AdsOptimal Review – Best CPM Ad Network of 2017

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AdsOptimal Review – Best CPM Ad Network of 2017.

No doubt! AdsOptimal is the best Google Adsense alternative. Google Adsense is bloggers first choice when it comes to earning money from their blog or website. But getting Adsense approval itself is a significant achievement. Many bloggers and site owners don’t even get Adsense Approval and give up on Adsense. My site got the Adsense Approval within few days, and I tried Adsense on my blog, but it wasn’t paying even close to my expectations. Then I came to know about AdsOptimal when I was searching for Adsense alternative that I can use to monetize my blog.

Most of us wait for Google Adsense to perform well and generate decent money for us. We keep waiting and waiting, but Adsense never performs better. It is always better to keep experimenting with new Ad Networks. Do not settle until and unless you find the best match for your site. Today, We will take a closer look at AdsOptimal Ad network and help you decide whether it is right for your website or not.

About AdsOptimal Company

AdsOptimal Review

AdsOptimal is accessible Online Advertising Network suitable for all kind of websites. AdsOptimal started in October 2012, and It is located in San Francisco, California. With highest CPM rates and low minimum payment, AdsOptimal is becoming bloggers first choice and a primary source of revenue.

They are partnered with Google Adsense, Double Click ( by Google ), Criteo and Media LifeStreet. Over 100,000 sites are already using AdsOptimal. You can trust AdsOptimal and can use it to monetize your site.

AdsOptimal for Publishers

You get paid via Paypal or cheque, once you reach $50 which is the minimum balance to receive Payment. Most of the Ad Network have a high Minimum payout. Google Adsense pays you when you reach $100 whereas PropellerAds has Minimum payout $100 for Payoneer payments and $500 for wire transfers. Google doesn’t even support Paypal.

AdsOptimal allows you to Immerse your audience through Virtual Reality advertising.

Publishers can also increase CPMs with Premium Virtual Reality Ad Formats. AdsOptimal let you earn 10% commissions from your referrals for the 0ne year. AdsOptimal is specially designed and optimized for mobile sites, which is good news for site owners as they can maximize their revenue since the majority of visitors come from iPhones/Android phones.

AdsOptimal offers a free SignUp bonus of $15 for premium websites and $10 for websites which are not premium or high quality.

Requirements to get AdsOptimal Approval

  • No minimum traffic requirement.
  • A site must have legal contents and the visitors should be Humans, not Robots.
  • Shouldn’t have porn related contents.

Types of Ads :

1. Page-Level Ads (Mobile)


Page-level Ads are basically to monetize Mobile traffic. As you can see in the screenshot, there are total four types of Mobile ( Page-level ) Ads.

Once you paste the Page-level Ad code on your site, AdsOptimal will automatically show Page-level ads at optimal times when they’re likely to perform better.

2. Inline Ads


You can choose any advertisement format from available Ad formats. To monetize your Mobile and Desktop traffic both Inline Ads are best option. Inline ads can run together with Page-Level ads.

Available Ad sizes :

300×250 ( Medium Rectangle )

728×90 ( Leaderboard )

300×100 ( 3:1 Rectangle )

160×600 ( Wide Skyscraper )

320×50 ( Small Leaderboard )

Number of Ad Placements :

DeviceMaximum Allowance
Desktop5 units
Tablet3 units per viewable area
MobileOnly one unit per viewable area

Pros and Cons of AdsOptimal :


  • No minimum traffic requirement, easy approval process, and better user experience.
  • Hassle free Advertising. I have used many Ad networks but never found any of them as easy as AdsOptimal except Adsense. Serving Ads becomes very easy with AdsOptimal.
  • Minimum Payout is $50, and you can receive the payment via Paypal or cheque.
  • You will never find Malicious ads; Only high-quality Ads are served.
  • AdsOptimal let you Monetize your mobile traffic to Maximize Revenues.
  • High CPM rates.
  • Non-premium websites will get $10 and Premium websites will get $15 as a Reward.
  • Ad Management becomes very easy with AdsOptimal  WordPress & Joomla Plugin. 


  • Inline Ads are not responsive/mobile friendly.
  • Customer support is said to be 24/7, but they take more than a day or two days to respond.

How to Sign Up and start earning with AdsOptimal?

  1. First, You will have to Sign Up Click on the Sign Up button and fill out the details and then Click on Submit. dkkfkd
  2. ” Thank You for Signing Up ” this message will be shown. Click on Go to Get Code to continue.
  3. Now you will be asked to enter your blog/website under Add sites to your account . Enter your blog URL and hit Search and wait. AdsOptimal will crawl and show Alexa Rank and Google Page Rank.
  4. The review may take 1-5 business days. If your site gets to approve, you will receive a notification email with invitation link.
  5. Click on the invitation link to complete the registration process.
  6. You will have to wait until you receive a confirmation email. In the confirmation email, you will receive dashboard link.
  7. Click on the dashboard link to get the access to “Get code”.
  8. Paste the Ad code on your website. Done !!!

Now you are ready to maximize your revenues with AdsOptimal.

AdsOptimal Payment Proof

Here is a Payment Proof from AdsOptimal that I received via PayPal.

AdsOptimal Payment Proof

Should You Join AdsOptimal ?

Yes, You should try AdsOptimal at least Once. AdsOptimal is one of the best CPM Ad Network and the best Google Adsense alternative. If you have a low traffic website, then it can take 6-12 months or more to get your first $100 from Adsense. AdsOptimal has a minimum payout of $50, and it pays $15 free bonus to premium websites and $10 to low-quality sites.

AdsOptimal will help you receive your first ever earning within few months even if your site gets 500 views/day.

I am not Joking !

Here is the proof :

If Google Adsense didn’t approve your site or you want to replace Google Adsense with some other Ad Network, then AdsOptimal may be the best Solution to monetize your site and earn money.

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AdsOptimal Review.

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Last updated: May 3, 2017

Authored by :

Satyansh Tiwari is the co-founder of 3nions and currently an Electrical Engineering Student. He is a blogger, writer, graphic designer and SEO enthusiast. When he is free, he loves experiencing nature and traveling.


Bheru Lal Gaderi

Hey bro nice post with good information ,you write it very well and mostly you explain all thing after read this post no need other inquiry about it thanks

Glad you liked this post .

Satyansh, This is an amazing information you shared with us ! Really your content and writing is superior. This post will help me a lot. have a question that can I use both (Google Adsense as well AdsOptimal) at once in a same blog ? If yes, should I or not ? One more thing, if I’ll monetize both then my post and blog will look annoying or it can create bad user experience ? Suggestions needed.

Hello ! Sameer.
Yes, You can use both Adsense and Adsoptimal on the same blog.
Even I use Adsoptimal and Adsense together.
Adsoptimal is performing better than Adsense for us and the minimum balance to receive the payment is only $50 for Adsoptimal.
You should definitely try AdsOptimal.

That was a quick reply. Thank you Satyansh ! keep up bro 🙂

Hello, I’m actually a publisher on adsoptimal, and im getting a very bad rate :
0.03$ for 17000impressions…Solutions ?

And yes, how do you get premium clicks or premium ads ?


Use 2 ads one inside the post content and second in the sidebar.
If you get clicks then you can have a better cpm rate.
I have no idea how I get premium ads but my account level is : Gold.
Gold account holders are served with high quality premium Ads having high RPM.
In the beginning i was getting 0.05$ but within a month it started performing well.

Alright, first of all thanks for that fast answer because their support is said to be 24/7 but hasn’t answered me yet.

Im on it for about a week now so yeah, I guess im gonna wait a bit and see if the rates are increasing.

I also wanted to know, is the “smart bottom” showing on your site ? Because its not on mine.


I haven’t tried smart bottom .
I only use inline ads as they are less annoying.

That was a to the point review..Great work.
As mentioned above 2 optimal ads would be sufficient, would you like to suggest the ad size which worked well for you..?

Thanks Navin.
300×250 ( Medium Rectangle ) in between the post content works much better for me.

hello friends adsoptimal is not sending my money. and found that this adnetwork is a scam ad network. If are using it so please stop serving their ads.

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