Apple Watch 5 Accidentally Leaked by Apple

Leaks are common nowadays. Before the product is officially launched, we get to see glimpses of what they could look like or what new features they would bring to the table. But as they say, change is constant and this year, we got to see Google give a sneak-peek into their upcoming Google Pixel 4 smartphone. While Apple would never do such a thing, it actually leaked the upcoming Apple Watch Series 5 in the watchOS 6 developers’ beta.

iHelp BR’s Filipe Esposito was the one who spotted the launch date in the iOS 13. The latest WatchOS beta confirms that the Cupertino giant will is working on new ceramic and titanium watch models that will make Apple Watch users scream “Hallelujah!”

The leak is derived from the animation that appears during the Apple Watch models. This information appears during the Apple Watch setup process. In addition, both ceramic and titanium variants will come in two sizes – 40mm and 44mm. Keep in mind that the animation does not mention that the watch in question is the Apple Watch 5. But a ceramic model wasn’t available for the Apple Watch Series 4 so it corroborates with the leaks so far.

The return of ceramic does intrigue fans as it might introduce a new metal into Apple’s ecosystem – Titanium. Seeing that the new Apple Card is made of titanium, the Apple Watch Series 5 could debut with titanium.

All will be clear on September 10 when Apple officially launches new iPhones and maybe the Watches.


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