Best Android & iOS Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Best productivity apps are the ones which will help you in not wasting the time. These apps will help you when you are traveling somewhere alone (or) bored in the room. Moreover, we are not including any logical games as they won’t come under productivity. Let’s jump on to the main things and find out few productivity apps. If you are already aware of all these apps, then you are pretty smart in utilizing your time.

If you are using any other productivity app, then do let us know through the comments below and we will add it to the list.

Best Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Below is the list of best productivity apps which will help you to get more knowledge and makes your work easier.

1. Evernote

It’s a famous note taking app. You might have a default notes app on your phone but this app will help you to get synced with all your devices. Write down your wish list, to do list and notes even while you are traveling. This app also works offline and syncs with all your devices when you come online. I use this app regularly to make posts and to take down some important points from any meeting.

Download Evernote for Android

Download Evernote for iOS

2. Camscanner

This helps you to scan all the important documents to your phone and you can also send them over any medium such as WhatsApp, Gmail or any other sharing app. It helps you in keeping your documents handy all the time and also you can sync them to any of your devices and PCs by just logging into your cam scanner account.

This is the best app to keep all your important ids and receipts on your phone. This app scans like a regular scanner with 100 percent perfection. Moreover, you can also download it in PDF or jpeg or png format as per your wish.

Download Camscanner for Android

Download Camscanner for iOS

3. Strides

Scheduling and reaching your goals is very tough in a hectic schedule. We need reminders for everything and this app helps us in reminding our goals. Imagine a day with hectic work and continuous meetings, obviously, you will skip everything as you are in a hurry but, strides reminds you to drink some water and to complete your workouts. Above all, it congratulates you when you complete your milestone which is really a great option.

For android, we have added the link of Habit tracker app which does the same work with more features as strides is only available for iOS users.

Download Habit Tracker for Android

Download Strides for iOS

4. Flipboard

Apps To Boost Your Productivity

If you wanna stay updated then Flipboard is highly recommended. It deals with every topic and updates all happenings all over the world. The best thing here is you can set your favorite topics to receive all latest updates on your interests.

Apart from this, its interface is so smooth and easy to read. Just flip it for the next news. Sounds pretty easy it and it’s much easier when you put on your hands.

Download Flipboard for Android

Download Flipboard for iOS


Apps To Boost Your Productivity

This is the application which can automate all the things in your life and helps you to make your life easier. This app full form itself defines the motive of the app ( IF This Then That ). It helps you in sending out the notifications when you reach a specific location or home. It can be used in many ways and you can even automate your home system with these apps. In addition to this, it also has a feature to track RF ID tag and when you reached near to it, the action which you set will be triggered. For example, you set an action to turn on wifi when you come near to the RF ID tag then wifi will be turned on when you approach it. You can set this to your home doors and office doors to automatically get connected to wifi.

This app can be used in many other ways like retweeting your fav hero tweets and getting the weather forecast daily at 7 AM in the morning.

Download IFTTT for Android

Download IFTTT for iOS

6. Buzzfeed

Apps To Boost Your Productivity

Everyone likes the funny and viral content. Buzzfeed network is famous for its viral news and they publish awesome posts with a great sense of humor. I never felt bored while reading a story in Buzzfeed and it’s not like a regular news application but they concentrate on all viral news and adds humor to it.

You will find all viral and interesting topics at one place and that’s BuzzFeed. I love using this application and especially their videos are wowsome.

This app can be used in many other ways like retweeting your fav hero tweets and getting the weather forecast daily at 7 AM in the morning.

Download Buzzfeed for Android

Download Buzzfeed for iOS


Apps To Boost Your Productivity

This application helps you in listing down your day to day activities. Write down the list of activities you need to perform tomorrow and mark it as done once completed. This is the very much useful app if you are a busy person and managing different works at a time.

This app also syncs across all your devices such as pc and mobiles. There is also a special chrome extension which displays all the listed activities in google chrome browser.

Download for Android

Download for iOS


We have listed the best productivity apps which came to our mind and do let us know through the comments section below in case we missed any awesome app. Do subscribe to our blog to get all latest updates directly to your mailbox for free.

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