7 Good Things And 5 Bad Things I Imbibed After Working With A Startup

Working in a startup is like sailing across the ocean with a hope to find the treasure that every other captain along with his crew before you had set out to find. The journey will be difficult, you will stumble upon sea-creatures, competition, storm bearing winds, barren lands, and much more. Then why take this journey? Let me answer that toward the end, just to keep you intrigued. In this post, I’ll be sharing 7 Good Things And 5 Bad Things I Imbibed After Working With A Startup.

You will find that the answer to this is closely knit to things I learnt while on this journey:

7 Good Things And 5 Bad Things I Imbibed After Working With A Startup

Here are the 7 Good things

  1. No twisted hierarchy
    In a startup, there is always a clear hierarchy. You’re either a manager and you report to the CEO or you report to a manager who reports to the CEO. So in this structure, there are not a lot of loops you’d have to jump to express your concerns or to get your ideas an audience.

  2. Ownership
    When in a startup, the product is your baby. You can never be the guy who takes work lightly, you give birth to it, nurture it, and develop it, not to see it fail. Hence you’d see a sense of ownership grow in you. This goes a long way in an individual’s personal life too.

  3. Multitasking
    If you wish to be the captain one day, you’d have to learn his job too and not just be good at yours alone. Your willingness to learn will teach you as much as you can take and thus makes you good at multitasking and this is not restricted to your area of expertise.

  4. Build good relations
    A startup is like a small family. Everyone knows everyone. You know who is the naughtiest, who is the calmest, who is always late, and the one who is always on the phone. These are things we learn subconsciously while we build bonds.

  5. Learn to celebrate the little things
    When was the last time you celebrated something at work? Now ask the same question to a person working in a startup and I’m positive that you’d get a date of it. Working in a startup teaches you to appreciate the little things.

  6. Calculative
    Showing off your expertise in adding expenses on to the Splitwise app is not what I’m talking about. When you’re in a start-up, most of the processes are drafted after they experiment. The one that yields the best results with the least damage is imbibed. This process makes you assess risks and assets.

  1. Offbeat work locations
    Who ever told that you’d need a cubicle to work properly is not entirely right. Sure, they look professional and all, but startups and their off beat offices add value too.

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Now let’s talk about the negatives of it, Shall we?

‘O’ in work life balance stands for ‘Zero’

The title speaks for it itself. With so much to do and deadlines always close, you end up losing most of your time. The problem is not because you are working too much. It’s cus by the time you realise that it’s happening, it becomes too late.

7 Good Things And 5 Bad Things I Imbibed After Working With A Startup

Flexible timings

So if you have a friend working in a Startup, you’ll not be hearing him/her speak about how he exceeded his break or how he got a mail from the HR for playing too much Table Tennis. That is because they have flexible timings and things like this are not their primary concern. While this is the rosy side of the orchard, you’ll see people being in office for more than 11 hours and they’d go back to their crib, only once they’ve finished their task in hand. The problem is that this phenomenon is not something that happens occasionally.

Too many cooks in the house

So, you have the freedom to implement something new. Just as your peers. So when the time comes for implementing it, you’ll find many others too with long ladles trying to add their mix to your curry. You know the consequences of stuff like these.

Jack of many but master of none

As a writer, I’ve written a variety of content for my firm, but I didn’t stop there, I never invested more time in mastering the art I wanted to grow in, instead, I moved towards Digital Marketing, Product Management and other related sectors in the same organisation. Thus justifying the statement above.

Paid tools are luxury

Startups, most of them rely heavily on free tools. Microsoft Word becomes Google’s spreadsheets, Adobe Photoshop becomes Pixlr, Planner becomes Trello and what not.
The downside of this is that a lot of effort is put to do the same work that could be reduced if paid tools were put to use.

Do you think I am still part of the journey? I very well am! BestPriceOn is our ship and every one of us aims to become her captain.

With the end of water as its final frontier, we move on. Tackling one sea monster or the other, surviving one storm after the next. We will move on till we reach our destination.

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