Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Qualcomm & other Firms to Team up for a New Wi-Fi Network

Silicon Valley’s tech giants will come team up to enhance the Wi-Fi connectivity by making it better. Apple, Google, HP, Microsoft, and Qualcomm are all a part of this team that will help us browse the internet a bit faster with some recommendations from each of them. website has reported that the said team has pitched the idea of a new WiFi bandwidth for 6GHz to the Federal Communications Commission. The enhancements will include reliable connectivity for AR/VR headsets, smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.

Apple, Facebook, Google, HP, Microsoft, Qualcomm & other Firms to Team up for a New Wi-Fi Network

Apple and Google are interested in supporting 6GHz WiFi as they can incorporate those in their phones. They can use it for a virtual assistant based equipped in the car infotainment system, AR/VR headset,  and other devices that could ideally use the same band.

The letter sent to FCC Secretary Marlene Dortch included the following excerpts:
“As detailed in the slide presentation, we explained that VLP operations in the 6 GHz band operating without Automated Frequency Coordination (“AFC”) at 14 dBm EIRP, or -5 dBm/MHz radiated Power Spectral Density (“PSD”), would present no real-world risk of harmful interference to licensed FS operations. We also explained that the 4 dB of body loss included in the PSD analysis on slide 4 of the presentation is a very conservative estimate of losses given the common use cases VLP would support, such as automotive infotainment, device-to-device video streaming mobile AR/VR, and tethering.”

Some reports claim that this future tech could benefit vehicles by introducing peer to peer connectivity between them, especially self-driving cars which would help prevent crashes. Rumors suggest that Apple is already working on a project that might be connected with the new Wi-Fi tech.

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