7 Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones 2018

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[ 7 Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones 2018 ]

Scanning Documents are not that complicated anymore. Now, You can scan all necessary papers with your Android Smartphone. All you need is an Android phone with a decent camera and a right App that will allow you to scan documents easily.

Today, we list the 7 Best Android Apps for scanning documents. All these Apps are completely free and available on Google Play Store.

These are the best scanner apps for Android Phones to scan documents:

  • CamScanner
  • Tiny Scanner
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft Office Lens
  • Scan Bot
  • My Scans
  • Clear Scanner

1. CamScanner

Key features:

  • With CamScanner you can easily scan Bill, Receipt, Business Card, Identity Card, Agreement Papers, PPT, Book, Newspaper and other documents.
  • Easily share docs in PDF or JPEG format with your friends via social media or as an email attachment.
  • Users can optimize the scan quality.
  • It comes OCR (optical character recognition) that extracts texts from the images.

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2. Tiny Scanner

Key features:

  • Scan in colour, grayscale, or black & white.
  • All scanned docs are saved as Pdfs or images and can be shared via Email, Wifi, Google Drive, etc.
  • Set page sizes (Letter, Legal, A4, and more) for PDF depending as per requirements.
  • Password Protection for Important Documents.

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3. Google Drive

Key features:

  • All Important files can be backed up.
  • Use Android device camera to scan documents.
  • Save Scanned files in pdf format.
  • Edit images, Select Image Quality, Select the paper orientation, choose the paper size for pdf and lot more…

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4. Microsoft Office Lens

Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones

Key Features:

  • Scan all your notes, receipts, and other documents.
  • You can convert images to PDF, Word and PowerPoint files, and save to your local device.
  • Crop, edit, modify the scanned Documents.
  • Quick Search helps you find the required document easily.

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5. Scan Bot

Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones

Key Features:

  • Scan your documents, receipts, whiteboards, QR codes or barcodes.
  • Save your scanned pages as PDF or JPG.
  • OCR text recognition.
  • Highlight text, add notes, draw on the scanned pages or add your signature.
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6. My Scans

Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones

Key Features:

  • Scan a document, invoice, business card, bill, warranty, contract or memo.
  • Create PDF document.
  • Share your documents as Images / PDFs.
  • Automatic edge detection and more.
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7. Clear Scanner

Best Scanner Apps for Android Phones

Key Features:

  • Quickly scan any kind of documents such as images, bills, receipts, books, magazines and class notes.
  • Convert scan immediately into PDF or JPEG format.
  • Share the files immediately via mail, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.
  • Automatic document edge detection and perspective correction, Set page sizes for PDF and lot more…
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All Apps listed are completely free. CamScanner is most popular App of All if you are in a hurry then go with CamScanner. Google Drive is another great App which does multiple jobs. So, if you have google drive on your phone better use it.


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Last updated: March 20, 2018

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I have an iPhone and I have always just thought that the CAMERA is a scanner in itself. No app necessary. LOL

😂 There is a small difference.

I really don’t use my mobile phone for documents. I do save to the cloud however and I tend to use apps more on my iPad because it’s a larger viewing screen. But if I didn’t have my iPad with me that day I would consider using some of the suggested apps above on my mobile.

Sure. You can use any of them.

For scanning Business cards, I prefer Bric app, which works well as a business card scanner, has options to export data in CSV and also store a copy to phone book / Google contacts etc amongst many other features.

Harminder Singh

Nice… Thanks for the info
It is very beneficial… Keep writing keep updating…

Ajay Chander R.

These are good scanning apps for android phones , i tried few above and its worthy. Thank you for sharing

In my experience, CamScanner is the best one available in the list. It works really well and can recognize characters better than other scanners.

Thanks for sharing the list. Didn’t know Google drive could also be used.

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