutting down the chase here is a list of 7 Best Android Apps To Learn Programming which will surely make you a pro in the technological world.

7 Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

  • Programming Hub, Learn to code
  • Udemy
  • Dcoder
  • Encode
  • Mimo
  • Lynda
  • Udacity

1. Programming Hub, Learn to code

Learn all the top programming languages anywhere and anytime with the Programming Hub, Learn to code app. The top programming languages include C programming, C++, Java, HTML, R programming, and significant others. In addition, the app features over 1800+ programs in 17+ languages with online console compiler that will enhance your coding skills from your smartphone whenever you want. And the best part your learning journey won’t stop even if your internet does because the app supports offline mode. So, learn to programme from the top experts in the best and most precise way possible with the Programming Hub, Learn to code app.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main Features:

  1. Over 1800+ programs in 17+ languages and counting.
  2. Offline Use.
  3. Categorized view for programs.
  4. Wrap Code for Programs.
  5. UI translated into 13 regional languages.

2. Udemy – Online Courses

Learn courses in anything from programming languages to development classes by expert instructors only with the Udemy – Online Courses app. The app covers courses in over 2,000 topics that includes a wide range of subjects which means your learning from this app will never stop. Also, extending with programming, the app includes all the popular programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Swift, and many more. In addition to a number of development courses such as photography, lifestyle, health, and fitness, etc. So, learn at your own pace anywhere and anytime with both free and paid courses from  Udemy – Online Courses.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main Features:

  1. Learn from experts.
  2. Learn offline.
  3. Free and paid courses.
  4. Over 2,000 topics.

3. Dcoder

Learn code and algorithms directly from your Android device with the Dcoder app. The app has a wide range of top programme languages such as C++, Java, Php, Ruba, and significant others. In addition, the app uses a Rich Text Editor which supports syntax highlight and is packed with all the necessary tools that offer you all the edge that an IDE or code compiler is supposed to. Also, the app supports multiple languages for easy learning. So, compile and execute your code snippets on your Android devices with no hassle with the Dcoder app.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main Features:

  1. Rich Text Editor.
  2. 33+ Programming Languages.
  3. Custom Suggestion View.
  4. Multiple Language Support.
  5. Active debug view for faster access to Output.

4. Encode: Learn to Code

Get your hands on plenty of interactive coding challenges and learn to code from the start with the Encode app. The expertise tutors from the app will strive hard to teach you Python, Javascript, and essentials of HTML and CSS. And the best part you’re learning won’t stop even when you are offline as the app works in offline mode too. So, learn to code without any past coding experience and take part in mini-code challenges that will make you perfect only with the help of  Encode: Learn to Code app.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main Features:

  1. Bite-sized lessons.
  2. Plenty of interactive coding challenges.
  3. Learn the essentials of HTML and CSS.
  4. Offline mode.

5.  Mimo: Learn to Code

No matter how much experience you have, with Mimo: Learn to Code app you can advance your career anytime you want. The app creates a personalized curriculum of fun and effective exercises, projects, and challenges that will keep you motivated in your day-to-day life. Also, Mimp supports a number of programming languages such as Python, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, Java, C#, C++, Ruby, Git, and many more. So, learn codes even at a tight schedule and collect achievements as you prosper only with the Mimo: Learn to Code app.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main Features:

  1. Programming from scratch.
  2. A personalized curriculum of fun and effective exercises.
  3. Effective projects.
  4. Achievements and badges.

6. Lynda – Online Training Videos

Lynda – Online Training Videos is an app which makes it easy to learn skills on demand with their huge subscription library that is available on Linkedin Learning. The app includes numerous videos which cover almost every topic from learning how to code to photography and editing, from business skills to music production, from excel skills to animation and many such more. In addition, you can also stream course videos to your TV with Chromecast for better learning and watching. So, get a personalized learning experience on almost every important topic with the Lynda.com which is now converted in Linkedin Learning.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main Features:

  1. Get personalized course recommendations.
  2. Stream course videos to your TV with Chromecast.
  3. Share courses across social network apps.
  4. Subscription library.
  5. Video tutorials.

7. Udacity – Lifelong Learning

Manage your personalized learning experience in today’s hottest fields with the Udacity – Lifelong Learning app. The app covers courses developed with industry experts from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Github, and more. In addition, the app works even without an internet connection by already downloading the content you want. Also, you can track your progress by connecting with your mentor directly through the app. And with Udacity you can exceed in the fields of  Data Science, AI, Web and App Development, and more. So, get your hands on world-class content via an innovative platform only with the Udacity – Lifelong Learning app.

Best Android Apps To Learn Programming

Main features:

  1. Personalized learning.
  2. Offline work sessions.
  3. Skills that will advance your career.
  4. World class content.

So, here are the 7 Best apps that will help you to learn to programme as a master. Although there are a number of other apps too in the market which serves the same purpose. But these 7 apps are surely worth a try. As each of the above apps will teach you all the top programming language from expert professionals.

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    Useful post as usual. Here, happy to know about best Android apps to learn programming. With the help of these apps we can learn basic programming languages through our Android smartphone.

    There are multiple online tutorial sites where we can learn programming, but those sites are PC compatible. These programming apps can be proved very helpful in learning basic of programming languages over a smartphone.

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