How Apps & Tech Are Transforming the Way Charities Raise Money

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Technology has taken over the world and especially in the past few years, we have all seen huge leaps of technology in the world. The world is now moving more and more forward towards the use of applications and websites. We are all now gathered with smart watches, cell phones, tablets and laptops and let’s face it, all of it has now become a necessity of our life. People are drawn more and more towards technology and online websites etc because why not? You can now reach a wide range of people easily by using social media and other online websites and it is less difficult to approach people online than it is to go door to door.

Same is the case with the charities and the organizations that work to collect charity. Technology has affected the way charities raise money in a very positive way and there are now clear changed in how technology is making things easier for fundraisers.

Here are a few ways in which tech is helping in fundraising:

1. You can reach more people

Apps & Tech Are Transforming the Way Charities Raise Money

It is but a fact that charities can now approach more people online and it is easy to contact the target audience on one single platform than to go from door to door.  Almost everyone now owns a cellphone or a computer and the percentage of people having access to internet is now growing on a rapid pace. So, only if the fundraisers know the proper way of utilizing online websites and social sites to reach their target audience then they surely can raise a lot of money easily.

2. Easily conveying the mission and goals

Just because so many people have now access to the internet, it becomes easier for the charities to convey their mission and goals to their audience. People can make some research on you and the mission of your organization and hence there will be a bigger figure who will be ready to make some charity.

3. Easy donations

Apps & Tech Are Transforming the Way Charities Raise Money

Technology has now given people a number of options and ways to donate. Some can donate via text messages or just by clicking on a button and even by watching an advertisement. Previously people had to wait for weeks to know if their cheques had gone through or not but now it’s not about cheques or cash in fact your time is what the charities want and your clicks and messages are now more important for fundraising.

4. Instant Sharing of Information

Technology has also helped charities in saving lives because now information can be shared immediately.  With the help of different applications and online websites organizations like Ukraine Orphanages and Red Cross can easily receive and distribute funds. According to Red Cross, their app has been downloaded 2.5 million times by people who wanted first aids or information on national disaster. So, all of this indicates that technology is helping a big time in saving lives, keeping people updated and making things easier for charities in fundraising.

The organizations can now reach people easily and collect funds immediately without getting into much hustle and all of this is because of the advancement of technology. Technology is giving us so much and benefiting us in so many aspects that we just can’t thank it enough.

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Last updated: January 31, 2018

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