8 Best Practices for Implementing Voice Marketing in 2018

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If you have been following technology news, you won’t be able to miss a new trend – use of conversational user interfaces (UI), like Amazon Alexa, Google Home or even Facebook bots. This technology is now booming. Unfortunately, not many of us know about the conversational user interface, let alone what voice marketing can do for your business.

If you are looking for complete and advanced marketing techniques, then you can check Small Square. You should also check out the following practices, which can help you in implementing voice marketing techniques and be ahead of your competitors.

8 Best Practices for Implementing Voice Marketing in 2018

1. Use The Right Tools

Just like you do in traditional marketing, even in voice marketing, you need to use the right tools, or else it won’t yield the correct results. So, make sure that your website is mobile friendly, easily navigable and the content is comprehensive and understandable. The idea is to think like a human being and not like a robot.

2. Envision & Strategize

Well, any type of marketing that you do needs a plan and you need to envision it first. After you have envisioned the plan, you need to strategize and break it into small actionable steps. Same is the case with voice marketing. You need to have a plan first, and then you can strategize and break it into actionable steps.

3. Be Visual & Interactive

According to a social study, visual representations of any kind increase customer interaction and reduces bounce rate of your site. Yes, voice marketing is good, but if you can add some visual content or a video, it will yield better results. Also, make sure that you leave scope for interaction when you are using it on your website. This is because, the main part of voice marketing, which yields good result is the verbal interaction.

4. Entertaining

Well, this is practically common sense. If you have prepared something and it is not entertaining, no one will want to visit your site or even interact with whatever content you have put forth. The whole effort would go to waste. So, make sure that you make it entertaining.

5. Include Metrics

No, we are not telling you to go total nerd here, spouting out figures and numbers every time someone checks the stuff you’ve put out. However, when you are saying something add in some metrics so that people know that you are different than your competitors because you’ve got data to back you completely.

6. Remember the Big Picture

At the end of the day, all that you do should add up. So, whenever you are trying voice marketing or content marketing, make sure you understand and remember the goal in mind. Remember what ticks off your customers, and use that in your marketing campaign. Also, when you are using content marketing, make sure that you use the visually appealing content.

7. Feedback & Ideas

Whatever you do, don’t close the feedback loop from your customers. You might be surprised, but most of the times, new ideas can be derived from the criticisms that you receive from your customers. Add to it the fact that feedback is vital to any company’s success and survival. You wouldn’t know what’s wrong unless someone points that out to you. However, with feedback come new ideas, which would have taken you a year or two to recognize and implement.

If your customers are not comfortable sharing their names, you can use an anonymous form or feedback mechanism, which will help you and your staff to understand what is missing from your service.

8. Transparency

Well, this is one of the basics of marketing. You need to maintain transparency in your marketing efforts, be it video or voice marketing. Although not all information can be made available to everyone, because not everyone has the proper security clearance, you can definitely share the details with your team members, and customers to some extent. You don’t need to show your customers what you are doing, they just need to see the effects.

Now that you know about the practices for implementing voice marketing, it is time to get started. If you can start implementing this in the first quarter of the year, you’d be well ahead of your competitors, and you’d be able to see the results for yourself.

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Last updated: March 12, 2018

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