Amazon Top Ranking Techniques Help You Outrank Competition

Amazon Top Ranking Techniques Help You Outrank Competition

Amazon Listing Optimization Techniques to Get into Amazon’s Top Rankings

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People always want to take their business to the next level, and they always approach different ways to do that.

Mostly we can see small scale businesses are simply taking their businesses to the next level with the Amazon sellers program.

And this program has been a tremendous gift for lots of small businesses. And I am pretty sure that most of you have heard about this program and even few of you might be doing business with Amazon through their program.

Until now everything is fine, but are you getting your desired sales from the Amazon or have you seen your sales dropping from Amazon.

If you saw a drop off in sales then, it happens because as this program was spreading day by day lots of sellers are registering with Amazon and its competition has been increased.

You just can’t rank for a product so easily on Amazon search engine, because thousands of sellers will sell the same product on Amazon.


Have you ever thought to outrank your competition and make it top of the search?

If so did you do it?

I damn sure that most of you might only try Amazon instructions to outrank the competition, but it isn’t enough beyond that they are few more factors.

If you want to know more about those factors, then you are at the right place.

Here I am going to say about the astonishing way of Amazon listing optimization technique which is used to outrank the competition and climb on the top of search results.

Factors that affect Amazon Rankings:

Product Titles

Amazon Top Ranking Techniques Help You Outrank Competition
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Titles are crucial for almost any kind of post, or product or anything else. When it comes to Amazon title, play a significant role in ranking because search engines always try to find the relevant results.

If you have any frustration in creating titles, then you can take the help of blog title generators.

You can find some ravishing key phrases to include in your title, and you can also find some better and innovative titles in those blog title generators and make use of them in the product headers.

  • Amazon usually has a product title limit of 500 words so don’t ever cross that word count.
  • You can use keywords as your wish in those 500 characters but always do remember that all keywords should be relevant and don’t repeat the same keyword.

Amazon Bullet Points

Amazon bullet points are mainly focused on writing about product specifications and details you can find those bullet points right beneath the title.

Adding keywords in bullet points is a good factor because those keywords are very close to image, price and product title and so that they are visible to everyone.

Amazon keywords

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Amazon is specifically having a field called Amazon keyword and it is a very vital factor in ranking higher on Amazon.

There is no need to add the same keyword which you used in the title and bullet points in this field, but if you haven’t added any keywords in the title and Amazon bullet points, then you can insert the keyword into the keyword field.

Amazon allows you to add five keyword phrases if you want to add then you can make use of that.

Place Your Product in the Correct Category

Vital and most crucial part of Amazon sellers is placing a perfect category for the product you sell. It helps users to find your product quickly and also make search engines to believe it belongs to that category.

Amazon uses an advanced category structure with full of sub-categories and these categories are called browse tree Guides in Amazon languages.

If you don’t properly categorise your category, then you will lose your visibility on refined and unexpected searches.

Interesting Technique to Outrank Competitors

If you want to rank well regardless of how horribly you have UN-optimized your titles, bullet points and keywords.

Then you can make use of someone else listing.

If you are competing on price, then this thing is not allowed, but it’s recommended.

Write down the ASIN number (Here ASIN refers to Amazon Standard Identification number)

  • Visit Amazon as if you are customer and search for a product.
  • Take a note of the products that are ranking higher than your products. (Note: do it in non-prime listing)
  • Get Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). ASINs are blocks of 10 letters or numbers that identify items
  • Add ASIN to the product fields.
  • Get the brand name noted.
  • The brand in your product field should be changed to the brand on listing.
  • Make sure that your product price is less than the lowest seller for at least 1 penny.
  • Your product will be matched to Amazon.

That’s it with above technique you can outrank your competitors.


This is how you can also optimize your products on Amazon for boosting sales. These are the tips and techniques that marketers on Amazon rarely revels anywhere on the internet. You can simply implement them and take benefit out of huge competition.

Amazon Top Ranking Techniques Help You Outrank Competition

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