Adding Maximum Value To Your Content

We have been listening to a famous quote about content to be the king when someone talks about SEO.

I would say certain things make content “The King” in fact. Today I am going to share a walk through to awesome content development.

“Let’s Beat Everyone As Nothing Is Impossible”

Before starting let’s make it understood that we are focusing on adding maximum value to the content we develop. And….! We want to beat the number one in search engine results regarding content only.

Just ignore off-page SEO while you are starting to create content.

High authority is to take you to the number one while it’s the content which will decide your stay there.

In case, you are targeting high competition keywords; then you must pay max attention on content first.

I am excited to share my experience, and I’d love your feedback if you can point out anything else.

So, let’s move on to explore….

Competitor’s Content Looks

“Making excellent content” takes a lot of hard work and time.

So, the first thing is to analyze how much efforts are required instead of blindly starting giving your extreme.

I am talking about manually analyzing your competitors.

Although, this heading doesn’t contribute the max, to make your content amazing. But here; the focus is to keep you energetic and motivated as per difficulty requirements.

“Work Smart Instead of Hard”

I am assuming that you’ve already done necessary keyword research. In case you want to update your keyword research knowledge, check out this fantastic resource for correct keyword hunting.

So, here is what you need to look for when analyzing the content of your competitors:

  • User’s requirements and competitor’s output.
  • Competitor’s design and presentation.
  • Content length.

Last two points are self-explanatory. I mean in these days search engines are loving great content.

So, just try to beat the number of words in general, with a fine value.

And, I’d like to ask this from you guys as well:

What do think about the perfect length of an article? How long should it be to beat the competitors along with maintaining user engagement?

Look at the website design of your competitors. It’s not a major factor, but it certainly plays a part when you and your competitors have same content quality.

How your competitors are presenting the content???

I mean, is it only write-up or they are using graphics and videos as well?

Well, these days, users are attracted to infographics, videos, and typographies as compared to simple write-ups. I am sure you already know that. 🙂

The first point which I have mentioned is the most important in fact.

What user is asking for and what the results are providing?

Must look for information that your competitors lag. Also check, if your competitor’s content is outdated.

Keep on the research work, planning and move to the next step.

Unique Information and Presentation

Now that you have collected necessary information about the content of your competitors, it’s time to do something more than what they have already done.

Just as I have mentioned three points in the previous heading, let’s workout on the first point once again.

  1. Look at your major targeting keyword for the content you are working on
  2. Write down the possible user’s queries as per your topic
  3. Point out significant information that your competitors lag (if any)
  4. Write down about any extra information which may add to your web’s engagement as per your topic/keyword

Have you collected something more than your competitors???

Great! 🙂

Let’s move on to content presentation and the web design.

Review the data you have collected while looking at the networks of your competitors.

Think of your audience’s taste and pay the designer to make your resource dominating.

Point out if you need infographics and video presentation of your content as per your competition. And now act accordingly to make it more engaging.

Let’s head over to next part…! 🙂

Incredibly Engaging Start

Now one can deny the importance of a beautiful start.
Your starting is the decision maker, either your user is going read complete or just thinking about walking away in the first minute.

A few acts which can be done are as under:

  1. Give your content’s layout in the form of graphics.
  2. Design a proper content flow in the beginning (just like a unique story).
  3. In the case of content related to tips and strategies, always state the best actionable and easy part first.
  4. Add an introductory video or infographic
  5. In case of developing guides, act like you are having a conversation with your viewer

Most of these points are self-explanatory, and you might have known already.
If you are ignoring these, it’s time to start over.

Your article layout, in the beginning, is crucial. It’s going to tell your viewers what they are going to get from your content.

It can be in the form of a table of content may be. But I like clickable infographics in this case.

Can you point out something else which can make the starting super awesome??? Must share your views in comments.

Pre-Posting Promotion Plan

I often use to say that:

“Content promotion is also a value parameter of your resource.”

It’s probably the case that your web isn’t going to hit the first page of Google on very first day of posting. I am not talking about; then you may hit even.

We are going to stick with the first option that our content is not going to rank high in the first days.

At this point, social media promotion plan comes into action.

I believe that you already have a setup of your social media fans. And if you don’t, make it right now.

Yes, I am talking about Facebook, google+, twitter, Instagram and email promotions, etc.

Let your content reach your audience before asking Google to take care of that.

I am sure you got the point here.

Coming to the next part:

Brand Your Writing Style

It’s something out of the box which is not that major but can surely make a difference.

For a moment, think of the fans of your web/blog. They truly like your writing style even if you are not working to on it. It’s quite natural. 🙂

I always try to be a conversational while writing an article. And my regular readers have often praised my writing style.

I am not asking you to be super skilled in that. But adopt a style if you can.

It is one of the parameters which will make your web/blog a brand.

In case, you want to look at my write-ups for analysis.

I’d love if you can let me know if I have a different style or I was just bluffing all the way. 🙂

I am sure you are not going to mind that much. 😉

It’s your turn now.

What do you think is important to make winning content?

Please note that we are not talking about SEO parameters like on-page, off page and keyword research, etc. As these have a particular value when we speak of content.

Author bio:

I’m Ali Haider blogger by passion, programmer by love, and SEO expert by birth.



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