The Hidden Agenda Of Backlinks In SEO – What is Backlink ?

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Beginners often employ wrong SEO techniques to increase the number of backlinks and that is why it is essential for them to understand, What is Backlink ? and what are the advantages of Backlinks ?

Without knowing the drawbacks you should never adopt any technique especially when you are a beginner. Where the right techniques can bring your website on the top, employing wrong techniques may create a severe problem and may down your site’s search engine ranking.

I am not scaring you but I am telling you the truth, Only quality links are useful for a website. Let’s just do not waste more time and get started with the definition of backlink.

What is Backlink ?

A backlink is a link from any other website which comes back to your website. Backlink also referred as Inbound link plays an important role in improving SEO status of a website.

There are some basic terms in backlinks that every web owner should know. Beginners usually scroll posts without reading full blog post properly and they end up making low-quality links.

Basic terms involved in Backlinks :

  • High-quality links : These are the links that come from a website which has high search engine ranking, high page ranking, good domain authority, etc. in addition to relevancy i.e they should be related to your content.
  • Low-quality links :  Links that come from low-quality sites, irrelevant and spam sites are called as low-quality links. These links will never benefit your site but will surely harm your site.
  • Internal links : Internal links are the links which point any other content belonging to the same website. For example – You link your present post with your past post.
  • External links : They are the links that point any other domain name or a website.
  • Link Juice : Link juice is an interesting term in the SEO that means ranking power of a link. It helps in indexing, ranking and in increasing domain authority as well.
  • Do-follow links : ”Dofollow” links allow search engines to follow the links,  They pass link juice. Try to get more are more Do-follow backlinks from quality sites.
  • No-follow links : Search engines do not follow ”Nofollow” backlinks, they will ignore the links, they do not pass link juice. Generally, Comment sections have Nofollow attribute. But for you they are of no use, stop commenting unnecessarily.


Advantages of Backlinks

Backlinks increase Search Engine Ranking, popularity and the traffic of a website. Bad links are very harmful and should be avoided, Only natural ways should be employed for generating backlinks.

Let’s see some of the main advantages of quality Backlinks and why getting backlinks to your website is always a good idea :

Improves search engine ranking :


Backlinks improve search engine rankings only if they are of high quality. Search Engines consider Backlinks as one of the most important factors for ranking a website in search result page. If your content is getting natural links i.e. people are sharing your link then you can expect high ranking for that content in search engine result pages ( SERP’s).

Many people start generating backlinks from everywhere, even from low-quality sites, they forget that only high-quality backlinks are important not all will benefit your site.

Increases web traffic : 

You, me, everyone out there is working continuously just to increase Web traffic. The traffic you will get from quality backlinks will be considered organic traffic and that is a great news Right ?

Let’s take an example, Person A and Person B both are bloggers with a somewhat related niche. Person B links to Person A’s post in his blog post, The visitors reading Person B’s post find Person A’s link interesting then they will visit that link i.e. Person A will get new visitors and Person B will earn reader’s trust because may be visitors would consider his site ( Post ) as a good source of information. This is how it works !!!

Helps a site to get indexed faster :

 Your website will get indexed faster than it used to be before. Backlinks help search engines to discover your site’s content easily. Indexing is very important step carried by Search Engines to introduce your content to The World.

Things you should always keep in your mind while creating backlinks :

  • Generate Backlinks from authoritative sites only.
  • Do not make a mistake by adopting wrong techniques.
  • Use Search Engine recommended techniques.
  • Google and others usually deindex and penalize a website which is making use of bad practices. For example : link spamming, paid links, selling backlinks.
  • Quality backlinks are more useful than the quantity.

There are some natural ways to generate backlinks. If you want to get backlinks to your site then I have some suggestions for you, they are safe and most popular techniques to get backlinks easily. Let’s see how you can easily create backlinks : –

  • Submit your Website to All major Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.
  • Make Social pages with the name of your Website and share your links with the public, in the groups, and in the communities, this will surely help you to build lots of high-quality backlinks. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.
  • Offer a unique and interesting Content to the readers. This is one of the best method and always will be.
  • Create Newsletters and Let people subscribe to you, this is also a great thing that one should.
  • Comment on website’s which have high page rank and try to get Dofollow links if possible, don’t comment unnecessarily.
  • Join Open Directory Projects like, because they will help you to increase backlinks.
  • Use Google Search Console ( Google webmaster tools ) because it is great tool and tells you many secrets to increase your website’s Ranking, popularity, presence, etc.

These are some techniques which are absolutely free and do-able though they are not best but still they are safe and good. Soon I will write a separate post in which I will discuss 10+ great ways to get high quality backlinks to your site. You can subscribe to our newsletter if you don’t want to miss any updates.

Summary of the post  : ( Only important point )

Backlinks has a key role in SEO. The more quality backlinks in a page, the chances become high for that page to perform better in search engine results. High quality links only will benefit your site. Employ natural ways recommended by Search Engines.

Avoid :

  • Generating low quality backlinks.
  • Link spamming and paid links.

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Last updated: June 15, 2016

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Satyansh Tiwari is the co-founder of 3nions and currently an Electrical Engineering Student. He is a blogger, writer, graphic designer and SEO enthusiast. When he is free, he loves experiencing nature and traveling.


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